Shark NV751 VS NV752: Which one is the Best?

Shark NV751 vs NV752 powered Lift-Away Vacuums is a collection of three-in-ones that are large and flexible vacuum cleaners.

They can be used as traditional upright vacuums with a Lift-Away detached and powered pod. Brush Roll can be used as a conventional and practical canister vacuum cleaner using the Canister Caddy.

They are based on various Shark cleaning technologies, such as Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. They have washing HEPA filters.

Shark NV751 vs NV752 Overview

They are highly flexible and stand out from hundreds of other products regardless of the brand. They are both extremely versatile and stand out from the crowd.

Shark Rotators are always effective because of their stunning and practical design, as you can see. The features make it easy to clean your house in the shortest amount of time. However, Shark NV751 VS NV752 Which one is the Best?


Shark NV751 vs NV752 share several similar designs in distinct shades. Shark NV751 comes in rose gunmetal, and Shark NV752 comes with a Bordeaux finish.

They all have LED lighting inside the cleaning head to illuminate and aid in detecting dirt. The handle is handy when it comes down in touch with top buttons to allow quick fingers for control applications.

The largest body has a motor that is suctioned. Additionally, it has a considerable dust container that holds many dust particles and other particles.

It is mainly equipped with a HEPA filter and a foam filter behind the grill for filtering.


Shark NV751 VS NV752 shows its versatility and portability. With a reasonable income, there is enough to have for a long time.

In addition, they are an excellent helper for a smoother ride on the carpet and floor as upright wheels. The Powered Lift-away can help you neatly lift the canister and tidy up spaces such as stairs.

Additionally, the machines can turn the wand to be maneuverable using the steering swivel.

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Shark Rotator NV751, NV752, and NV753 features and specifications


ModelShark Rotator NV751Shark Rotator NV752Shark Rotator NV753
Accessories BagYesYesYes
Pet Upholstery ToolYesYesNo
Dusting BrushYesYesDuster Crevice Tool
Dusting GenieYesYesMini Motorized Brush
Pet Power BrushYesTrue Pet Mini Motorized BrushPet Multi Tool
Hard Floor GenieYesYesYes
Canister CaddyOptionalOptionalYes
Led LightsOn Floor Nozzle and Handle__
Dust Cup Capacity3.3 dry quarts__
Lift-Away Pod Weight8 pounds__
Upright Mode Weight15.6 pounds__
Product Dimensions (HxWxD)46 12 13 inches__
Cleaning Path Width10.5 inches__
Nozzle Width12.5″ inches__
Cord LengthA distance of 30 feet__
Cleaning SurfaceBare Floors, Carpets, Area Rugs__
Motor1200 W__
Check AmazonShark Rotator NV751Shark Rotator NV752Shark Rotator NV753

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Additionally, the list of attachments can change over time. Even though we’ve attempted to verify every piece of information, there is no guarantee whatsoever regarding the accuracy of this information. 100% accurate.

As you can observe, these vacuums are significant and are made to function as central vacuum cleaners even in bigger apartments and homes.

Shark NV751 vs NV752 and NV753 is equipped with 1200 W motors that provide plenty of suction for the motorized main cleaning head that has a 10.5-inch long cleaning pathway.

When combined with a brush bar, motorized allows the user to clean huge areas in a short time.

Even though there is an inch and a quarter” gap between the part of the head that is the cleaning and the path for cleaning, the suction force is strong enough to pick up dirt all over the edges of the walls.

Use the attachments based on the surface type if there’s no cleaned dirt.

The units are equipped with a 30-foot power cord. When combined with a cleaning hose and wand, the user cleans a massive space with only one power outlet on the wall.

With approximately 15.6 pounds, they aren’t lightweight vacuums that can be carried around easily especially not by the elderly who have to walk up and down the steps.

They are, however, easy to move around on various surfaces. If, as mentioned earlier, there’s a problem in setting the push/pull settings of the selector for surface type – powerful suction could “glue” it to floors, causing problems with movement.

The Lift-Away Pod weighs eight pounds and is easily carried by one hand, with an additional hand for cleaning the wand/handle.

The dirt cup is transparent and allows users to view the size and the type of dirt picked up. The vacuums are designed not to stop suction before the dirt cup is nearly filled.

With 3.3 dry quarts of dirt cups, the emptiness will remove a lot of dirt before being cleaned. However, you are advised to empty your dirt cup following each use.

This can be accomplished quickly and conveniently without creating a mess. Ensure you don’t dump it in a yard above the trash container.

LED lights allow users to clean even in dim light conditions, such as under beds at the corners, under the bed, and others.

Shark NV751 vs NV752 Comparison

In examining how they work, you’ll observe that they are alike at some point in terms of style, the way of working, and technology.

Additionally, various factors also came into play. These include variations in energy, size, and attachments.


  • Shark NV751 vs NV752 uses the Powered Lift-away feature to make 2-in-1 devices. They allow good designs on carpets and floors. They can also change them into a compact size, a canister that lifts away. Additionally, it has three floor options for bare feet and other carpet types to allow for a more efficient working manner.
  • They both have great flexibility on carpets and floors despite weighing over 15 pounds. This is because of the design of the wheels made by Shark. Additionally, this brand offers a swivel steering system to enable you to turn the wand and reach every corner.
  • They are distinct from other products due to their LED light sources. They function by illuminating at night to help take the dirt. Additionally, they employ their Never Lose Suction to provide adequate suction for dust. Worrying about the possibility that the suction will disappear or even be cut off is also unnecessary.
  • These products also use the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal to remove the allergen known to cause allergic reactions. They also have HEPA filters, and the foam is used to get rid of dirt hair, and pet hair that the machine collects and then stores in the container. They come with a large dust cup holding more than three-quarters of the dirt. The dust cap and the filter can be reused after washing them with water.
  • Since the buttons are on the handle, you’ll appreciate the convenience of using the control with your fingertip. Additionally, both can benefit from the Power Motorized Brush and Dust-away floor attachments for carpets and floors.


  • Shark NV751 manual upright rotator vacuum equipped with a lift-away feature, featuring full-size performance and an XL-sized dust cup. Shark NV752 has been designed to be a good vacuum created for True Pet that comes with a feature that allows a powered lift-away to make it easy to clean your home when using a dust container. It has enough flexibility at 0.88 quarts. Shark NV751 is a significant improvement in the dust cup that is the largest. The Shark NV752 model is an excellent choice with its pet hair removal feature.
  • The Shark NV751 vs NV752 weigh around the same, at 15.4 pounds. However, you can tell the difference through the differences in color and dimensions. In particular, the Shark model NV751 comes in a rose gunmetal color, and the dimensions are 13.15 and 11.89 inches x 45.04 inches. The Shark NV752 is made available in the Bordeaux color, with dimensions of 13.2 inches x 11.9 45 inches.
  • Shark NV751 utilizes an electric cord that extends up to 30 feet, which allows it to transfer electricity to the motor. It can also extend its reach with one plug. The Shark NV752 also has a power cord of a length of 25 feet that allows you to move around the home. In addition, the Shark NV751 is equipped with a 1200-watt capacity motor rated for power, whereas the Shark NV752 uses just 1150 watts. However, There’s no significant distinction between the motor’s capacity and the power cord. In this instance, the Shark NV751 VS NV752.
  • The attachments you receive when purchasing these two items are pretty good. In this instance, Shark NV752 utilizes a True Pet mini motorized brush.

2-in-1 Vacuums

The Shark NV751 and NV52 are both upright vacuums with a cleaning area of 10.5 inches. For areas such as under furniture, staircase, or other challenging-to-reach places, you can change into Powered Lift-Away Mode, remove the canister, and still have the same power.

Dynamic Swivel Steering

The sophisticated Dynamic Swivel Steering technology in the Shark NV751 and NV752 makes it extremely simple to clean your furniture, with more minor forward and backward motions.

Fingertip Controls

We all know that cleaning carpets and hard floors or carpets aren’t identical. The Shark NV751 VS NV752 has an easy-to-slide button on the handle. So you can continue to sweep over various surfaces.

HEPA Filtration

With the Shark NV751 VS NV752, you’ll be able to enjoy healthier air thanks to the HEPA filters and Anti-Allergen technologies.

The vacuums trap 99.9 percent of dust particles and dirt smaller than 0.3 millimeters. If the seal is wholly sealed, particles remain within the void.

Dirt Tank Capacity

The dirt tank is equipped with the capacity to hold 3.1 Liters. The canister is lifted away from the vacuum, and there’s an opening button at the bottom of the canister to open it.

The dirt is sucked directly into the bin without the need to get in touch. Lifting the tanks from the top to be cleaned is also possible.

The cord length for the Shark NV751 VS NV752 is 30 feet. This standard length allows the vacuum to cover large areas without switching outlets.

LED Headlights

You’ll never know how much you enjoy this feature until you own these. The LED headlights of the Shark NV751 VS NV752 brighten the way ahead and are especially helpful for people who cannot reach and have difficulty seeing areas.


The warranty included with the Shark NV751 VS NV752 is an impressive seven-year limited warranty.

A handful of factors may differ and might influence your decision.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV751, NV752, and NV753 Cleaning Attachments

Shark Rotator The NV751, the NV752, and NV753 vacuums have several cleaning attachments. If needed, cleaning accessories can be purchased separately.

However, the most economical option is to buy the model with all the accessories required to keep their home tidy. A few of these attachments include:

Dusting Genie is a 2-in-1 cleaning tool. It is a combination of crevice tools and a dusting brush.

The crevice tool lets you extend cleaning reach into tight spaces and places that are difficult to reach, and the dusting brush can clean many surfaces by combining soft bristles and powerful suction.

Dusting brush: Cleans, dust, and removes small dirt particles off a myriad of surfaces.

Genuine Pet Mini Motorized Brush is made to remove human and pet hair dust, lint, loose particles, and deep-seated dirt.

It is also suitable for cleaning smaller surfaces such as staircases, upholstery, and similar characters.

Accessories Bag is used to store the entire vacuum accessory.

Shark Rotator NV752 powered lift-away upright vacuum is equipped with the most well-known cleaning tools.

Therefore, the most sought-after Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away upright vacuum.

Shark NV752 Vs Shark NV501

The Shark Rotator NV501 Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is a very similar model to the Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away True Pet Upright Vacuum. However, there are a few variations:

The two units are both ‘Lift-Away 3 in 1 upright vacuum.

The NV501 is slightly lighter than its predecessor (15.5 instead of 15.6 pounds). However, the Lift-Away pod is heavier (8.4 8 lbs vs. 8.4).

The NV501 does not have “fingertips” controls as NV752 does; however, the rules can be operated.

The NV501 includes the following cleaning tools: Dusting Brush 12, 12-” Crevice Tool, High-Quality Pet Power Brush, and the Wide Upholstery Tool.

This list may change as time passes, and if an additional accessory is required, you can purchase it in the future.

The cleaning path of NV501 is more narrow (9.5 vs. 10.5 inches). This difference of 1 inch isn’t too significant.

However, NV501 is more prominent (13.4 instead of 12 inches), so it is more troublesome in edge cleaning.

Both are built on ‘Complete Seal Technology,’ which provides 99.9 percent filtration for 0.3 microns. Additionally, both units have 1200W motors and 30′ long power cords.

Long Story in Short: Shark NV752 is an upgraded model that is more modern and has cleaner and more flexible attachments.

Shark NV501 is an excellent and well-known vacuum; it can do the job and costs less than the NV752 model.

For more information and reviews, click on Shark Rotator’s NV501 Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Amazon page (link opens in a new window).

Shark NV752 vs Shark NV683

Shark Rotator NV683 Powered Lift-Away Vacuum is almost similar to the NV680 the NV681 and NV682 models, with the primary difference being available attachments.

Additionally, NV683 is the most popular model in this class. It includes a Duster Crevice Tool Dust-Away Hard-Floor Attachment, Canister Caddy, Pet Multi-Tool Home and car Detail Kit, and Precision Duster.

The most significant distinctions and similarities include:

The two vacuums are 3-in-1 Lift-Away models that feature Advanced Seal Technology and 99.9 filtering of dirt by 0.3 microns or more,

– NV683 is a lighter vacuum (13.3 vs. 15.6 pounds),

The NV683 model has smaller dirt cups (0.9 Litters) compared to 3.63 litters) that can be crucial in cleaning floors with a lot of dirt,

The vacuums are equipped with a 30′ cord for power, good air filtering, an easy empty transparent dirt cup, etc.

Long story short: Shark NV683 comes with various beneficial cleaning tools. However, NV752 is still ahead regarding cleaning tools and dirt bin capacity.

The NV683 is smaller and lighter; both can be used as primary vacuums in the home or apartments.

For more information reviews for more reviews and recommendations, visit the Shark Rotator Nv683 Powerful Lift-Away Speed Amazon link (link opens in a new window).

Shark NV752 against. Shark NV755

Shark Rotator The NV755 Powered Lift-Away with capacity is like NV752. They differ in the total of dirt cups and cleaning attachments available.

Shark NV755 includes a duster Crevice, Mini Motorized Brush, Pet Upholstery Tool Dust-Away Floor (with microfiber pads), Dusting Brush, Caddy for Canisters, and Accessory Bag.

Both models are built on Shark’s Lift-Away in addition to Advanced Seal Technology, and the main differences are

NV755 weighs 17.04 pounds, whereas NV752 weighs 15.6 pounds.

The NV755 has a giant dirt cup (3.57 instead of 3.3 dry quarts).

In addition, the two models are identical, with the same maintenance and cleaning techniques and features.

For additional reviews and suggestions, look up the Shark Rotator’s NVG755 powered Lift-Away Large Capacity Amazon hyperlink (link opens in a brand new browser).

Shark NV752 against. Shark NV803

Shark Duo Clean NV803 Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum is similar to NV801 and NV802, with the primary distinction being the colors and attachments available.

Shark Duo Clean is the most well-known model in the Shark’s NV80* series of upright vacuums.

The main distinction between the NV752 and the NV803 is the fact that the NV803 is the latest model and comes with some significant improvements:

The NV803 model is based on Duo Clean technology. Its primary cleaning head is equipped with two brushes that sync to capture small and large particles better.

NV803 has a slightly weaker motor (1150 instead of 1200 W). However, the suction power in Air Watts is unknown – I believe that NV803 is more suction-based and, when combined with Duo Clean cleaning head, cleans better.

The NV803 is light (14.5 against 15.6 pounds). However, it has a smaller dirt cup (1 1 liter) and a narrower cleaning path (8.5 instead of 10.5 inches).

The NV803 has been upgraded with Advanced Seal Technology and filters that can filter 99.99 percent from 0.3 millimeters or bigger particles (vs. 99.9 percent found in the NV752).

The NV803 includes:

  • A Pet multi-tool duster crevice tool.
  • Power brush for pets.
  • Under-appliance tool.
  • Accessory bag.

Shark NV752 is a very excellent vacuum cleaner. However, the NV803 is a more modern and upgraded model. Additionally, NV803 is priced slightly more.

For additional reviews and suggestions for your consideration, read the Shark Duo Clean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuums:

NV800, the NV801, and NV803 models article, and then check out the Shark Duo Clean NV803 Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum Amazon link (both are open in a new window).

Shark NV752 against. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

Which one is better? The Shark NV752 vacuum or Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum. The problem is that the Shark NV752 model is older, and comparing the two models might not be fair.

However, they’re both on the market, which is why people wonder which is superior.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of these two types of models.

Shark NV752 is a 3-in-1 unit that can be used as a classic upright vacuum, in the Lift-Away mode, and as a traditional canister cleaner.

However, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is a classic vacuum cleaner that is classic and an upright vacuum cleaner equipped with a (very) large cleaning hose and additional cleaning attachments.

Shark NV752 is lighter – 15.6 pounds vs. 19.2 pounds. This is a significant difference when the vacuum needs to be transported up and down the staircase.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal has an extra 15 feet of reach (hose and wand, as well as cleaning tools), which allows the cleaning of stairs from below’ without the requirement to carry the unit upstairs. Cleaning the upper floors requires both teams to go up a staircase.

Shark NV752 is equipped with an older model sealing and filter system that offers filters of 99.9 percent in 0.3 microns or bigger particles.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal provides accurate HEPA air filtering (99.97 percent). Dyson claims that their “Cinetic” filtration technology is so effective that Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal filters don’t have to be cleaned over the unit’s lifespan.

Shark NV752 has a larger dirt cup (3.6 liters compared to 2.15 liters); however, it has a shorter power cord (30 instead of. 35 feet).

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal includes fewer cleaning tools, including the Stair Tool, Combination Tool, and Tangle-free Turbine Tool.

Shark NV752 is equipped with more cleaning tools that can be used in various ways, and Dyson also offers the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy Model, which has an additional set of cleaning tools.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy costs more Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal, which is also more expensive than the Shark NV751 VS NV752 upright vacuum.

The units are both covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

Which one is superior – Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal or Shark NV752? IMHO, Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal as a vacuum cleaner is excellent for Shark NV752, although Shark NV752 has more cleaning tools.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal with Allergy tools are comparable to or even better than the cleaning equipment of Shark NV752. However, Dyson’s vacuum is more expensive in comparison to the Shark NV752.

For more information and reviews for more reviews, and recommendations, visit our Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor, Animal and Animal Plus Allergy Vacuums article.

Also, check the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Amazon link (both hyperlinks open in a new window).

Long Story Short: Shark NV751 VS NV752 powered Lift-Away Vacuums might be older models. However, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

When they first came out, they were excellent and still perfect vacuums. Modern technology has come to market; however, the more modern vacuums are, although slightly superior, more expensive models.


Their lift-away canister is the most appealing feature of the Shark NV751 vs NV752. This made both vacuums extremely versatile for various uses around the house.

They were simple to put together from the box and then after it was easy to use.

The cleaning capabilities were adequate for the price. We were amazed by the differences between carpets and rugs.

It created a new look. We also could sweep right to the edge of the floor, which was a huge time saver. Other standard features we enjoyed included the LED lights which aren’t essential, but they are fun and valuable, and the size of the dirt container.

The choice was difficult and could be boiled down to two aspects: color and value. The Shark Nv752 is about 20 dollars more expensive, but the additional feature makes more.

We also like the silver and burgundy accents, and if you need to complete your housework, make sure you take it easy and stylishly. Because of these two factors, we selected the Shark NV751 VS NV752 as our overall winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Shark upright vacuum cleaner is the best?

It’s the Shark Cordless Vertex Pro powered Lift-Away is the most effective Shark vacuum we’ve ever tested. This upright vacuum offers amazing performance on floor surfaces and has amazing overall performance on carpets with high and low piles.

Who is the greatest Shark in the world of Shark Tank?

Perhaps the most popular Shark in the Tank is Mark Cuban, and his net worth… is not a tiny sum. It’s more than $4 billion, which means Mark Cuban is definitely an expert in business and what goods or services are appropriate for customers.

What is the top Shark around the globe?

The weight ranges from 1,500 to 2,400 pounds (680-1088 kg) It is the most powerful of sharks, the great white. 
These predators of the apex enjoy an elevated position at the highest on the food pyramid (although killer whales are observed to hunt them occasionally).

Which is superior? Shark Navigator or Shark performance?

It’s the Shark Navigator Lift-Away superior over the entire range of the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Upright Powered. 
The Navigator is much more efficient on floors that are not bare It’s also more maneuverable and it’s easier to handle.
Which is superior? Shark Navigator or Shark performance?
It’s the Shark Navigator Lift-Away superior over the entire range of the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Upright Powered. 
The Navigator is much more efficient on floors that are not bare It’s also more maneuverable and it’s easier to handle.

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