Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Reviews

Shark SK460 Professional Steam Spray Mop is a 2-in-1 unit that is specifically designed to clean almost all flooring surfaces that are sealed or glazed.

It also comes with disposable steam mop pads, a power cord that can be detachable, and the battery compartment on board for use in cordless mode, enabling a spray mop with Shark’s hard floor cleaners. However, Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Reviews.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Design

Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Review the features among the more basic design, and minimalist styles we’ve seen from a mop to date.

Design This Shark has a rectangular, flat head that permits the cleaning pad to be wrapped around and then secured with Velcro.

When you climb upwards, and up the body, it comes with a cap at the front that can be removed to allow water to be added to the tank.

The handle’s top features a circular design that makes it easy to hold.

There is also an additional flap on the back, which can be opened so that users can adjust the height of the handle.

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The pads for cleaning are made of microfiber and have an envelope-like design. One side of the pad is opened and allows users to slip the cleaning head inside the pad for cleaning.

The two ends of the pad can be pinned together to create a tighter wrap and held in place by Velcro strips.


Again, the design appearance of the Shark steam mop is not different from the norm. The colors seem to be the most popular colors for sharks, which are grey and purple.

The minimal design of this mop suggests there’s nothing too striking going on regarding aesthetics.

How Shark Pocket Cleans

Shark Pocket steam mop is cleaned by using steam pressed through the pad for cleaning. The process of cleaning is easy:

Fill the tank with the distilled water Connect the unit and allow it to run for 30 seconds to warm up Make sure you pump the handle upwards and downwards to create steam.

The mop will be moved around until steam continues to run through the pad Put your water straight into the tank before plugging the mop in With just an option for cleaning, there’s no lengthy process to follow when cleaning using Shark Pocket.

Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Reviews, the steam will help loosen the residue from the floor, which allows its microfiber pads to scrub floors.

Shark SK460 Features and Specifications

Shark SK460 is equipped with a 1050W (~9 amps) water heater, which takes about 30 seconds for it to begin to generate steam for cleaning.

The water heater turns on at the moment. Shark Sk460 has been connected to the mains electricity via the power cord.

If you disconnect the power cable, the Shark SK460 is only used as a mop that sprays.

Steam: The power cable is hooked up, and the device is utilized as a traditional steam mop, using disposable or steam mop pads.

Spray: The power source is disconnected, and the only power supply is four AAA batteries used to spray the hard floor cleaner.

Notice: when the power cord is disconnected, the Shark SK460 may be used only as a mop sprayer – it’s not a cordless steam mop!

The Steam and the Spray: The power cable is installed, and the user scrubs the floor with the help of steam hot and harrowing floor cleaner.

Using hot steam, floors can be cleansed by killing over 90% of bacteria and germs. They can be cleaned thoroughly.

The power cord measures 22 feet (~6.7 meters) in length. This is sufficient for most scenarios – some feet longer would be better, but this is sufficient.

Hard floor cleaners can help remove the most challenging dirt, stains, and messes, and, thanks to disposable pads, the cleaning, and disinfection of floors in bathrooms or toilets is much quicker and easier.

Use the disposable mop pad onto the mop, scrub the desired area, and then dispose of your mop. It is excellent for pets’ spills and children’s messes as well.

The steam mop pads used for reuse are best washed with liquid detergent. Avoid bleach or softeners for fabric of any type. They can even be dried with a low setting.

Notification: Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Reviews are easy to operate and maintain. However, if it is the first time you use it, you should read the manual thoroughly.

Additionally, the Shark SK460 mop isn’t equipped with the scrubbing function – the mop scrubs the surface using the forward and reverse motions provided by the operator.

The controls are located and accessible via the handle. They are accessible to the user. The spray button is to spray hard floor cleaner.

Whenever and wherever needed, steam control is used to set the desired steam level.

To adapt to different floor kinds and remove them efficiently, Shark SK460 comes with three different levels of continuous steaming:

SaniFiber (Low): This is a low-steam setting that is suitable for the everyday cleaning of coated and sealed surfaces. Remember that when you steam clean wood floors.

Their finish should be certified to be cleaned using the Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Reviews. If you’re unsure, try it out on a tiny area to make sure.

Mop (Medium): This medium steam setting is suitable for stone, tile, and similar flooring. The hardwood floors can also be cleaned with this steam setting.

But be aware that these floors should be properly sealed for the moisture to be absorbed into the wood, causing them to buckle or even become rotten as time passes!

The Scrub (High): This is a high steam setting used to clean the dirt that is the hardest to remove from tiles, stones, linoleum, stone, and other floors.


Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria


Three-level steams

XL tank


Cannot stand on its own

Comparing SS460 vs SK460 vs SK435CO vs SK410

 Shark Steam & Spray PRO – SS460/SS460DPRO Shark Steam & Spray – SK460PRO Shark Steam & Spray – SK435COShark Steam & Spray – SK410
Steam controlElectronic – 1 Steam SettingDigital – 3 Steam SettingsDigital – 1 Steam SettingsManual By pumping the handle
Cleaning Width11.5″12″12″12″
The length of the power cable20ft22ft22ft20ft
Tank Capacity12oz

No. of disposable pads that can be washed or washed.1/11/12/51/1

Conclusion – Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Reviews

While I cannot discuss the durability of the appliance I’d say from my experience that the appliance appears sturdy and built to stand up to the rigors of time.

I would suggest three to four years of service when used correctly. I love that it warms quickly and doesn’t let steam escape.

While it can be used for all kinds of flooring, the manufacturer suggests that it be used on sealed floors.

As you would expect, sanitizing will kill 99.9 percent of bacteria (germs and salmonella, staph, and others).

The washable pads are long-lasting and reasonably inexpensive. This Steam Energized Cleaner is scented with an appealing fresh lemon scent.

Compared to other cleaning methods (such as a typical carpet mop), the SS460 is an excellent product from Shark.

The correct quantity of steam and the perfect temperature are essential in the summer heat.

Also, the option of using simple water or spraying in a swarm without plugging in the appliance is a significant plus.

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