How Many Square Feet can Roomba i7 Clean?

Vacuums are usually bulky and can be a hassle. However, some great, compact, and easy-to-use robot vacuums can accomplish everything your traditional vacuum can do and much more.

One of the main issues consumers have to consider when considering changing to Roomba Roomba is what area it can cover.

Theoretically, it may be possible that a Roomba i7 could be able to map and clean up between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet.

However, the battery is typically 90 to 120 minutes, usually equivalent to about 1,000 square feet. Fortunately, the i7 Roomba has a recharge and resume function that allows it to stop for a few minutes at the dock and then clean precisely the same spot it left.

If you’re still uncertain about buying the Roomba i7 or need to learn details about the device, continue following!

We’ll dive into the specifics of the amount of your home the Roomba I7 can sweep and the other attributes it has, and those it doesn’t have.

How Many Square Feet Will A Roomba i7 Clean Before It Is Replaced?

Roomba states that their robot can last around 400 charges before you may require replacement. It all depends on how you take care of your robot vacuum since they’re not built to last forever.

If the device lasts 400 charges and each charge can allow up to 11,000 square feet of clean-up, your Roomba i7 could cover 400,000 square feet of your workspace or home!

Even better, the battery of the i7 could be replaced in the event of need, so you might not need to buy a new one if you wear off the battery.

How Many Floors Can Roomba i7 Map and Clean?

As we’ve learned, Roomba i7 robots Roomba i7 robot can understand the arrangement of your home or office and take care of up to 2500 square feet. But, those 2,500 square feet of space can only be found in 10 separate floor plans.

The vacuum comes with VSLAM technology; it will recognize the layout of each of the ten floors, including trouble zones and “Keep Out Zones,” which you can choose to set through the iRobot application.

The ten floors could be situated on different levels of your house, or in offices or homes. Once the system is programmed,

Roomba will be able to work on its own. Roomba will function independently to ensure that every space is kept clean according to a strict and precise timetable.

Is The Roomba i7 Self-Emptying?

It’s impressive that the Roomba i7 can completely clean such a vast area, but a good quantity of dust and dirt will be picked up in more than 2,500 square feet. What is the fate of all that rubbish?

With a regular vacuum cleaner, you must empty the trash bin by yourself and dispose of it after it is complete, and the same applies to the Roomba i7.

Roomba i7. You’ll need to empty the container by hand; however, it is difficult to estimate since it depends on how filthy the floors in your home are.

If you’d prefer to improve your self-emptying, Roomba has provided the i7+ model, which does precisely this. If you already own the i7 model, you don’t need to buy a new one.

It can easily be upgraded to an i7 by purchasing a self-emptying dock and updating the technology system to work like an I7 +.

The clean Base can hold 30 days of dirt, So you’ll only have to tackle it once per month. The bag is removed and won’t be as messy as a regular vacuum.

Roomba I7 Design

Roomba I7 Roomba I7 retains the round design seen in earlier models. The middle part lies the camera the I7 uses to map its surroundings.

The IR sensor in the front assists in tracking the charging base’s position whenever it’s required to dock.

This model comes with shiny, two-tone charcoal with a gray-colored finish. I’m not a lover of glossy finishes because they are more vulnerable to fingerprints.

Interface and Controls

The I7 was the only model with three buttons: clean, home, and spot.

As this model comes with Alexa and an application, it will not require any additional features beyond these, as all functions are available through the software you can download.

It’s a simple and elegant design that gets rid of the mess. You can speak to or set up the robot via the app to clear.

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What is the best way to keep the Roomba I7 clean?

Many layers need to be unpacked to understand the ways these robots clean.

It is essential to know how it works so that you can get the most benefit from its functions.

The first thing you should take a look at is navigation.

What is the best way to navigate Roomba I7?

Both robots feature the same camera-based navigation system integrated with iRobot’s latest “Imprint Mapping Technology.”

This refers to the maps the robot generates using its sensors stored on the cloud servers of iRobot.

They also have the capability of cleaning an area at an agreed-upon time.

This feature is available using Alexa and Alexa, which means you can speak with a voice and “Roomba, go clean the primary bedroom.”

They also come with the feature iRobot refers to as “training runs,” in which the robot walks around the home while the vacuum motor is turned off.

The goal of this feature is to enable the robot to collect information about the layout of the interior of the home.

As long as the motor has been shut off, it can search your entire house without needing to recharge.

Clean base charger station

If you choose” plus” or the “plus” option, both models will include a “Clean Base” charging station that recharges automatically and then emptys the trash bin.

The auto-empty method that iRobot designed is very useful because it removes the task of emptying the bin during the process.

It’s not necessary to work the robot for long periods, except for maintenance tasks like checking cleaning brushes or filters for accumulation of debris.

The device and the intelligent mapping technology give consumers various options, for example, cleaning specific areas on certain days.

When the battery gets low, the robot can dock, charge, and then pick up where it left off, allowing Roomba Roomba S9 or I7 to sweep larger spaces.

Roomba I7

Roomba I7 retains the round shape of its predecessors and uses an identical brush design.

The smaller extractors are situated between the side brush. They are flanked by two wheels that self-adjust.

The shorter cleaning path means that it will take some time to wash.

The main side brush has three prongs, which spin at the speed of its S9 counterpart and tend to scatter dirt more widely on rough surfaces.

Despite this, the I7 does a great job of cleaning hard surfaces such as wood.

What does power have Roomba’s S9 and I7?

An important measure to determine how effectively a robot vacuum cleans is airflow.

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not have a universal way to determine the power of their products; therefore, let’s look at the airflow statistics for this section.

I used an anemometer to determine the airflow in the nozzle at the point where the brush roll is situated.

However, it’s a fair comparison without any biases.

Be aware that the I7 is the only model with one power option, the auto mode. It can automatically adjust suction based on the surface and the amount of dirt it finds.

Roomba Comparison

With the number of robotic vacuums made by iRobot and other brands, it’s challenging to decide which Roomba to purchase without many studies. This Roomba comparison will explain what the different models have in greater detail.

What makes the Roomba I7 superior to the Roomba E5?

  1. Navigation System

Roomba e5

A basic model of the e5 Roomba has a more extended battery that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes of running time.

If your house is primarily hard-floored, it will travel quickly and cover 600 and 1200 square feet in just one charge. It does, however, move with random patterns, similar to the sixth generation and earlier robots.

Since it is a random device, it moves randomly; because it is a random device, Roomba e5 can go over the same spot twice.

When you add carpets, the battery might not last for the time it is supposed to. We’ve tried our Roomba e5 and found that it still covers 400 to 990 acres of carpet without recharging its battery.

Roomba i7

Like similar to the series 900 Similar to the 900 series Roomba i7 uses camera-based navigation that lets the robot create the map of your house and avoid constantly traversing the same regions.

Every when you run the Roomba i7, it will enhance the map. It also lets you choose the rooms to clean by using your iRobot Home app.

If the battery gets low, it will shut down, and the Roomba i7 will go to its dock to charge. Since it is equipped with an area map of your home,

The Roomba i7 will continue to clean in the area where it left off. This isn’t an option that is available on Roomba e5. Roomba e5. Furthermore, you can label rooms in your home due to the “Imprint” Smart Mapping feature.

2. Cleaning Performance

Roomba e5

The Roomba e5 boasts a 5x greater suction capacity than the earlier Roomba 600 model. Because of an array of non-tangle rubber brushes and better suction,

The Roomba e5 is significantly improved in its cleaning capabilities. The brush roll won’t become tangled with carpet or hair as frequently.

After running several complete clean cycles, we are amazed by the cleaning capabilities of the. We tested the Roomba E5 on various carpets, low-pile rugs, and hard floors.

Carpet fibers, dust, and loose strings are cleaned up quickly and are even better than the larger vacuums we’ve used.

Roomba i7

Although the Roomba e5 is adept at sucking up dirt away, the Roomba I7 has an incredible ten times more suction power than that of the Roomba 600 series.

That means the Roomba I7 has twice as mighty power as the Roomba E5! Take that into. Whatever the Roomba E5 is capable of, it can do; the Roomba I7 is twice as well.

Alongside the tangle-resistant brushes And the tangle-resistant rubber brushes, the Roomba i7 is phenomenal in cleaning hard floors and carpets.

You’ll be amazed to discover that it could even do better than standard upright vacuums. The most appealing thing is that you’ll no longer be exhausted from mopping and vacuuming for many hours during the weekend!

3. Bonus Features

Roomba e5

The Roomba e5 is equipped with voice control, which is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It allows you to control your Roomba using your voice. It also allows you to create cleaning schedules as well as cancel schedules. You can also determine the date for your next scheduled cleaning simply by requesting it via voice.

Unfortunately, the Roomba e5 is limited in mapping capabilities compared to the Roomba i7. Roomba i7. For one, it cannot save floor plans as there is no camera. It also lacks the auto-emptying function, which allows Roomba to wash up its mess. When it comes to features, the e5’s capabilities are constrained.

Roomba i7

The Roomba i7 is compatible with voice commands. If you choose to go with the i7 model, you could conserve up to 10 different floor plans, and the Roomba will know which to choose, regardless of whether you alter the furniture. This means you can utilize the robot across multiple levels of your home or even other homes should you decide to.

Another feature available inside the Roomba i7 Roomba i7 and not the Roomba e5 is the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. It empties the Roomba’s bin in the Clean Base’s disposable bag whenever it docks. This means it is no longer necessary to vacuum over a long stretch. But it’s not a one-time purchase. Clean Base is sold separately.


The typical scope of a regular Roomba cleaning session is one and two hours under ideal conditions, with Fully charged and simple floorings such as hardwood and tile.

Remember that these are general time guidelines and will vary based on your home setup. The running time will decrease.

when you have lots of carpeted floors. Models with “recharge and resume” features “recharge and resume” feature will increase the runtime time as the robot starts cleaning precisely when it stops itself immediately.


What size of a square foot could be cleaned by a Roomba i7+ vacuum?

For example, the i7+ was the first Roomba capable of committing floor plans to memory. The robot can also keep up to 10 floors, with a maximum of 4000 sq ft.

Can Roomba i7 clean multiple floors?

A. Absolutely! The Roomba(r) 7 can keep up to 10 floor plans, which means you can move the robot to another floor or even a new home.

If the robot has marked the area, it can identify its position and will clean it according to the instructions.

Can a Roomba vacuum a whole home?

The most advanced robotic vacuums on the market today do not just clean your house;

However, They can remember your house’s layout to improve efficiency, dispose of the dirt into the designated container, and find the charging station to recharge.

What Roomba has the most significant bin?

Dust bin capacity

The options with the most significant capacity are 980 and 960, which are around 600 milliliters. However, those 600 series robots (614 614, 675, and 690) are the smallest, with just 300ml. What is it? E5 and I3 have the second largest capacity, following the 900 series with 500ml capacity.

How long will Roomba require to wash 1,000 square feet?

Theoretically, it is possible that a Roomba i7 could track and clean an area of 2,000-2,500 square feet. However, the battery is usually 90-120 minutes, equating to about 1,000 square feet.

How long will Roomba I7 last?

iRobot assures that the battery will last up to two hours and, based on our estimations, it will last for about 400 charges.

It’s fine and well; however, depending on how your robot’s battery is handled and maintained, you may have to replace it earlier than you’d prefer.