Roomba I7 vs I7+ Comparison

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2023)

Cleaning is an important task that should be performed regularly to keep the place clean and neat.

Cleaning does not just make the place appear better and more appealing and helps eliminate the useless material within a space.

The waste materials include wrapped wrappers that have been thrown away, packaging covers, wrappers, etc.

Also, dust removal is an essential step in cleaning. Many people are allergic to dust. Uncleanliness can cause a worsening of their health condition.

Therefore, it is vital to keep the space neat. The traditional methods for cleaning floors are to sweep with broomsticks.

Then, you clean the floor with the addition of a few drops of disinfectant to the floor to kill bacteria.

If dust is not removed from the workplace could create a strange smell, mainly when pet animals are present.

Cleaning up a large area often is tiring when performed by hand. As technology advances, every field cleaning has been upgraded with the introduction of advanced robots.

Bots are robot platforms programmed to perform one specific job and have decision-making capabilities to assist in completing the job.

The tiny robots not exceeding 4 inches tall are autonomous devices to complete the task.

They operate by following a step-by-step process according to the program. iRobot Roomba I7 vs. I7+ are the two cleaning bots proving successful against their rivals.

What exactly is iRobot I7?

iRobot I7 is a robot vacuum cleaner created to make it easier to clean up in the home and other places. It is a clever robot that is fitted with a sophisticated navigation system.

Using this feature, users can direct the robot to the areas that need to be cleaned and areas that are not allowed entry.

Once the map has been saved and saved, the user can request the robot’s help cleaning the area at a particular time.

This allows the robot to clean several rooms effectively. The intelligent navigation system ensures the robot does not collide with obstacles when cleaning.

iRobot i7 could be operated via the app developed by the company or by voice control as well. The device is capable of working with Alexa.

Therefore controlling the robot won’t be difficult. It has an all-in-one system that is designed for cleaning purposes.

It comprises suction as well as both the primary and side cleaning brushes. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it. It can run for a period that is 75 minutes. It also has the option of upgrading to an i7+.

There are a variety of sensors inside the robot that enhance its capabilities of the robot.

For instance, the acoustic sensor assists in finding areas with more excellent dirt and provides more efficient cleaning. The cliff sensors prevent the robot from falling from the stairs.

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What’s iRobot I7+?

iRobot i7Plus is an internet-connected robotic platform that is designed to boost the efficiency of cleaning.

Like the i7, the I7+ uses a vacuum to remove dirt and clean the surface. The i7+ uses an aero force technology with a HEPA filter to block allergens efficiently.

Like the i7, it has an efficiency of cleaning of 91% and a battery life of 75 minutes.

I7+ is the same as the i7 in many areas, such as dimensions and capabilities, cleaning process, etc. The only distinction is the addition of an automatic waste disposal mechanism in the i7+.

It has a neat base that helps dispose of the garbage from the bin to collect the i7+. The bin that collects waste is a tiny hole that will remain closed to the surface all the time because of a tiny rubber flap.

Once the robot is docked in the docking station, two events occur. First, the robot is charged. Then, the platform recognizes the rubber flap and then sucks dust away.

The dust is then transferred to vacuum bags in the upper part of the tower. Once the bag is filled, the bag sends an alert to the user to empty and empty it.

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Roomba i7 vs I7 of iRobot+ Robot Vacuums Specifications 

IRobot Roomba I7 vs. I7+ is an innovative and small machine vacuum. It’s powered by a 3300 mAh lithium-ion battery, which can last approximately 75 minutes when on the floor bare – when carpeted areas have been cleaned, the runtime will be a little shorter.

Robot Roomba i7 needs 2 hours to charge its battery, and should it be required due to its advanced tracking system, it will restart its cleaning chore.

iRobot Roomba i7 features iAdapt 3.0 Navigation, including Visual Localization and Imprint Smart Mapping. Both with features such as:

Recharge and resume: If the battery has been discharged while cleaning, the unit can suspend the cleaning operation, locate and connect at the station for charging, and charge the battery before attempting to start the cleaning process again.

The multi-room cleaning unit moves through the house and separates different areas (kitchen rooms, rooms, etc.)

Clean or schedule by room: The unit can clean specific rooms/areas at different times.

Clean map reports: by using iRobot HOME App, the user can access clean maps and other reports.

Notification: iRobot Roomba can remember up to 10 floor plans and is employed to clean different floors of your home.

However, it cannot climb stairs and must be manually carried from floor to floor.

Additionally, the Roomba i7 supports dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers, allowing users to limit access to certain home areas.

iRobot Roomba i7 weighs 7.44 pounds (3.37 kilograms), and its dimension is 13.34 3.63 inches by 3.63 inches (33.9 9.22 cm). 9.22 millimeters).

Combined with the latest sensors, these dimensions allow the machine to clean and reach areas without hitting obstructions on the floor or objects, leaving virtually none of the areas left unclean.

The iRobot Roomba i7 is a good suction of around 1700 Pa. It is ideal for medium-sized to large-sized homes and apartments; with just one battery charge,

It will remove up to 90 square. Feet. (~185 meters 2.) of bare floor surfaces. If that’s not enough, the “Recharge and Resume” feature will help the unit ensure the house is clean.

The unit is WiFi enabled and supports using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Roomba i7 cannot allow IR remote controls. The use of iRobot in the HOME App is highly advised.

Roomba i7 can vacuum floors that are not clean and medium and low-pile carpets. It can move through 0.79 inches (~20 millimeters) tall obstacles.

The dirt Cup Capacity is 0.5 milliliters which are adequate for a compact vacuum. However, the i7+ has a “Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal’ unit.

Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal can allow Roomba i7 Roomba 7 to flush its dirt bin when it docks to recharge, making maintenance much more accessible and saving time and effort.

Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal’ comes with disposable vacuum bags that can store up to 30 cups of dirt.

Additionally, the Roomba i7 features dirt cup sensors. When the cup is complete, and there isn’t a “Clean the Base Automated Dirt Disposal’ feature, it will notify the user that the dirt is empty to users.

The charging and Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal bases must be fixed, with ample space on all sides.

This assists the unit in locating and adequately docking to the charging base or ‘Clean Basis Automatic Dirt Disposal base.

To stop the robot from falling off the high cliffs (stairs typically), The unit is equipped with a higher-quality cliff sensor that allows the robot to discern between dark tiles, carpets, and actual cliffs.

To aid in edge cleaning, the iRobot Roomba i7 comes with a one-side brush that is swept along the cleaning path and then pushes dirt toward its main brushes.

The side brush is crucial to properly clean walls’ edges, corners, and other similar surfaces.

The main brush roll feature two multi-surface rubber brushes that, combined with solid suction and Auto-Adjusting Cleaning Heads, allow the robot to vacuum effectively clean different surfaces.

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Roomba i7 vs i7+ from iRobot+ Maintenance

While automatic dirt removal is an excellent feature, iRobot Roomba i7+ and, more specifically, iRobot Roomba i7 are not maintenance-free robot vacuums.

Note: When the robot arrives, and you receive it, ensure that you review the instructions and manual. However, if something goes wrong, the iRobot Roomba, the i7, or the i7+ aren’t complicated robots to work with and maintain.

For these units to function correctly, then it is recommended to perform the following maintenance tasks:

Dirt cup: clean it as required.

The air filter Clean it at least once each week. You should consider cleaning pets twice weekly if pets are in your home. The air filter should be changed at least every two months.

Notice: The air filter is not washable. To ensure the air filtration is to the required level (to remove 99 percent of pet allergens), take care of your filter.

The entire bin sensor is cleaned once every two weeks.

Front-wheel caster: clean it every two weeks, then replace it every 12 months or when necessary.

Brush (edge brush and dual multi-surface brushes): clean them monthly and replace them once every 12 months or when necessary.

Sensors and contacts for charging: clean them once each month.

Always use OEM parts if you need to replace parts on your Roombas.

iRobot Roomba I7 and Replenishment Kit include 3 High-Efficiency Air Filters, 3 Edge-Sweeping Brushes, and 1 set of multi-surface rubber Brushes. It contains the most frequently used or replaced Roomba I7 components.

Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal units won’t require additional maintenance other than changing the dirtbags every time.

Clean base vacuum bags store 30 bags of dirt and debris that are not replaced often. After being changed, Clean Base vacuum bags are sealed, stopping the dirt from leaving the bags.

Roomba i7 vs. I7+ Clean Base (Automatic dirt disposal) Bags are top-quality vacuum bags. However, low-quality non-OEM bags can create problems using Cleaning Base (higher pressure drop, dirt leaving the vacuum bags, etc. ).

iRobot Roomba i7 vs i7+ Robot Vacuums Comparison

The following comparison chart highlights the similarities and differences between the new iRobot Roomba models:

Roomba Model iRobot Roomba i7 Roomba i7+ iRobot from IRobot
Floor Types All All
3-Stage Cleaning Suction 10x 10x
Hard Floor Run Time Up to 75 min Up to 75 min
Self-Charging Yes Yes
Recharge and Resume Yes Yes
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
WiFi Connected Yes Yes
iRobot Home App Yes Yes
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible Yes Yes
Dirt Detect Yes Yes
Side Brush Yes Yes
Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes Yes Yes
Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head Yes Yes
High-Efficiency Air Filter Yes Yes
iAdapt 3.0 Navigation using Visual Localization Yes Yes
Imprint Smart Mapping Yes Yes
Drop Sensors Yes Yes
Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers Yes Yes
Scheduled Cleaning Yes Yes
Multi-Room Cleaning Yes Yes
Clean Map Reports Yes Yes
Custom Cleaning Preferences Yes Yes
Automatic Dirt Disposal Compatible Yes
Weight 7.44 pounds (3.37 kg) 7.44 pounds (3.37 kg)
Dimensions (D x H) 13.34 inches x 3.63 inches
33.9 x 9.22 cm
13.34 3.63 inches 3.63 inches
33.9 x 9.22 cm
Amazon Link iRobot Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum

NOTE: 3-Stage Cleaning Suction is similar to Roomba 600 Series robot vacuums. Additionally, Amazon affiliate links open in a new window. Make sure to visit them for the latest deals and prices.

Roomba E5 and Roomna 960 come with 3-Stage Cleaning Suction that is 5x more powerful than suction on Roomba 600 series models. The Roomba I7 vs. I7+ comes with ten times more suction.

Roomba E5 and Roomna 960 do not support automatic dirt removal.

Additionally, Roomba 960 features a somewhat older navigation system (iAdapt 2.0) that does not fully support the features of the iAdapt 3.0 Navigation system.

However, it does support resume and recharge, multi-room clean Clean map reports, custom cleaning preferences, and other similar features.

The main distinction between the Roomba e5 and the i7 (and the i7plus) is the navigation and dirt removal system.

Roomba I7 vs I7+ has a more advanced navigation system, which let’s recharge and resume cleaning maps, the single room, and so on.

Additionally, Roomba i7+ also has automatic dirt disposal. In addition, the Roomba i7 has the same capabilities but does not include automated dirt disposal “Clean Base.”

Roomba I7 vs. i7+ Differences and Similarities

This is a practical, easy-to-use overview and an overview of the similarities and differences between the Roomba I7 vs I7+ models and the Roomba I7 model vs. the I7+.

Differential 1 The Roomba I7/I7+ has a circular fabric band to create designs over the vacuum. I7/i7+ is composed of plastic in all.

Differential 2: The Roomba I7 has built-in cameras, while the I7 doesn’t. The sensor for floor tracking and camera enables the i7/i7+ to make more precise floor maps of your house.

Likeness One: The Roomba I7 vs I7+ comes with multi-surface rubber brush rollers that don’t catch human or pet hair.

The second similarity. Each I7 and i7 comes with the Recharge and Resume feature that lets it automatically recharge its battery when it is low and continue vacuuming after it has stopped.

Commonality  Roomba I7 vs I7+ comes with Smart Navigation and Smart Mapping for effective cleaning. Both are clean in rows and not randomly.

Commonality 4, the Roomba I7 vs I7+, can be used with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for easy voice control.

Roomba i7 vs i7+ Features

Let’s look at the details of these features as well as the differences between them.

Plus Features – Clean Base and Self-Empty

Let’s begin by introducing the specifics of these functions. The Plus version of Roomba’s I7 vs I7+ includes a Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal docking station.

The Clean Base has the self-emptying function that both I7+ and the i7+ models have; however, those with the basic models,

Roomba I7 vs I7+, don’t. Don’t be concerned if you’re budget-conscious and choosing the Plus model is complex.

You can buy a Clean Base unit to be paired with the base model later. Then you have a Plus version, the i7+, and i7+, to automate hands-free cleaning for up to 60 days. This is up to 30 bins filled with debris.

If your Clean Base bags are packed, you’ll receive a notification via the app, or the indicator light of the Clean Base will light solid red color.

The robotic vacuums of both the Base and the model are the same. The only difference can be found in their Clean Base Station.

The self-emptying, smart charging docks are the most costly option but worth it.

Size Dimensions and Weight

The Roomba I7 vs I7+ weighs 13.31″ wide and 3.62″ tall, and 7.28 pounds. This is similar to the majority circle Roomba models.

The Roomba I7 vs I7+ measures 13.26 inches in width and 3.63 inches tall. They weigh 7.44 pounds. Both weigh slightly higher than the I7/I7+. They are just a little smaller, but only at 0.05 inches.

There’s also a minor variation in the design since the i7/i7+ comes with the fabric ring that sits on top of the vacuums.

The remaining parts of the vacuum robot are made of plastic. The i7/i7+ robot vacuum is composed entirely of plastic.

Battery and Capacity

The Roomba I7 vs I7+ batteries use lithium-ion to ensure efficient charging and usage.

They both come with Recharge and Resume features, which automatically recharge when batteries are low in between cleaning.

When it’s finished recharging, which takes approximately 1.5-2 minutes, the system will resume cleaning the point they stopped.

The most significant advantage of Recharge and Resume is that you don’t have to leave your home when the Roomba is cleaning.

Even if you’re home, you can know that the i7/i7+ or i7/i7+ will automatically return to cleaning.

If you purchase an i7+ model or the i7+, you won’t need to think about either for 60 days. When you notice that the Clean Base unit is complete, removing all dirt and debris is necessary.

Cleaning Technology System and Suction Power

The Roomba i7/i7+ and the i7/i7+ feature the well-known, premium 3-Stage Cleaning System to provide superior cleaning performance.

They all have regular cleaning modes as well as spot cleaning modes. Spot clean control is extremely useful if you require cleaning some areas; for example,

Under the table in the kitchen after meals. Maybe under the dining table following dinner since your kids accidentally dropped the green peas (my personal experience).

Add that to the 10x suction capacity of the Roomba 600 series, and you are left with two excellent robotic vacuums with outstanding cleaning capabilities for any floor type.

There’s no distinction in suction power between these two; they offer the same suction capabilities across different floors.

The two powerful vacuums come with iRobot’s exclusive Dirt Detect Technology to find the dirtiest areas of your home. The sensors can detect the dirt more and sweep the areas to ensure it’s spotless.

Although both models have an excellent dirt collection, they may pick up some stubborn dirt that comes up once at a time.

In these instances, you may notice that these best-performing models of robot vacuums look similar to simple robot vacuums because they’re running over the same area over and over repeatedly.

If you observe this, you’ll need to take it in your hands and clean the area.

Dual Brush Rollers and Edge Sweeping Brush

Each Roomba I7 vs I7+ comes with iRobot’s trademarked dual multi-surface rubber brushes. The rubber brushes are perfect for households with pets since they aren’t easily caught in pets’ hair.

You must regularly remove animal hairs from the brush if you’re using bristle-type rollers similar to other vacuums. Dual rubber brushes can significantly improve performance over old bristle brushes.

The rollers of the brush will adjust to the various flooring heights of carpets and rugs to collect dirt, debris, and pet hair.

Worrying about the effectiveness of cleaning different floorings like hardwood floors, carpets, and tile floors is unnecessary.

The biggest issue they’ll encounter is when dealing with carpets with high piles and carpets.

It’s a challenge to all vacuums, and the best I’ve seen tackle the carpet with a high pile is the S9 and S9+ due to their suction capacity.

Both come with the Edge-Sweeping Brush to get the edges of the walls and around corners. These are 3-arm spinning brushes designed to clean corners, though the Roomba design can hinder the work.

The circular design prevents reaching as far into the corners as the Roomba S9 and S9+; however, the Roomba I7 vs I7+ performs admirably in cleaning.


High-Efficiency Filters are included in the i7/i7+ and the i7/i7+ models to block 99 percent of dust, dirt allergens, and dust mites.

If you have cats or dogs at home, you might know the allergens that trigger your allergies. These Roomba models trap allergens during cleaning to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions.

It’s good to have additional filters available, and the Roomba I7/i7+ set includes an additional high-efficiency filter in the box. This is an excellent benefit because it can save you time before purchasing additional filters.

Navigation and Mapping

Before the Roomba i7+ was given its new name, the Roomba i7+ EVO was where the most significant differences between the Roomba I7 and I7+ were.

However, these distinctions are gone with the latest firmware update that adds Imprint Smart Mapping on the I7/and EVO robotic vacuums.

The Roomba i7 and i7+ models have iAdapt 3.0, iAdapt 3.0 Smart Navigation, and Imprint Smart Mapping.

Smart Mapping is an excellent feature that lets you utilize the iRobot Home app for scheduling cleaning schedules for specific rooms or areas inside the house.

The technology for virtual Mapping offers them a new feature in digital Mapping. It allows you to modify the zoned cleaning cycles.

Before this, it was the case that the i7+ could only be used to mark clean areas. Now it is possible to instruct it with the help of the EVO on the areas that need to be cleaned, similar to those of the i7+ and j7+, and s9+.

Then, tell Roomba to tidy up your living space and stay clear of the coffee table by creating Keep Out Zones in the app.

This is great if you do not want Roomba vacuum cleaners to come in contact with fragile items.

At one time, you had the creation of these zones by using physical wall devices. They were also devices that were dual-mode walls. It’s much simpler now with only the application.

The Roomba I7 vs I7+ both come with intelligent maps and tracking sensors that aid in helping to clean up quickly.

They’ll be able to clean in neat rows instead of the random paths that older and less expensive models follow. These sensible, effective cleaning pathways can give your home a thorough cleaning.

Both feature Reactive Sensor Technology that allows them to keep clear of furniture and other obstacles so they won’t be stuck between furniture or under it.

There is still the possibility of light bumps on walls and furniture. However, they’re only light bumps.

iRobot offers Braava Jet robotics equipped with automatic mopping and mapping functions of the i7 and models, and they can relay what they’ve cleaned to Braava.

So, whenever your Roomba I7 vs. I7+ are clean of dirt from specific locations, the Braava will know that these areas need to be cleaned. Genius!

iRobot Home App powered by IRobot Genius

The iRobot Home App powered by iRobot Genius is an upgraded, new and improved app that provides the option of personalization and customization for cleaning.

Based on your habits of cleaning and your previous experiences with cleaning that Roombas Roombas have experienced Based on your cleaning habits and the previous experiences.

Roombas, the Home App, will now make suggestions for cleaning schedules. The suggestions are tailored to your specific requirements and circumstances.

They’ll recommend how often you should be cleaned and where to clean since they’ll know how often to clean off the floor to keep your home tidy.

It also knows the time of year that it’s allergy season; if you suffer from allergies, it will suggest more cleaning sessions.

iRobot Genius also brings intelligent home integrations and improved voice command control using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The integration and compatibility of smart home devices is an excellent way to achieve that complete intelligent home automation system that makes our lives more comfortable.

It is possible to create cleaning routines using the IFTTT platform or via wireless protocols such as Z-Wave or WiFi, depending on your innovative home configuration.

Join intelligent thermostats as well as smart locks. You can also create triggers that indicate when the Roomba needs to be cleaned. Did you leave home? Roomba will begin cleaning, and you can return to tidy your floors.


Includes all of the top features available in the entire Roomba range

Smart home integration

Personalization with the IRobot Home App

Smart Mapping and Keep Out Zone




Roomba I7 vs. I7+ aids the user in helping make their home tidier and more comfortable to live in. Features like a brand-new navigation system, automatic cleaning preferences, dirt removal and reporting, easy maintenance, etc., ensure they can do the job right.

However, they cannot replace your primary vacuum cleaners, particularly when it comes to high-vacuuming surfaces.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaner, look at this model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roomba I7+ worth the extra cost over the i7?

It is also possible to upgrade by buying an upgrade to the Clean Base system with an overall cost difference of approximately $50.
It is impossible to find any advantage to buying the i7+ instead of the i7, as both robots have the same features and provide the same advantages without the automated clean-up of the bins, which is obvious.

What’s the difference between the Roomba I7 vs I7+?

The Differences
The Roomba I7 is almost identical to the model i7+; however, it doesn’t have the self-empty Base that is a step up.
The E5 is the least price aware of the three models. Navigating: Roomba I7 vs. I7+ are more sophisticated in their navigation system, including Imprint innovative mapping.

Does the Roomba I7 worth it?

While many more affordable, modern robots have similar features, we consider it the most sophisticated and smooth robot vacuum you can have if you pay for it.
It’s among the few that can clean its bin and certain vacuum rooms (and remove other areas) at the touch of a button.

How long will Roomba I7 last?

iRobot assures that its battery will last up to two hours and, based on our estimates, should last around 400 charges.
It’s fine and well; however, depending on how your robot’s battery is maintained and maintained, you may have to replace it earlier than you’d prefer.

How long will it take for Roomba I7 to map your house?

Typically, two to three mapping sessions produce a full home map. If you wish for your robot to earn its living by vacuuming and learning,
It could need up to five times before it is complete; this will depend upon the dimensions and layout of your house.

Can I use the Roomba i7 on multiple floors?

It is true! The Roomba(r) 7 can keep up to 10-floor plans, and you can transport the robot to a new floor or a different home.
If the robot has marked the area, it can identify its position and clean up as instructed.

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