What Can I Use Instead of a Vacuum Belt?

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2023)

Vacuum cleaners are designed to do one thing and perform it efficiently. A broken or damaged belt can instantly damage the Vacuum Belt, rendering the roller unusable.

Instead of paying for repairs (or buying a new vacuum), it is possible to fix the problem for just $5. Here’s how.

Suppose your Vacuum Belt suddenly sounds different and isn’t picking up the things it’s supposed to. It’s supposed to examine the underside when it’s turned on to see whether the brush is turning.

If not, you likely have an issue with the belt. You might even be able to spot a damaged belt floating around if you take a close look.

After you’ve determined that the belt is in bad condition and you’ve determined that it’s broken, replacing it is simpler than you thought.

Write down your vacuum’s manufacturer and model number, then look for it by searching for “vacuum belt” on Amazon.

You will usually find a belt replacement for influential brands like Hoover, Oreck, Eureka, Bissell, and Dirt Devil for less than five dollars.


What’s the point of a belt vacuum?

In a canister vacuum, the motor pulley or drive shaft rotates the belt during vacuuming while the brush rollers spin to give the required vibrating force to scrub your carpet thoroughly.

In the above explanation, you will see the importance of a belt for any vacuum. A worn-out or damaged belt can cause your vacuum to fail to clean effectively.

What Can I Use Instead of a Vacuum Belt?

The BeltBelt is stretched over three months, resulting in the BeltBelt sliding across the drive shaft. When the belt breaks or gets worn out, it can collect dust particles,

But it will have a hard time collecting other grains and dirt particles buried within your carpet. The carpet will accumulate dirt that ultimately leads to wear on your carpet.

Instructions on how to put the BeltBelt on a vacuum cleaner (Replace the Vacuum Belt)

If your vacuum’s motor isn’t running and the carpet doesn’t spin, your belt may have issues. In this case, you’ll need to replace the belt. Installing the belt on the vacuum is straightforward. 

1. Access to the brush roll and the vacuum belt

The first step to unblocking the brush roll area is removing the vacuum’s bottom layer.

2. Remove its old BeltBelt as well as the brush roller.

The next step is to remove the conveyor belt and the brush roller. Please take note of their placement within the cleaner as well as how they are connected. Take the brush roll out of the machine, and then take it off the loop of the belt. Now you can unwind the opposite end of the belt attached to the motor shaft.

3. Install the new vacuum belt over the motor shaft and the brush roller.

Now, you can use the new BeltBelt over to the motor’s shaft. After that, you’ll need to thread the brush roll onto the other side of the belt. Be sure to attach the belts correctly.

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4. Set up the brush roller using the BeltBelt correctly

It is possible to place the brush roller using the belt correctly.

5. Take apart the vacuum cleaner.

In the end, you can return the vacuum to its lower position and other items you have removed to access the brush roll.

You can view this video to learn how to use the belt on your new vacuum.

The Vacuum Cleaner That Does Not Have A Belt Is Not Effective

Before we begin repairing a damaged vacuum belt, we’ll discuss the reasons why a vacuum belt is essential and how it is a vital component in the vacuum cleaner you use.

Do You Need A Vacuum without Belt?

A vacuum cannot be used without a belt, as it is one of the most critical components of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum won’t be able to take up carpets since the brush roll isn’t turning in the proper manner.

What Can I Use Instead of a Vacuum Belt?

If you try to use your vacuum cleaner without belts, it could result in severe damage to the vacuum. It is recommended to change your vacuum belt immediately if you think you may require a new one.

Is it a bad idea to Utilize A Vacuum without a Belt?

It’s not a good idea to use your vacuum without a belt. It could cause severe damage to the vacuum cleaner, which may cause you to have to replace the entire vacuum.

Replacing the entire vacuum is costly and ineffective. You should do your best to prevent it from occurring. Therefore, you should not try to use your vacuum without a belt.

Can a Vacuum Function Without Belt?

A vacuum cannot function without a belt. You might hear the engine switch on, which could appear to be working. However, it’s not. Without the belt that spins on the roller, the vacuum cannot pick up carpeting.

If you use an unbelted vacuum cleaner belt ( or a bag), you’ll notice that it isn’t truly doing anything.

The majority of hair and dirt will not be removed since the vacuum cleaner isn’t working.

Why Do Vacuums Have A Belt?

The belt in a vacuum has to remove dust and debris. This belt runs between the motor and the roll, following the turn and grabbing dirt on r.

The belt, motor, and brush roll allow the vacuum to remove dirt and particles. Each component is essential, and your vacuum requires all three components to clean effectively.

If one component fails, the whole system will break.

Do all vacuums have Belts?

Most vacuums (upright or canister ones) require a belt to pull dirt and dust. There are also direct-drive vacuums that don’t utilize a belt to remove dirt.

Direct-drive vacuums are those where there is no belt connecting the motor to the brush roll. Instead, the motor rotates the brush roll directly to pull out debris. Therefore, there is no need for belts.

What is the purpose of a Vacuum Belt?

The function of the vacuum belt is to stretch and link the motor to the brush roll. The belt permits the motor to rotate and then sucks up dust and other debris.

The purpose of a vacuum belt is essential to a successful cleansing routine. Without it, you’ll not be able to perform any effective cleaning. You will likely be making noises throughout the house.

However, it can be effective if you want to get your teenager’s attention in the afternoon!

Causes of Vacuum Belt Cracks

It frequently happens; however, it can be a bit frustrating if you aren’t aware of the warning signs of a broken belt or don’t know why it broke in the first place.

Why Does My Vacuum Belt Keep Breaking?

Your belt may constantly break because hair or lint has become trapped in the brush roller. Regularly checking your brush roller for any of these issues can save your belt from being damaged in the future.

Utilizing your vacuum frequently will cause your belt to degrade due to age. This is a common reason for the vacuum belt to fail.

Another reason could be the presence of hair or lint that has accumulated on the brush roll. This leads to the belt heating up and then breaking.

What is the reason for a vacuum Belt to fail?

A vacuum belt can break when an object is introduced into the vacuum and interrupts the regular operation that the vacuum provides. Also, normal wear and tear can be the most common reason for a break.

The possible reasons for a vacuum belt breaking include the following:

  • Wear and tear from regular usage.
  • Too many hairs, lint, or string get stuck in the role of the brush.
  • A snare on a blanket or rug could result in the belt heating up and cracking.


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