Why are Roomba so Expensive? 7 Best Tips

Roombas are so expensive because they’re the most technologically advanced robot vacuums. Roomba are more powerful than traditional upright vacuums. Both in terms of power and cleaning ability. Roomba offers excellent support. You can also quickly repair or replace Roomba parts.

Manufacturers have worked for over 20 years to make Rosie of the Jetsons a reality. Is a robot vacuum as robust and thorough as a manual upright plug-in vacuum?

Every attempt to replace an upright vacuum of full size has failed. We ended up with a robot meant for light cleaning between manual vacuum sessions. None have even come close to its power and reliability to replace an upright.

Cleaning technology

Why is Roombas the best cleaning device in its field?

All Roomba robotics have a three-mode deep cleaning mode. There is no better cleaner than Roomba, especially if pets are living in your home. The Roomba series’ deep vacuum technology can clean every corner of your home up to five times.

Charging time

To allow the vacuum cleaner’s entire load, it must be charged.

  • 180 – 200 minutes for Roomba models
  • 120 – 150 minutes for Neato models

Many Roomba robotics have sensors that allow them to identify the location of the charging dock. It will automatically dock itself when its battery is low. Modern Roombas use lithium-ion batteries.

Virtual wall detection

The Roomba 652 and 671 models have this virtual wall barrier detection. This great feature allows your robot vacuum to block off areas of the house that are not needed.

However, Neato robot cleaners only have a few models with this feature, while the Eufy series does not have virtual wall detection.

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Battery life

Neato’s battery life is 130 minutes, while Eufy can last up to 100 minutes. The iRobot Roomba’s battery life is 60 to 90 minutes compared to these. However, Roomba 980 can last up to 120 minutes on one charge.

The battery life of the Roomba is also an option if you want to buy one. Roomba 652 and 640 are good choices for tiny homes. If your home is small, Roomba 671 or 630 are suitable.

Roomba 980 and 960 are better suited for larger houses as they can run longer (75 to 120 minutes).

Maintenance costs

Make sure you pay for the maintenance costs when buying a Roomba robotic.

Maintenance costs for Neato and Eufy are between $75 and $90, and $50 to $70 for Eufy. Shark ION robots can cost up to $100 – $115. This series is the easiest and most low-maintenance. You only have to spend $30 per year for any Roomba vacuum cleaner.

It is easy to see why so many people choose Roomba Robotics.

Remote control operation via phone or remote

The remote-controlled operation is not available on most Roomba models. However, it is available in Shark ION, Eufy, and Neato. Until then, Roomba vacuum cleaner users can access the smartphone operation via any Roomba model. It is not available in Eufy and Neato models.

Roomba vacuum cleaners can be set to an automatic timer, which allows them to operate the vacuum cleaners automatically and clean your entire house.

Auto-start and home return

It’s now possible to find an automatic home return option on almost all robot vacuum cleaners. Your Roomba will automatically return to its docking station if it runs out of battery, as I mentioned earlier.

Some models will automatically restart the cleaning process after the charging is complete. Roomba 900 is the best choice if you are interested in this function. You can also choose the 700 or 600 series if you don’t enjoy that function.

Neato uses RPS technology and boundary marking technology for room detection. iRobot has the lighthouse technology installed for their robotics, enabling room detection and differentiation.

Who should buy the iRobot Roomba s9+?

The self-emptying dust container of the iRobot Roomba s9+ is an excellent help if you suffer from dust allergies.

  • The iRobot Roomba s9+ is a good choice if you have a lot of floors. It can save up to 10 maps.
  • You don’t have to worry about hair tangles if you have long-haired pets or have pets that shed a lot.
  • The iRobot Roomba s9+ robot vacuum can clean corners and edges efficiently in your home.

Despite having a lot of furniture, the iRobot Roomba s9+ will still be able to clean it thoroughly, thanks to its advanced navigation system.

Who should not buy the iRobot Roomba s9+?

  • The iRobot Roomba s9+ is not the best option if you have a limited budget.
  • You can monitor the real-time mapping of the iRobot Roomba s9+ to determine its location. The Roborock S5 Max or S6 MaxV has a real-time map feature.

Roomba Comparison

It’s nearly impossible to choose the right Roomba from iRobot without researching. This Roomba comparison shows you the differences between each model.

Roomba 675

The Roomba 694

Roomba 675 is almost identical to the 694 in all aspects. The 675 has a handle built-in, while the 694 doesn’t.

Roomba e5

Basic Roomba with brushless rollers.

What makes the Roomba 694 different from the Roomba 5? – Brushless rollers (matters a lot more than you think).

Brush-less vacuums are the most innovative thing since sliced bread. This new design is so great that I will no longer recommend traditional rolling brushes for vacuums. However, this does not mean that they have bristle brushes.

Instead, you receive two rubber rollers that have protruding feet. These “feet”, which beat and vibrate the floors as the Roomba moves about, are replaced by two rubber rollers. The vibrations vibrate the bed, shaking the dirt and directing the suction.

Rubber rollers are a great alternative to the Roomba 694’s bristles. They can be cleaned quickly and leave a clean, shiny floor. Pulling hair from a traditional vacuum brush roller is a tedious task.

Rubber rollers ensure that hair is not caught in the Roomba. Even if they get stuck, pulling them out is easy. Remove the rubber rollers, and the hair can be pulled out easily.

My wife has shoulder-length hair, and it ends up on our floors. Our upright vacuum brushes eventually get stuck with the hair.

I hated removing hair from the vacuum. Unless the carpet was getting gross or we were expecting guests,

The Roombas brushless Roombas means that all hair from the floor ends up in the dustbin. When we return home, our dustbin is full of dust and hair. Each time the Roomba vacuums, I look forward to seeing how much hair and dust it collects this time. It’s satisfying to see how much hair and dust it collects.

Navigation The e5 uses a random pattern to navigate, much like the Roomba 694.

Needs Improvement

No smart navigation

Resuming is impossible

Roomba i3+

Smart Navigation Roomba with no camera

This is where the Roomba line steps up its game. In terms of specifications, the i3+ is in the middle of this pack. The Roomba is priced at the right price and has excellent features. This robot vacuum is great for the price and will last many years.

What makes the Roomba Roomba i3+ superior to the e5? Intelligent navigation, recharge and resume, auto-emptying bin

Pro: Smart Navigation

The Roomba i3+ can use the floor tracking sensors at the bottom to map your floor plan and vacuum it logically like a human. This significantly improved the “bump and turn” style navigation used in lower-tier Roombas. Smart navigation makes it easier to cover your entire house more efficiently.

Pro: Recharge and resume

The modern Roomba lineup has a recharge and resume feature that I love. The Roomba i3+ will automatically remember the area it vacuumed and return to the dock to recharge its batteries. The Roomba will continue cleaning your home until it is fully charged. This feature makes it easy to charge your battery, mainly if the robot is being used while you are away.

Pro: Auto-emptying Bin

The i3+ includes an auto-emptying home base. This docking station has a disposable vacuum bag. After the Roomba i3+ has been vacuumed, the device will connect to the home base. The dustbin contents are then sucked into the docking station. It is pretty loud and startling at first.

Needs Improvement

No, keep out zones

We don’t know which rooms we need to clean.

The process of self-emptying is quite loud.


The Roomba S9+ robot is intelligent, powerful, and full of features. The price is not an issue, but there are better vacuums on the market. Roomba’s s9+ has the most expensive Roomba vacuum ever made.

No better choice exists than a reliable mobile app and new algorithms for cleaning patterns and modes. The powerful motor can also clean almost any type of dirt. The s9+ is more efficient than a regular machine because it has a slower side brush that’s gentler and diffused venting. This prevents lighter debris from getting kicked around.

The Roomba is a good choice if you have the budget or can afford it. It won’t replace your upright model, but you will be pleased with everything it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty for the s9+?

iRobot offers a 1-year standard warranty on all Roomba models and their batteries. The contract is limited to defects, electrical or mechanical issues, and problems with the battery. You must register your product immediately after purchase with proof (such as a sales receipt).
After the 30-day money-back period expires, the warranty will be effective.

Can I upgrade to the s9+ model later, like the Roomba? i7?

The s-series models without or with the “plus” are identical to the i-series except that they have the compatible dust bin and Clean Base.

What comes in the box with the Roomba s9+?

The Clean Base charger station and power cord are in the box. The Roomba S9 comes with two disposable collection bags and two high-efficiency filters. One of these filters is already installed in your robot. There are also two side brushes.
You won’t receive any virtual barrier or containment option. However, I believe there will be some packages with one or more walls.

Where can I purchase the s9+?

 The newest models, including the s9+, can be purchased directly through iRobot. You can also purchase your product through an authorized iRobot seller, such as Amazon.

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