Roomba S9 and Roomba S9+ Which one is the Best?

The most recent models in the iRobot range are part of the S9 series. At present, there are two models available in the series who are they are the Roomba S9 as well as the Roomba S9+.

Why did iRobot come up with one of the most powerful robot vacuums in history and then make two models?

In simple terms the simplest terms, it has a self-emptying docking station. In this post, I will discuss the similarities and distinctions between both robots.

I will look at the features, options, and particulars of the two machines.

At the end of this article, you’ll be better informed about the best model for your needs. We will explain why there are two S9 models.

The differences between Roomba S9 and S9+

Contrary to what many believe, There are only three distinct differences between the Roomba S9 and s9+. Let’s look at what they are.

  • Clean Base Disposal System. Its “Plus” for the s9+ is the addition of Clean Base. The charging station has an electric motor, a high-efficiency filter, and a dust bag. This robot has its bin for a collection filled automatically after docking. The s9 model is equipped with a Home Base charging station that does not empty the bin.
  • Automatic Disposal Systems collection bin. The bin that collects the s9+ comes with an access point through which debris and dirt are removed by cleaning the Clean Base. The s9 model lacks access holes in the bin for its collection.
  • The s9+ is more expensive than the S9 version; as a result, it has its Clean Base Disposal System.

Similarities between Roombas S9 and S9+

In addition to the three distinct features mentioned earlier, each other element of the robots is similar. Let’s look at the most beneficial aspects of the bots.

  • Recharge and Resume features. Both robots monitor their battery levels, and their vacuums are returned to charging stations if they are lower. When the batteries are fully recharged, they can continue cleaning the point they left.
  • Imprint Technology. Utilizing Imprint Link, the s9 robots can connect to the Braava M6. Imprint Smart Mapping allows the vacuums to design and save up to 10-floor floor plans. The maps can be operated by the user and controlled, too.
  • Square front design. The S9 is the first Roomba not to have an arc shape. In its place, the top is squared off to permit more edge and corner cleaning.
  • The mobile app and voice controls. Both models utilize every feature of the mobile app, which was recently redesigned for release. Thanks to Vacuumsilk, they also have the most voice-controlled commands of other Roomba models.
  • Extractors are made of rubber that is not tangly. The patented dual-extractors are now 30 percent bigger and are moved towards the front of S9 robots to provide greater suction power and improved collection.
  • Side brush redesign. The side brushes have been made much more robust and soft and can rotate more slowly. Air from the exhaust has been redirected and diffused to keep those side brushes blowing particles all over the area.

Specifications Chart

We will review the two robots with A side-by-side comparison so that you can view all the options and features together. Enjoy.

MODELRoomba s9Roomba S9+
Size12.25 inches x 12.25 and 3.5 inches12.25 inches x 12.25 and 3.5 inches
Weight8.15 pounds8.15 pounds
NavigationiAdapt 3.0iAdapt 3.0
Runtimeup to 120 minsFor up to 120 minutes
Charge Time3 hours3 hours
Automatic RechargeYesYes
Entire Level CleanYesYes
Carpet BoostYesYes
Drop SensorsYesYes
Bump SensorsYesYes
Dirt Detection SensorsYesYes
Camera NavigationYesYes
Wireless CommunicationsYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Voice ControlsYesYes
Floor TypesAllAll
Imprint Smart MappingYesYes
Imprint LinkYesYes
Collection Bin Capacity0.55L0.55L
Washable Collection BinYesYes
Home Base Charging StationYesNo
Clean Base Charging StationNoYes
Automatic Collection Bin EmptyingNoYes
Side Brushes1 Side Brush1 Side Brush
ContainmentSeparate PurchaseSeparate Purchase
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Check linkBuy Now on AmazonBuy Now on Amazon

Comparing the Roomba S9 and Roomba S9+

In this article, I will guide you through the most essential and crucial elements and aspects of the Roomba S9 model robots. You’ll have a better picture of how these machines perform and their capabilities.

Automatic Disposal System

The automatic disposal system is one of the most significant robot vacuum innovations over the past few years.

It first appeared in the Roomba model; the robot will have its bin for collection empty each when it is docked. Clean Base Clean Base refers to the title given to the charging station responsible for emptying the bin. It’s equipped with a motor that produces suction as it docks.

The suction lifts the rubber that blocks the hole that allows access to the chest for collection and draws the debris out. The dirt and other debris are carried through the Clean Base and placed in a large bin.

The bag is similar to the old vacuum bags we struggled to put inside the zippered compartment of our grandmother’s red Hoover.

It’s not a hassle with these bags, however. To get rid of them, lift to the upper part of the Clean Base and then pull up on the pack’s handle.

The handle is equipped with a trap-stopper which will close when the bag is removed, keeping the debris and dust inside. Then you throw the whole bag in the trash without causing a mess.

The good thing is that you can go around for a month without purchasing a new bag for your collection.

The downside is that you receive two bags when you buy your s9+, and you’ll need to purchase additional.

Roomba S9 is More Conventional.

The s9 model isn’t equipped with The Clean Base or the automatic disposal system. Instead, you’ll get just the primary Home Base charging dock.

The bin for collection doesn’t come with an access hole that can let the debris be sucked away.

Because this is the main difference between the Roomba S9 and S9+ models, I will go over the details of the features from now on and will cover both the s9 model and the.

Instead of comparison, it will provide details about the features and choices. Ready? Let’s go

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Basic Operational Features

Each robot vacuum is made up of the same fundamental internal parts. The battery, for instance, provides power to the entire robot and helps the computer keep the map and programs in memory.

The s9 robots are powered by a 3600mAh lithium-ion battery, which will last about 120 minutes for each charge.

The robot is also able to monitor its battery. When the battery’s capacity drops below 10 percent, The robot will stop the cleaning process to replenish the battery.

When the battery is fully charged, Roomba S9 and S9+ will return to the same spot it started from and resume cleaning.

Its Recharge and Resume option has been an essential Roomba feature since the first 900 series robotics.

Extractors and Side Brushes

The s9 had significant improvements to the brushes and extractors. In the beginning, the dual-rubber extractors were expanded by 30.

They were also relocated from between the wheels that drive them towards in front of the robotic. This allows for greater suction power to be applied at the location of the extractors.

This results in a more thorough cleaning and a better floor.

One of the most common problems with the past Roomba model was that the robots appeared to scatter lighter debris throughout the room as they cleaned.

While eventually, all the dirt and debris on floors was picked up, the robots could sometimes create more mess than they had cleaned up.

This issue has been fixed with the Roomba s9 and S9+. The side brush is slightly bigger and is made of softer bristles.

However, the most significant change is that the side brushes now spin at a slower speed. The slow spin prevents light debris from being thrown throughout the space.

To stop small pieces of debris from being blown around to prevent light debris from being blown around, the exhaust air is being diffused.

Instead of a strong air stream directed directly toward the floor, which can quickly scatter light debris, the air is pushed through a diffused air vent to limit the air force and then runs more upwards.

The trash remains until the side brushes, or extractors can collect it.

Driving Wheels

Another difference that you may not be able to notice immediately is that the wheels of your car are now more efficient.

They’re slightly more extensive and can traverse more significant obstacles. Moving from carpeting to hard flooring is not as difficult.

In the past, models had to find the best angle to approach. The models of s9 now effortlessly move from one side to the next.

Also, you will notice that higher thresholds are not an ideal match for the wheels anymore.

If you’ve had robots in the past that struggled to get from one area to another because of more extensive or higher thresholds, that is no longer a problem.

Filtration Doesn’t Change Much.

There hasn’t been any significant alteration in the filter’s high efficiency in the Roomba S9 models since the model’s 900-series.

Also, there’s been no reason not to. This high-efficiency HEPA filter catches particles down to 3 millimeters.

This allows for the elimination of up to 99 percent of allergens in the home like pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and dust.

One modification was made to the Clean Base charging station. The Clean Base of Roomba i7+ Roomba i7+ has a standard filter.

The Clean Base s9+ was upgraded to a more quiet motor along with the use of a high-efficiency filter. The particles of allergen size that went into the bin for collection are removed when emptying the bin. Process.

The Bottom Summary: There have been significant modifications (as well as less important) in introducing the new s9+.

These functions are primarily designed to enhance the general quality and efficiency of operating and cleaning the machines.

Control Options Receive an Upgrade

For a long time, Roomba robots had their local control. If you needed to set the date or schedule or even start a cleaning routine,

It was necessary to press buttons that were on the robotic. In the end, iRobot released its Home application.

It quickly became among the well-known attributes of Roomba robots. It continues to exceed market expectations.

With its user-friendly interface, easy-to-use controls, and simple setup, it is no wonder that the Home app for iRobot is a top choice for owners of robot vacuums.

The app recently went through an overhaul. Following the release of the Roomba i7 and i7+, the app got additional features added.

You can still manage the robot, change, set, cancel scheduling, and receive information about the status of your robot. The s9 series goes a step further.

In conjunction with Imprint Technologies (discussed below), new options and features are available through the app, or, as a side effect, it is integrated into voice commands.

It’s now possible to not just look at the floorplan map you have drawn on your plan but also engage with it.

You can also use new voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices that aren’t compatible with the other Roomba robotic (except those for the I7 series, of course).).

Although there are still local controls, they are not as extensive. You can begin and end the cleaning process, do the task of cleaning a spot, and then send it back to its charging station.

If you’re looking for additional control options, you’ll need the smartphone application or use voice commands.

The Bottom Summary: The improvements are significant, practical, and laudable. A substantial amount of time and effort was put into the mobile app’s controls.

The latest version of the iRobot Home app is the most efficient to date.

Imprint Technology Continues to Improve

The Roomba S9 series was upgraded another time innovation was introduced with the Roomba i7. Imprint Technology is a two-part system that increases the capabilities the robotics.

Imprint Link

First is the Imprint Link. This is a unique attribute of iRobot. It allows for communication between S9 models and connects to the Braava MO6 robot for mopping.

The way it works is that you connect both robots using the mobile application. After that, when you start cleaning (or a scheduled cleaning session), the Roomba s9 will be the first robot to start. Roomba s9 will first begin.

When the Roomba completes a room with hard floors, it will notify Braava Braava to let it know that the sweep process is complete.

The Braava will then start sweeping the floor in front of the Roomba. It is also possible to arrange it so that they can work simultaneously.

You could set up the Roomba vacuuming your carpeting in your living room as the Braava M6 cleans up the kitchen.

Imprint Smart Mapping

The other aspect is called Imprint Smart Mapping. The Roomba s9+ can perform an entire mapping session (or two, perhaps three) to create a comprehensive 3D map of your house. This map will appear in the mobile app.

Through the mobile application Now, you can use the maps. You can identify the specific rooms, for instance.

After that, you can choose certain rooms of your home where Roomba will clean. Roomba will tidy.

For example, if you are only looking to clean the bedroom and living room, pick these rooms in the mobile app and begin a cleaning process. Roomba will start cleaning and only go to the rooms.

Another benefit of Imprint Smart Mapping is the ability to allow Roomba s9 Roomba s9 to store and map up to 10 different designs.

For instance, if you have several floors, each floor is assigned a separate map.

When you shift the robot to a new floor, it will be able to recognize the location and utilize the map associated with it to perform the cleaning.

The most exciting thing is that a second mapping run is not required. If you move all the furnishings within your living space,

Roomba will still be able to recognize the new arrangement. Roomba will know what map to choose. If it cleans your living area,

It will change the map of that area only as it is cleaned. There is no other robot that can be able to claim this.

A new feature (as of October 2019) is known as”Keep Out Zones. Instead of blocking robotics from cleansing a whole space by drawing squares, you can pull them on the mobile app’s map.

The courts can be placed and changed their size or rotated. Once you’re satisfied, then you can save your map.

The squares will be ignored by Roomba S9 and s9+ as though they were physical barriers or walls.

This feature, in conjunction with the rest of Imprint Smart Mapping, renders the requirement of virtual barriers to be muted.

Although Roomba’s and the S9 remain compatible with dual-mode virtual wall barriers, you don’t need them now. It saves money by not purchasing another accessory.

The Bottom Line: Imprint Technology is a significant advancement in robotics. If you have a Braava M6 mopping robot, you’ll get the maximum benefit from the feature.

Mapping intelligence has elevated the standard of the things that can be expected.

Are You able to upgrade the Roomba S9?

Since there isn’t any difference between the two robots, aside from their Clean Base and the bins for collection,
It’s an option to change the Roomba S9 to the Roomba S9+. iRobot is selling its Clean Base system separately.

After you purchase, you must connect and turn on your Clean Base and inset the new bin to the robot’s S9.

After joining the Clean Base to the wireless network and pairing it up with your robot, you will own a Roomba s9+. Roomba the s9+.

If you’re confident that you’d like the s9+ from the beginning, it’s cheaper to buy the s9+ instead of upgrading later.

If you’re looking to save some cash, you can buy the Roomba s9 and a Clean Base system for the upgrade.

However, it’ll cost you around $50 more to make the promotion later. Be sure to think about the options you have before making a final purchase.

The bottom line: Upgrading the s9 is feasible. It’ll cost you around $50 more to make the upgrade, but it’s cheaper than buying the s9+ on its own.

Real-World Performance of the Roomba s9 Robots

Knowing how your brand-new robot will perform once you bring it home is essential.

This article will inform you what the claims made are and how they justify such claims. We will also explore what you can get after opening your Roomba S9and.

Lab Testing is Biased

If a company that sells robot vacuums claims to be a good one that it has made, it’s done following extensive tests.

The test lab is set up to replicate an existing home with carpeting obstructions, obstacles, and hard floors. The team of testers then puts various kinds of trash on the floor and watches as the robot vacuums up the debris.

The thing that’s not so well-known is that these laboratory tests don’t replicate real-world situations.

I doubt you’ll be walking around your house lightly sprinkled with the pre-measured amount of hair loose or dry cereal. There are also high-traffic areas, such as carpets that are changed around, and so on.

If you spill cereal across the flooring, there’s likely to be milk, too. The child in the high chair will throw dry cereal onto the floor.

When you notice it and ask the Roomba to take care of it, you’re going to walk on it (accidentally, obviously), grind it down to the floor, or create smaller pieces.

These claims by the robot makers aren’t flimsy; however, they are monitored, tested, and manipulated until they reach an impressive number to boast about.

Roomba s9 Cleaning Carpeting

Carpets are the best, and there is no better carpet cleaner than one like the Roomba s9.

In addition, the rubber extractors create a deep agitation in carpet fibers, but enhanced suction and carpet boost features remove the smallest particles from your carpets.

The Islam navigation and mapping feature allows the robot to accurately sweep every square foot.

The robot first moves across an area’s edges before, after that, a quick run with parallel lines that completely cover the floor.

The second time around, the s9 is required to ensure the room is thoroughly cleaned across the entire room.

The s9 will move into an additional space when the cleaning is complete. Also impressive is this: the Roomba s9 can do all this faster than the previous Roomba before. In just 18 mins for each room, the cleaning is thorough, deep, and quick.

Roomba s9 Cleaning Hard Flooring

On floors that are hard On hard floors, the Roomba S9 and s9+ perform a fantastic job. The robust rubber extractors won’t leave anything out and will not harm any surfaces, regardless of how soft it is.

The square front design permits the robot to reach deep into corners and edges more precisely.

Although it’s not a particularly attractive characteristic, the Roomba s9 will also be able to remove the majority of dirt-covered messes that have accumulated,

Such as the liquid ring that’s been omitted while pouring the drink. Beware of the rumors, though this is not the case.

Roomba robots won’t remove wet messes. Although they cannot avoid them, the dampness will be scattered around.

But, thanks to the new design (and the washable bin), it isn’t at risk of becoming wet when moisture enters the collection chamber.

If there is a significant spill or extensive wetness, it’s recommended to clean it up before the robot can reach the region.

Roomba s9 Cleaning Pet Hair

Since the robots of the 900 series were introduced to light the brushless extractors, Roomba has had an advantage in cleaning pet hair more effectively than nearly all other robot vacuums.

The same is true for the S9 series. The larger extractors can wash more pet hair, and suction power can collect the hair.

The extractors work in tandem, rotating in opposite directions, pulling the hair of pets and humans apart. Instead of letting it get wrapped around the bars, hair is pushed up, separated, and then collected.

Although hairs can still be stuck to the rollers, they are easy to get off. When you press a button, the extractors appear.

They can be grabbed using one hand and wiped with the other. The hair falls straight off.

What I Like About the Roomba s9

  • Long battery life provides two hours of uninterrupted cleaning.
  • HEPA filtering to remove home allergens.
  • The square front style of the new model extends deep into corners and on baseboards.

What I Like About the Roomba S9+

  • Everything on the Roomba S9 list above and more…
  • Automated emptying of the bin for collection.
  • You can leave the bag in its collection for up to a month until you replace it.


The Roomba S9 and Roomba S9+ are the same robots. However, the difference is in the Clean Base system that allows the Roomba s9+ to empty its bin on time.

This post’s purpose is to give you an overview of the two robots and assist you in deciding which is best suited to you and your requirements.

The Roomba s9 is the most suitable because it’s identical to the Roomba s9 but less expensive. If, however, you’re looking for the convenience of automatic dirt disposal,

Then the S9+ would be the best alternative. Remember that you could move up to the upgraded version later when you realize that one of the features that aren’t there is something you truly require.

In other words, save your cash and purchase a Roomba s9. Roomba the s9.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of warranty do the s9 robots have, and how can I file a claim?

The robots are covered by 30 days of return time. If you’re not happy after the very first 30 days, you may return the machine for a 100% refund, without concerns asked.
It is mandatory to return the robot in its original packaging; therefore, don’t reuse it until the 30 days is over.
When the return policy is over, the 12-month warranty kicks into effect. There are two different policies: one for the robot and the other one covers batteries.
Both approaches are 12 months and are in sync. The battery is covered for an entire year from issues, overheating, swelling, or not holding the charge.
iRobot will replace it at no cost. The robot is protected against manufacturing defects and general wear and tear.
It is not covered for items that can be changed, such as filters, extractors, side brushes, and wheels.

What is the Roomba S9 or S9+ suitable for homes with small spaces?

The Roomba S9 and the s9+ are great for any apartment, home, or other dwellings with floors.
But if your space is less than the size of 900 square feet, this might not be the best choice for you.
The overall cost of s9 series robots makes them ideal for larger areas requiring constant attention.
In these cases, the s9 series robotics can easily cover their costs.
In smaller condos, apartments, and apartments, it may be more sensible to opt for a 900 series robot like Roomba 960 and Roomba 980.
They come with many similar features to the s9 and include recharge, mapping, restart, and visual navigation. However, they cost significantly less, primarily since the i7 and s9 feature the spotlight.

I’ve seen cat riders riding Roomba vacuums in videos constantly. Is this acceptable?

It seems that it’s a common phenomenon. However, it’s not advised. The Roomba robots have been specifically developed to utilize the pressured-spring-loaded wheels to move across different floors and cross thresholds.
Due to the weight of a cat, springs aren’t able to expand or compress, which could cause harm to the robotic.
Another issue is that this camera’s mount is on the side of the machine. The cat there could block the camera, hindering map-making and navigation, resulting in unintentional behavior.
And not only that, any issues with heat or damage due to pets riding on robots will instantly cause the warranty to be void.

I have several staircases. One is a spiral. Is the s9 able to maintain the stairs without falling?

No. The robotic Roomba S9 and s9+ are equipped with drop sensors at the lower part and sides of the robotic. It can detect staircases and drop-offs.
Once it has seen the stairs, it will scrub up to the edges of the top of the stairs before turning around. If you put the robot on just one staircase,
It could or might not move in any way (depending on when it can detect the edge). However, it won’t continue cleaning and will sound an alarm indicating it is stuck.

Could I reuse the bag that I collected within the Clean Base?

It’s possible, yes. It is possible to manually push the flap to open it and then dump the contents into your garbage can.
If you do decide to do this, note that repeated pushes of the flap could weaken it and prevent your Clean Base from operating correctly.
Additionally, the strength of the bag’s walls will start to deteriorate. As time passes, the force of the air moving through the bag could cause holes, leading to an even bigger mess than you’d like to tackle.