Why is My Dyson Flashing Red?

The Dyson brand of portable vacuums is excellent. Due to their long duration and simplicity of operation, we prefer them to cordless cleaners. It can be challenging to pinpoint the cause of when they start acting up.

This article will demonstrate why your Dyson Flashing Red 32 times and how to fix the charging problem.

When the trigger was depressed or the battery was charging, my Dyson Animal acquired a malfunction that prevented it from operating and caused a Dyson flashing red light.

To be sure it wasn’t a blocked revolving brushed bar or a problem with the cables, We replaced the Dyson Radiohead.

Still, neither the Dyson cordless cleaner will charge nor operate. The charging dock needed to be replaced as a result.

The Lithium-Ion power pack used in Dyson vacuums has a 500-cycle charge capacity. Your upright cleaner’s battery is using date will be approaching if you’ve had it for a while.

The underlying issue in one or more of the lithium batteries is indicated by the Dyson Flashing Red light, which is present on both sides of the rechargeable battery.

Solving the problems with a Dyson flashing red light

An issue the with battery or even the motor is indicated by Dyson Flashing Red. Dyson Flashing Red or blinking determines the type of issue.

Battery-related issues arise if the red light lights up fewer than 12 times.

The Dyson, on the other hand, has a mechanical issue if it blinks more than 12 times. When you recharge the battery, the issue is typically resolved.

However, you need to change the battery if it continues to blink even after being charged. When a Dyson flashes red and blue, the battery is not doing well.

The batteries either must be recharged or changed. Even if the cause of the Dyson Flashing Red and Blue may be the same, their circumstances are not.

Every light, depending on how it blinks, conveys a mixed tone. Stay with the post to learn whatever the red light’s various flashing patterns represent and what kind of issue they indicate.

How to Tell If Your Dyson Battery Should be Changed

Understanding how to interpret the red light and determine if or not the battery must be replaced is crucial.

Whenever the battery is low or out of power, the red light frequently flashes. Therefore, recharging the vacuum rather than purchasing a new battery is the solution to this issue.

By watching how the red light flashes, you can determine if the battery must be changed or not.

The red Light on your Dyson vacuum is flashing four and ten times.

Charge your battery to remove the Dyson Flashing Red from blinking and flashing. If after recharging the battery the red light continues to flash, the issue is not with the battery.

Additionally, a red light that flashes while the battery is charging occasionally means the battery is defective and your gadget requires a new battery.

Permanent Red Light

The carpet cleaner’s red light is clear when it is not flashing. The lights never even blink once; it never goes out.

If the red light remains forward without flashing or blinking, the battery has been discharged.

Whenever the battery is completely exhausted or broken, the Dyson vacuum can’t just turn on. For the vacuum cleaner to operate, a fresh battery must be installed.

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How to Keep the Dyson V6, V7, and V8’s Red Light from flashing

The adage that “prevention is better than cure” is true. Therefore, if you use your Dyson vacuum carefully, you can always avoid having the battery deplete.

You can stop a Dyson air wrap or vacuum from flashing its red light, regardless of the problem. The Dyson Flashing Red resembles that of the V7 or V8 versions.

Therefore, each of these models can benefit from the following preventative methods for cleaning Dyson Flashing Red.

Maintain A Consistent Level for The Battery

Batteries could indeed withstand high temperatures since they are temperature-sensitive.

Maintain the batteries away from heat sources that are greater than 40 degrees Celsius and below 5 degrees Celsius. An unhealthily high or low temperature might destroy a battery.

Previous to the battery reaching 20%, recharge it.

When the Dyson vacuum hits 20% battery capacity, it is advised to stop using it. Continued use of the cleaner with a poor battery level aids in battery issues.

As a result, the battery energy degrades and eventually becomes damaged. Never let the battery on the gadget run below 20% of its capacity. Additionally, it’s crucial to charge the device after each use.

These are some easy actions that can assist you in increasing your current battery capacity and lengthening its life.

Lights of Various Colours While Recharging

  • When the light is dark blue, your batteries are charging.
  • The batteries are not recharging if the light is blinking. 
  • Try a different socket or a charger. If even not working, a charging or battery problem exists.
  • The battery has been completely charged if there is no illumination after a full charge. Alternatively, take the next steps.
  • The Dyson batteries are not charging due to any momentary problem, such as extreme heat or cold, according to the solid red light.
  • Lastly, a malfunctioning battery, most likely an expired battery, is indicated by a Dyson Flashing Red light.

In the vacuum industry, Dyson is an established name, and their vacuums, particularly their portable vacuuming cleaner, are incredibly great.

One of them that provides long runtime and simplicity of use is the Dyson 6-cylinder cordless model. But when kids act out, it can be challenging to pinpoint the reason for the behavior.

We are all aware of Dyson’s status as a well-known company in the vacuum industry and the superior quality of its products, particularly its cordless models.

One of those that offers a long lifetime and convenience of use is the Dyson portable model. However, the issue is that when they act up, it might be challenging to pinpoint the cause.

Assume that depending on where the red light is blinking, if you see it 32 times, there is an issue. Is it on the charger or the batteries on their own?

Is it flashing, and if so, how quickly? There isn’t a patch that you have that will work in this situation. But you can try the following fixes to resolve your Dyson Flashing Red light issue.

You can take apart your Dyson Radiohead to see if the spinning brush bar is stuck or if there is a problem with the connections. You should change the battery pack if the Radiohead is not the problem.

A batteries battery pack powering Dyson vacuums has a 500-cycle life. It will soon be past the battery use-by date if you have a Dyson cordless vacuum that you’ve had for a while.

You must realize that if the red light flashes on both sides of the rechargeable battery, it means that one or more of the battery cells in your Dyson vacuum’s rechargeable battery are experiencing the under problem.

In this case, the only solution to the problem is to get a new Dyson battery pack, which will also increase the lifespan of your vacuum.

To find the best Dyson battery packs, check the price here. Here are some more links.

A common issue with Dyson is a blinking blue and red light or even no light at all when charging.

And over 10,000 customers change the batteries and chargers in their Dyson cleaners to repair them. Few people need to replace the battery to fix a red light that flashes less than ten times.

DIY Battery Replacement Technique

Some individuals assume they would require a specialist’s assistance when it comes to changing a Dyson battery.

You are fortunate to be a Dyson client, though, as the vacuums are made straightforwardly. Therefore, changing the battery on your own at home is simple. All you have to do is carry out the actions listed below:

  • Disconnect the vacuum from the power supply and stop it off.
  • Take the bolt from the vacuuming cleaner’s back arm with the aid of a knife.
  • The vacuum has a red button that you can see. Press the red clasp there again to release the storage.
  • Next, unscrew each of the nuts that are attached to the battery’s face.
  • After removing the bolts, take the battery away from the gadget.
  • Insert the charged battery into the gadget by properly nesting it.
  • Next, using a hammer, screw the bolts back into place in the other direction.
  • Reassemble the storage tank when you’ve finished bolting and inserting the battery.


Pressure problems can be exceedingly unpleasant to handle. You needn’t worry, though, if you understand what to accomplish and how to do it.

I’ve provided a comprehensive list of solutions to your Dyson Flashing Red light in this blog.

Make sure to examine the power cable and the recharging station in addition to the charges to determine if there are any problems.

Cable damage or fraying can potentially result in poor battery charging. Additionally, look for any dust or debris on the charging base.