True Pet Mini Motorized Brush. Best 7 Overview

The Shark True Pet Mini Motorized Brush is a valuable attachment for many Shark vacuums. The True Pet mini motorized brush is equipped with a rotating brush that cleans carpets, stairs, and upholstery.

It also helps to vacuum in a shorter time and improves cleaning efficiency.

Shark True Pet mini motorized brushes may not be maintenance-free, but they are still easy to use.

Shark true pet mini motorized brush can be as small as a palm. However, they do a great job. As the brush turns, the bristles of the Shark True Pet mini motorized brush agitate the cleaning surface and loosen dirt. Then, strong suction is applied to vacuum the area.


ModelCompatible VacuumsAmazon Link
267FFJ292Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum (HV292)
XMBRUSH800Shark DuoClean Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuums with Shark DuoClean Technology – NV800, N801, NV803 modelsShark Mini Motorized Brush

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuums – NV751 vs. NV752 vs. NV753
Shark Mini Motorized Brush NVMMB750
XMMB380Shark Rocket, HV380, and HV381 DuoClean Ultralight Upright Vacuums
Shark Rocket DeluxePro HD321, HV323 & TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Vacuums HV322Shark Mini Motorized Brush (HVMMB320)
Shark Rocket V301, HV302, HV305 Ultra-Light Upright Vacuums HV305Shark Mini Motorized Brush (HVMHT300)

 Our Top 7 – Quick Overview

1. Shark Rocket HV292

The Shark HV292 cord vacuum is easy to use and has powerful suction. The Shark HV292 has various accessories, including an extension handle and crevice tool. It also has a brush that is specifically made for pet hair.

The HV292 is light at 3.7 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight heavy-duty vacuums. The longer cord makes it easier to plug and unplug your vacuum as frequently as traditional vacuums.

It can clean leather, cloth, and hardwood and includes a true pet mini motorized brush to remove pet fur from surfaces.

This vacuum is an excellent choice for those who need a lightweight, powerful, yet easy-to-use vacuum. It comes with a longer cord than your average vacuum.


For greater reach, a 15-foot cord is recommended

It is easy to transport long distances

It can be used on multiple surfaces

Deep cleaning capabilities

It is easy to empty the dust bin

Corded vacuum


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2. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a powerful and cordless handheld vacuum. The dirt compartment opens easily and can be emptied right above the trash bin.

The best thing about the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser? It has many accessories, such as a motorized brush and an upholstery attachment.

Because it is flat, the upholstery tool can be used to clean your car and sofas. The motorized brush can be used on any surface with fur attached, while the crevice tool is perfect for reaching those difficult-to-reach spots.

Vacuuming can be done for as long as 17 minutes before it needs to be recharged. It weighs in at 4.5 lbs and is light enough to be carried outside or into multiple rooms.

This model is recommended for anyone who wants a cordless vacuum but needs something easy to use and durable.


Battery life is long

There are three levels of filtration

Some users may find it too heavy


3. Shark Pet-Perfect II

The powerful, less-expensive Shark Pet-Perfect II is third on our list. However, don’t discount this small vacuum simply because it’s inexpensive. This vacuum has many features, including a powerful suction and the ability to clean up bigger messes.

The Shark vacuum has multiple attachments that allow you to clean your car, furniture, and other places you need to get rid of pet hair. The vacuum has a true pet mini motorized brush that removes pet hairs from the carpet.

Although it weighs only 5 lbs, some may find it difficult for them to transport for long periods. It also has a short run time of just 15 minutes, which is one of our top picks.

Pet-Perfect II is an excellent option for pet owners who need a handheld vacuum to clean up their hair and other messes such as dirt and food. It also holds all accessories, making it very practical.


Washable filter

Multipurpose charging base

Carpet and upholstery are excellent

Some users may find it too heavy

With thick pet hair, it can cause clogging.


4. Holife Handheld Vacuum

The Holife Handheld Vacuum weighs 3.3 lbs and is one of our lightest vacuums. It is also one of our most affordable models.

Thanks to its numerous features, you can clean and mess with many surfaces. Several accessories include a brush, crevice, and rubber tool.

It comes with two washable filters. This is great because sometimes things can break, or you might want to change the filter without stopping and cleaning it quickly.

The unit also includes a bristle brush to clean it and a rubber attachment for liquid spillages. The battery can be charged between 3-4 hours and has a 30-minute runtime.

We chose this model because of its versatility, longer runtime, and higher price. It is the only vacuum that can take liquids. Even though the filter can sometimes clog with pet hair, the vacuum’s benefits outweigh any disadvantages.


Washable filters

It is easy to clean

Rapid recharge

Cleans liquids

Long runtime

Filter clogs


5. Black + Decker Max Lithium Flex

Black + Decker, like many other brands on this list, is well-known for its reputation for creating durable products.

The Max Flex was chosen because of its durability and reliability. You can use it to clean small to medium-sized messes, and it has a brush specifically for pet hair.

The Max Flex vacuum is light at less than 3 oz and versatile. This vacuum is suitable for carpet, leather, upholstery, and many other applications.

The 4-foot-long attachment can vacuum floors, ceilings, walls, and more. It also comes with a filter and washable tank, saving you money. It takes approximately 4 hours for the battery to charge fully, and it runs only about 15 minutes.

The Max Flex vacuum is still an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lightweight, versatile vacuum. It can also clean floors and upholstery like a traditional vacuum. This is something we love about the Max Flex.


Cleans multiple surfaces

Uses as a regular vacuum

Filter and washable tank

Charge time vs. runtime


6. Shark WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

The Shark WANVAC Handheld Vacuum has a heavy-duty design for a tiny device. The sleek design of the Shark WANVAC Handheld Vacuum is a great feature.

It also weighs in at 1.4 lbs. You can remove fur, dust, and other debris with the accessories included. It is slower than the Black + Decker but charges in just 2.5 hours. It can be used for leather, upholstery, and hardwood.

We love that this vacuum has a Multi-Surface tool to remove pet hairs and dander from carpets and upholstery. It’s also great for cleaning up small spillages like dirt and food.


Vacuums multiple surfaces

Rapid recharge

Short runtime


7. Bissell Clean View Deluxe 47R51

The Bissell 47R51 is last but not least. The Bissell 47R51 is an essential vacuum that can handle even the most challenging jobs.

It’s affordable and easy to use. This powerful but small vacuum can be used for many areas such as carpeting, upholstery, and home furniture.

It weighs in at 4.65 lbs. However, it is still lightweight. It’s not cordless, but we don’t believe this will restrict you.

The 18-foot cord gives you enough length to vacuum multiple areas. The crevice tool and extension hose make vacuuming challenging to reach areas more accessible such as the fireplace mantel.

This vacuum is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget who want basic features and functions. The vacuum has a crevice tool, an extension hose, and a comprehensive mouth tool for deep suction.


Cord 18 feet

Extension tools




The APEX Zero-M comes with a 12″ crevice tool (longer than most crevice instruments), a Pet Multi-Tool, and a true pet mini motorized brush.


It’s the best for pet hair removal.

Shark True Pet mini motorized brush is the best choice if you have stubborn pet hair. This vacuum is powerful and can remove pet hair from almost any surface in your house. 2019 g.


The button to reset the shark’s true pet mini motorized brush can be found under the vacuum. What does it mean if the indicator light for shark vacuum brush rolls isn’t on?

The lights will turn green if the shark is operating correctly. The red light will turn on if the registration is jammed or the shark has overheated.


You may need to clean small areas in your house or car of pet hair, human hair, dust, embedded fibers, lint, dirt, and sand. These true pet mini motorized brush cleaning tools can cause damage to delicate surfaces.

They can clean your home more effectively and faster than any other attachments. Specifically, order the correct cleaning attachments for your vacuum model number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shark Pet Power Brushes Are Motorized

The brushes are powered by suction, which spins them. It has very little power and can be stopped with your hand. A motor powers this brush. This can clean your carpet, upholstery, and stairs.

How does the Shark pet tool work?

This innovative tool has a motorized bristle toothbrush roll that draws out embedded pet hairs. Anti-Hair Wrap Technology helps to prevent hair from getting stuck on the brush roll. Ideal for cleaning stairs, rugs, curtains, and interiors of cars.

What is a True Pet?

The Shark Rotator TruePet was explicitly designed for pet owners who struggle to control fur and dander. The Shark Rotator TruePet includes a motorized brush and a pet multi-tool that targets fur from cats and dogs trapped deep under carpets or stuck to the furniture.

Are shark pet tools worth it?

Shark Pet Power Brush is great for lifting pet hairs from carpets and furniture, especially in small spaces like stairs, which the motorized brush cannot reach.
I recommend this great accessory to anyone with a cat who sheds a lot. This accessory is highly recommended.

How do I open a shark pet hairbrush?

Push the grey button on the back panel to open the brush head. The purple gear should be removed from the brush head. Take the roller brush out of the brush head.

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