Is Buying a Roomba worth it? A Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2023)

Is Buying a Roomba worth it? Since Roomba introduced the robot vacuum and is known for manufacturing some of the best versions, it becomes almost unsuitable to ask whether buying a Roomba worth it.

The reality is that some of their vacuums aren’t worth the money.

Generally speaking, robot vacuums are a good investment. And if you want to save money by purchasing a cheap Roomba.

You can stop with a noisy, unsuitable, challenging vacuum that hardly cleans your home. However, their premium versions perform as you would expect, making a massive difference between them.

To compare the vast differences in performance between more affordable Roombas like the 600 series and more expensive versions like the Roomba i7.

How about a Roomba?

A robot vacuum may not be Roomba worth the price if you have a small living area without any pets and a vacuum you currently use regularly.

However, vacuuming is a significant challenge that is regularly put off for many individuals due to busy schedules or quickly collecting dust and pet hair.

Is Buying a Roomba worth it?


In this situation, the well-known robotic vacuum from iRobot, Roomba, saves the day.

The Roomba Worth uses its ability to remember the layout of your home and run on a set schedule to reduce the need for manual vacuuming.

Roomba can save you from having to clean the floors by yourself.

The next decision is which Roomba to purchase once you’ve decided they are worth the original high price.

Why is a Roomba worth the money?


Most Roomba models have similar features, depending on whether you buy one from their newest series (the S9) or a more recent one.

Is Buying a Roomba worth it?


Although the S9 cleans carpets the best, all current models can identify and avoid objects or stairs and various clean floors, including carpet and hardwood.

With a few exceptions, more recent models are capable of the following:

  • Your voice will be answered.
  • Stay away from becoming tangled.
  • Delete allergens
  • Use a solid vacuum to charge oneself
  • Move in a structured manner
  • Integrate with an iRobot mop
  • Delete their trash
  • Develop focused routines


There are different types of robotic vacuums, but iRobot’s Roomba has maintained its dominance to the point where the product’s name is now considered identical to its purpose.

Is Buying a Roomba worth it?


Less expensive models are likely from an older series, but the naming scheme isn’t exactly clear if you haven’t been keeping up with Roomba’s various revisions.

Older models are no longer offered by iRobot, except for the Roomba 694. However, many 600 and 900 series models, such as the 675, 960, 980, and 981, can still be found at Vacuumsilk.

The Roomba Worth e, I, and s series are the ones to look at if you’re searching for a popular model. This product model only includes the self-emptying bin; bins for other versions must be purchased separately.

latest features

Even though most of the more recent models offer comparable advantages, the S9 model stands out thanks to additional capabilities.

larger suction power

The Roomba Worth s9 has 40 times higher suction power than the Roomba 694, four times the suction power of the i7 and i3, and eight times the power of the Roomba e5.

Deep cleaning in a problematic area

In contrast to earlier models, the Roomba s9 is capable of deep cleaning carpets and excels at cleaning difficult areas and edges of rooms.


If you haven’t used a robot vacuum before, you may think all robot vacuums have advanced navigation systems and can quickly move around your house or apartment.

Mostly, that’s how the Roomba i7 works. It maps your house using distance measurement, the number of wheel rotations, and an onboard camera to drive past furniture and other barriers through every room quickly.

It usually requires some attempts before remembering each room, but it will easily cross your house once it holds the arrangement.

You should know that Roomba Worth constantly presents its navigational algorithms with a fantastic approach. Its navigation engine is iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with Visual Localization. The i7 will improve Navigation by changing the map and remembering your arrangement.

The Roomba 675 uses iAdapt Responsive Navigation, which is more cost-effective. Do you remember how I said their algorithms always sounded fantastic?

This program is designed to navigate your house and furniture intelligently. The Roomba 600 series is more suited to bump Navigation than the Roomba i7, which has a camera and sensing system.

It will therefore continue moving until it hits a wall or other obstruction. Then it will make a U-turn and proceed in that direction.

I can’t say that the Roomba 675 is intelligent, despite being superior to certain other bump robot vacuums. Also, it bumps so forcefully that scuffs could be left behind.

It should go without saying that the more expensive Roomba is worth it, while the less expensive model falls short.

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Operation and Suction

Similar to how many people wrongly believe that there aren’t many distinctions between vacuums and GPS.

So, in this case, is a Roomba worth it? Let’s compare the Roomba i7 with Roomba 675 to determine if there is a significant improvement in performance and suction.

In my view, the Roomba i7 is one of the better premium robot vacuums. It uses a Dirt Detect System, which has advantages and disadvantages.

It continues to scan an area until it detects no more dirt, which means more time is required to clean a given area thoroughly.

Putting aside the extra time, the i7 performs superbly cleaning carpets and hard surfaces. The Roomba i7 has the strength required to clean your house thoroughly. It performs well on carpets.

On the other hand, the Roomba Worth 600 series is one of the worst entry-level vacuums I’ve tested. I’m not just talking about the i7.

I’m referring to robot vacuums like Eufy and Deebot, which are similarly priced. It seems to fall short in every way.

It only has one brush, and the Dirt Detect System battles the underpowered motor and battery. It will repeatedly go over the same area, ensuring that cleaning your home will take forever.

It should be clear that the premium Roomba prevails in this comparison. Nobody likes having to spend more money, but you also don’t want to spend money on a vacuum that isn’t effective at cleaning your house.


These Roombas are worth looking to have similar battery lives on paper. The Roomba i7 has a battery life of 75 minutes compared to the Roomba 675’s 60 minutes.

Don’t be deceived by that. There is a significant gap between them even here.

Remember how we claimed the Roomba i7 is better at home navigation and mapping? That is significant in this situation.

The i7 never completes your home in a single pass. Most likely, in the middle of the cleaning cycle, it will require a recharge.

It goes back to the charging base to avoid running out of battery. This guarantees that it won’t pass away unexpectedly in the middle of a room while cleaning your house.

If they are near the charging base, the Roomba 675 and other 600 series Roombas can locate it, but if not, they regularly struggle to recharge in the middle of their cycle.

Don’t be shocked if you find the 600 series dead in an unusual area. If you live in a large home, you might even have to search for it.

Both of them can recharge while they are cleaning. However, the i7 finds the charging base more easily than the 600 series.


I’ll talk a bit about software as my last issue. Although there are some free and paid differences, Roombas have excellent software, in my view.

Here, iRobot beats the competition by providing one of the top apps.

The Roomba Worth i7 is simple to connect; you can even use Alexa or Google Home. Want to increase the utility of your Roomba?

Utilize a clever IFTTT command. You could program the Roomba to stop, for example, whenever the phone calls. Using the scheduling feature, you can schedule the times, days, and rooms to be cleaned.

The i7 can be improved with an optional Clean Base that collects sand, dirt, and pet hair. The base holds up to 30 bowls’ Roomba worth of dirt and cleans the dust tray.

This comes standard with the Roomba i7+, or you may purchase the Clean Base separately along with the i7.

The Roomba 675 uses the iRobot app and is suitable for Google Home and Alexa. The app allows you to create a schedule and check the robot’s battery level and general health. However, there is no IFTTT assistance, and connecting for the first time can be difficult.

Both do well overall with their software. The 675 covers all the essential bases and is rather sturdy considering its price, even though the i7 is better and has more options.

Roomba Comparison 

The latest models in the Roomba product range will be compared because their products have changed over time.

iRobot Roomba robots’ similarities

1. Counter-Rotating Brushes

All Roomba vacuums have counter-rotating brushes.

Since the previous generations’ 500-series robots, this capability has been a standard for all their products.

The difference is that most recent Roomba models feature rubber extractors without bristles, whereas older models (600 series) have a wiper and brush combination.

Tests have shown that this mixture effectively cleans carpets.

In thorough cleaning testing using 100 grams of dirt on the mid-pile carpet, the Roomba 690 was still able to pick up around a respectable 85.16% despite having below-average airflow.

2. Dirt Detection

Because the dirt detection system prompts the robot to focus on poorer areas, Roomba devices do exceptionally well in cleaning tests.

For instance, the 690 will travel in a circular pattern around debris-heavy areas. The I7 and S9 are recent models performing past and fourth passes.

3. One-Sided Brush

Currently, a single side brush comes with every Roomba robot. Three spikes with white bristle tips are identical in the 614 and I7 designs.

Due to the S9’s changed shape, iRobot modified the design and employed a five-pronged brush with shorter bristles.

In the photo above, you can notice the difference. Compared to the longer-pronged version of the 980, the side brush on the Roomba S9+ is smaller in diameter.

Since the side brush on the Roomba S9+ is best situated for cleaning edges, I like it. Later, you’ll notice how effective it is at cleaning edges.

4. Round Shape

All Roomba products, excluding the S-series robots, are circular. Even the most recent I3 robot still employs this shape.

I love the square front because the Roomba S9 cleans the edges so well. It picks up debris on corners and edges well because it has the best-built brush of all Roomba products.

5. Parts Availability

It won’t be hard to find parts for Roomba products.

It’s a key reason why iRobot is so well-liked. Along with essentials like filters and brushes, you can find more difficult-to-find parts like batteries, side brush motors, wheel assembly, and other things.

These robots will last a long time if you are careful about cleaning and maintenance.

6. Guarantee

IRobot offers a one-year guarantee for all Roomba products. You can take advantage of more extended coverage if you purchase these items from retailers like Vacuumsilk.

However, given that these robots have a modular design and most components are easily accessible, I don’t believe that is necessary.

What is the best Roomba?

The Roomba S9+ is the most excellent option currently available regarding overall performance, convenience, Navigation, and ease of use.

The S9+ is expensive, and not everyone can afford to own such an intelligent robot.

It would be best to strike the right balance between a home’s necessary features and price.

If you prefer a less expensive robot with the “Clean Base” dock that automatically empties the bin for you, the I7+ or the I3 are great alternatives to the S9.

Since the I7 (or I6) features camera-based Navigation that can save maps, it is more expensive. Advanced options like selective room cleaning will be available to you.

Conclusion- Is Buying a Roomba worth it?

So, does a Roomba make sense? Generally speaking, I would answer sure, but only if you select carefully. The Roomba 675 has a great price point and is a budget vacuum, but it has poor power, slow Navigation, and limited capability in general.

It’s more of a toy than an appliance, even though it might function well for some people. Many other cheap robot vacuums perform and are even more reasonably priced.

One of their high-end models, such as the Roomba i7, is required if you want to discover what makes Roomba such a terrific company.

This one has the strength, ability to navigate, intelligence, and features required to clean your house efficiently. Although nobody likes to spend additional money, this one is good.

Frequently Asked Questions- Is Buying a Roomba Worth it

Do Roombas work?

Yes, better than most vacuums. It significantly improved over my previous models because it can get under the bed and couch and collect the same amount of material.
As traditional standup and pushing vacuums, I advise purchasing a Roomba if you consider doing so.

Is a Roomba the best vacuum there is?

The RoboVac X8 from Eufy is the most excellent Roomba replacement we could discover because it is flexible, intelligent, powerful, and small enough to fit under most pieces of furniture.

A Roomba’s average lifespan

A Roomba can last up to ten years, but how long it lasts depends on how well you maintain it.
To ensure the vacuum lasts a long time, you must replace the parts more regularly and perform the required maintenance. However, if they need a lot of repairs, you can replace them.

Is a Roomba WiFi required?

Any Roomba may be used without WiFi by just pushing the “Clean” button on the device, and the Roomba 675 is an excellent entry-level model that lacks many advanced WiFi functions.
You could also choose the Roomba 614 if you wish to be wholly disconnected (no WiFi).

Are robot vacuums better than regular vacuums?

Robot vacuums are excellent for regular maintenance of low carpeting and hardwood floors. Use a regular vacuum for a more thorough cleaning, especially if you need to clean your house quickly.
A regular vacuum can handle everything, but a robotic model provides stress-free pet hair and dust cleaning.

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