How Do I Cancel My Roomba Schedule?

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2023)

It seems like you’re Roomba isn’t functioning as planned, and it’s highly annoying, you think? However, the good thing is that it’s likely not an issue that will last forever.

Indeed, anything with an electronic circuit board that acts as a brain will have problems from time to time.

It’s similar to smart bulbs. They’re well for a while, but then, suddenly, Alexa won’t turn it on when you request it.

This is particularly true if you update your router or other changes occur within the connected home.

The Roomba Schedule issue typically arises after Roomba has become an everyday thing in the family. It’s like the intelligent functions stop operating,

And it typically is due to something minor that is a simple issue, such as the Clock has gone off or there is a short absence from the internet.

It usually requires an initial reboot or reset to get in order. You may also need to alter settings that are not working.

How To Fix Roomba Not Running on Schedule?

A few users have complained that their Roomba Schedule is not operating on time.

However, they appear to function well when done manually. But problems arise when they aren’t running on Schedule.

How Do I Cancel My Roomba Schedule?


Read this article to identify the issue and resolve the issue. This is a comprehensive guide to solving Roomba not working as planned.

1. Check Battery Status

The internal Clock in the Roomba is vital to the Schedule. Should the Roomba go through a reset or lower battery, the alarm clock can reset. If the Clock is reset, the carefully crafted schedules are thrown out of the window.

As your Roomba Schedule generally has just enough energy left to make it across your docking station, it is possible not to be aware your internal Clock may be reset. There are a few ways to alter this.

The first step is ensuring the docking station isn’t more than a mile from your Roomba.

It should be set in the space where the Roomba is spending most of its time cleaning.

If your Roomba Schedule cleans many rooms every when it gets off the dock, it is best to modify the arrangement.

For example, instead of setting the Roomba Schedule to clean the living room, den, bathroom, and primary bedroom.

Before returning to the dock station, schedule it to clean the living room and primary bedroom at 7 or 8 a.m. Then complete the other two rooms at 3 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

So you have plenty of recharge time. Also, it would help if you considered moving the docking station to an easy and convenient area to return to after your Roomba is finished.

Finally, if you’ve been using a Roomba Schedule for a while and it’s time to change the battery for new ones.

There is a replacement battery for every Roomba model; you needn’t purchase directly from Roomba. After your battery is delivered, it is easy to change it.

  • Flip the upside down Roomba to the upside
  • Take off the side brush by using a Phillips-Head screwdriver.
  • Take four screws off the cover of the battery.
  • Please get rid of the battery by removing it from the terminal.
  • Replace the battery and then reassemble
  • With a new battery, you don’t have to fret over the Clock reset for long.

2. Remove and Add the Schedules Again

It might not be a battery issue but rather an internal one. Most of the time, this warrants a reset,

But trying to eliminate and replace your schedules is recommended before doing so. It’s not like resetting is an issue; you’ll need to do it again, so you should consider trying it out first.

Press the day button on your Roomba for approximately 10 seconds to erase the schedules. This will erase all the programs you saved currently stored on your device. Check them out, and make sure you add your schedules in.

Be aware of the timings. The problem often arises when Roomba Schedule owners have multiple schedules so that they may conflict with one another.

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3. Reboot Your Roomba

The internal Clock could cause chaos in your scheduling. In reality, it’s better to remove your calendars first before you restart your Roomba. The process of rebooting differs based on the Roomba Schedule Series you own.

Most of the time, you must hold down on the CLEAN button on the top for about 20 seconds, or pressing other Roomba Schedule models’ SPOT and DOCK buttons will cause it to reboot the unit.

Once it has rebooted, the blinking and spinning lights will turn off, and you can start entering your schedules again.

Rebooting isn’t as effective as a factory reset, although it can reset the Clock internally. Roombas are meant to reset internal clocks after the reboot, but they will keep your scheduled events.

But it’s not always the case. This is why it’s recommended to remove your schedules before rebooting.

4. Factory Reset Your Roomba

Resetting a Roomba’s factory settings, Roomba resets it to its initial state in the same condition when you first took it from its shipped packaging.

For an initial flash reset on your factory, you’ll need to utilize the Roomba app, referred to as” the iRobot Home App. ”

which is accessible on iOS and Android devices. You must ensure your phone is on a Wi-Fi network similar to the Roomba.

  • Unlock the iRobot Home App to the Home Screen
  • Open Settings
  • Select Remove/Factory Reset

When you have selected the final option, your Roomba will be restored to its initial state. You can start over again by entering your preferred settings, schedules, and other settings you initially set up.

Be aware that when it comes to scheduling, ensure that none of your plans conflict. If this happens,

You’ll likely get through the same issues you experienced before and never realize you’re doing it. This could have caused the problem at first.


Hold and press The Home, Spot Cleaning, as well as Clean buttons at the same time. After that, watch for the light ring around the Clean button to begin swirling.

When you see a glowing circle, release all three of the controls. The Roomba will start up, signaling the conclusion of the reset factory process.


If your vacuum is cleaning suddenly, the problem could be its scheduling. Utilize the remote (or application if you own an intelligent robot vacuum) to remove the Schedule and set the new one.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting the vacuum. Some models, such as Roomba, come with a specific resetting process.


Roomba will clean your home daily according to a weekly schedule. It is possible to set it to clean your room on its own when the time scheduled for cleaning is reached.

When the battery is full, Roomba can clean for approximately 60 minutes before the battery is exhausted.


Yes, it works with or without Alexa. While Roomba is an intelligent device, Roomba is WiFi-connected and allows access to most features with an iRobot Home App and Alexa. These are the only choices.

How To Program A Roomba

Using Buttons

While their designs may differ slightly, Roomba Schedule models can be programmed. Roomba Models come with Clean Clock and Schedule buttons that be useful when planning cleaning timetables.

  • Take these steps to program the robotic vacuum:
  • Set The Correct Time

Before scheduling cleans, it is necessary to establish the current date and time. Hold the Clock button on the top of the robot to do that.

Next, while holding the button, select the daytime, hour, and minute by pressing the appropriate buttons. It will then set the proper time.

After entering the date, you can release the button for Clock. The vacuum will emit an alarm that indicates you’ve set the time.

Choose Your Preferred Cleaning Time

This is where the excitement starts. Roombas that can be programmed let you select the precise time and day you would like the robot to be cleaned.

You can program your vacuum to sweep once every day for up to seven days. The vacuum will clean the all-encompassing area of your home.

The only issue is that you must choose the cleaning day and the time of every one of your days. This means you can’t decide on a time, like 9.00, and expect your vacuum to be cleaned each day simultaneously.

However, you may choose to plan clean-ups for only certain days and maybe avoid those days when you are at home and don’t want to be a victim of a machine whizzing around.

Other, more advanced, intelligent Roombas allows you to select the rooms you wish to be cleaned only on specific days.

For instance, if, for example, you want to have your kitchen cleaned daily but only your bedroom every week, it is possible to plan the cleaning schedule accordingly.

If this is something you’d like to include, then the most suitable Roomba version I’d recommend looking into would be the iRobot Roomba i7.

We’ll get back to Schedule the time for cleaning. Click and hold on to hold the Schedule button. Afterward, press the appropriate Day Hour, Minute, and Day buttons to select the desired date and time.

For instance, if you wish to have the robot vacuum on Wednesdays, Mondays, and Saturdays, hit the Day button until the day you want to display it at the top of the screen.

Then, select the time you want to have the robot start cleaning. As long as you hold the Schedule button, hold down the Hour button until the desired hour appears at the top of the screen.

Repeat the process using the Minute button if you would like the cleaning process to begin at a particular minute in the hour.

Then, you can release the Schedule button, and the robot will beep a signal that you have created the timetable.

Be aware that you’ll need to repeat this procedure every day you need the robot to tidy.

I typically like to go through and check the Schedule I’ve set. For this purpose, press and hold the Schedule button, and then continuously press and hold the Day button to see the days selected and their times. If everything looks good, you can let go of the control for scheduling.

Change The Cleaning Schedule

I am awestruck by the fact that the Roomba robot is incredibly versatile. Roomba robot makes it easy to modify or remove a schedule.

Sometimes, you’ll need to alter the hour and minute that you have previously established. To do that, press the Schedule button and then continually push the Day button to see the cleaning schedule.

If the cleaning time you wish to alter is displayed on the screen, use either the Minute or Hour button and enter the new time for cleaning.

Release the button to schedule. As is the norm, the beep sound will be heard, indicating that the modifications were implemented.

To remove a cleaning schedule, hold the Schedule button for a few seconds and the Day button until the date you want to erase is displayed.

Press and hold on to the Day button to eliminate the specified day from your robot’s calendar. The robot will sound a beep to inform you that the Schedule has been removed. Release the button for scheduling.

How To Plan A Wi-Fi-Enabled Roomba Vacuum

One of the most significant benefits of an enabled Roomba Schedule vacuum is the ability to schedule cleans using your phone even when you’re away from home.

To begin, you’ll need to install the iRobot HOME app. This should appear located at the bottom of the phone’s screen. Then, you can launch the app and choose your robot. To Schedule daily cleanings, Choose Schedule.

You can use the controls to select the day and the time you would like the robot to take care of the cleaning.

The authorities will light up green to indicate that a timer is set. Repeat the process each day you would like to schedule your robot to vacuum. Your robot will begin cleaning the scheduled days.

To switch off a particular day, toggle the appropriate control button, which will change from grey to green.

Roomba 614 vs. 675: Comparison

The Roomba 614 compares to. Six hundred seventy-five are two cost-effective robot vacuums with excellent features but affordable prices. They lack the latest features like the digital map, rubberized brushes roll, and zoned cleanings, yet they still do the job in most cases.

Roomba 614 & 675 Differences

The main difference is the Roomba 675’s ability to connect to the iRobot application for control, scheduling, and other functions. The 675 can run for 90 minutes, whereas the 614 only runs for 60 minutes. In addition, the 614 and the 675 run primarily the same.

614 Vs. 675 Comparative Chart

Models Roomba 614 Roomba 675
Filter AeroVac AeroVac
Dust Bin Capacity 350 mL 350 mL
Suction Baseline Baseline
Battery 1,800 mAh 1,800 mAh
Brush roll Spiral Bristle Spiral Bristle
Navigation iAdapt 1.0 iAdapt 1.0
Run Time For up to 60 minutes For up to 90 minutes
Cleaning Performance 94%* 95%
Digital Mapping No No
Full Bin Indicator No No
App Connectivity No Yes
Scheduled Cleanings No Yes
Virtual Wall Compatible Yes Yes
Check Price Roomba 614 Roomba 675

The *Roomba 600 Series represents the suction power base for the following models. It is the most suction-free of all models currently available as a flagship.

Cleaning Performance

In addition to the primary distinctions above, cleaner performance and performance are crucial for every robot vacuum. How do the 614 and the 675 differ?

In reality, the race was even.

While the 675 took away some particles, 1% isn’t enough to say definitively if that one is superior or inferior, in my opinion.

What does this number mean? These numbers represent the proportions of debris removed according to the amount of trash thrown around. We want to get these numbers as close to 100 percent as possible.

How do we test?

To test a robot vacuum, We put it through the same set of tests. We try a wide range of different types of debris, such as:

  • Cereal
  • Kitty litter
  • Rice
  • Sugar

Test using the vacuum with three kinds of flooring:

  • Hardwoods
  • Carpet with a low pile
  • Carpet with high pile

The results for the entire year are shown below. Below are the flooring breakdowns for Roomba 614 as compared. 675.

*cleaning results are estimates based on the performance we experienced using our 690, which is practically the same as our 614.

Hardwood Cleaning Tests

The results on hardwoods were terrific. Roombas effortlessly picked up most of the debris and left the floors clean. No complaints here.

Low Carpet Cleaning Tests

We noticed tiny performance drops in both Roombas in the carpet with a low pile. However, since they use the old brush roll style and are less suction, this shouldn’t be too shocking.

Both managed to capture up to 93-95% of the debris and left the floor tidy. The most challenging part for both Roombas was clearing up sugar after we tested acceptable debris.

High Carpet Cleaning Tests

In high pile carpets, the trend in the low pile carpet continues, and we also saw less drop in both carpets. The most challenging issue in both cases was sugar, with the kitty litter having a little difficulty.

It’s generally more difficult for bristle-style brush rolls to collect ultra-fine debris than the rubberized brush roll we’ve encountered on the more recent Roomba Schedule model.

How do you clean it?

The cleaning method for both rooms, Roomba Schedule 614 and 675, is based on a primary process: “bump and continue.” It cannot navigate spaces and doesn’t provide any zoned cleaning technique.

How Do I Cancel My Roomba Schedule?


It will simply drive in straight lines until it comes across an obstruction. Once it has hit an obstacle, the vehicle will slow down, change directions, and continue moving forward.

The result is the appearance of a pattern of zigzags (kind of a star pattern) which feels random; however, it can tell that the entire area is clear despite having less sophisticated navigation, and both Robots can cover a room quite nicely.

The Design

In terms of aesthetics looking at aesthetics alone, considering only aesthetics, Roomba 614 and Roomba 675 appear to be nearly identical; however, their components on the inside offer distinct differences.

Controls 614 and 675 are located in the same place and serve the same purpose. There are buttons to perform the following functions:

  • Spot Clean
  • Auto Clean
  • Dock

On top of the vacuum are a navigation sensor and a flexible bumper to avoid harm to the void and its surrounding.

A button on the bottom of the robot opens the dust bin and provides access to the filter for cleaning and replacement. (They each have a similar Aero Vac filter).

The Underside

The 614 and 675 utilize the spiral bristle and come with a three-arm rotating brush on one end of the machine (for corners and edge cleaning).

These parts match the design of the other Roombas that are part of the 600 Series.

The latest models come with an upgraded brush roll made of rubber that tends not to tangle as much, but I was pretty satisfied with the results of the more classic spiral.

The Filters

As we also said, The Roomba Schedule 614 and the 675 utilize identical filters. This older filter design occupies a little more space in the dust bin, yet it still does an excellent job of filtering out small particles.

Size Comparison

The dimensions of these two Roombas, 614 and 675, are remarkably identical. The 614 is slightly larger (0″ ”), while the 675 is a little higher (0.1″) as well as marginally heavier also (0.3 pounds).

Roomba 6113.4″’″‘ diameter

  • 3″6” tall
  • 7.5 pounds

Roomba 675

  • “3” in diameter
  • 3″7” tall
  • 7.8 pounds

When comparing Roomba 614 with. 675, these two models are the exact dimensions. Thesmodels’s’ differences feel minimal, sI’d’d call this category one of wash.

Accessories & PartWhat’s’s inside the box? Between the Roomba 614 and the Roomba 675, There is nothing different between these models regardinwhat’s’s included.

Both are equipped with the following:

  • Spiral brush roll
  • Spinning brush
  • Aero Vac filter (x2)
  • Charging station
  • Battery
  • Cleaning tool
  • User guide

None of these Roombas are equipped with virtual walls; however, they are compatible with infrared barriers. They do not work in in-app keep-out or barrier-free zones or barriers.


A robot vacuum with programmable programming removes the stress of constantly cleaning your home.

Mainly, Roomba Schedule models make scheduling cleaning sessions a breeze, and the most appealing aspect is you can set your robot to clean up seven times a Here’sHere’s a brief overview of how to program your Roomba vacuum:

  • Press your Clock key to create the proper time.
  • Press the Schedule button until you select the day, hour, and minute to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I shut off Roomba to travel?

To store the robot for a long time, switch off your robot, disconnect it from the charging station, and press the button for about 10 seconds. Keep the robot in a dry, cool area.

What is the best way to reset my Roomba to get a new house?

Factory reset with a Wi-Fi-connected Roomba.
E Series Robots The Home button is held down, Spot Clean and Clean button is to the left for about 20 seconds and then released.
The 900 Series Robots are: Hold and press the Dock, Spot Clean, and CLEAN buttons until all the LEDs are lit.

Does Roomba remember your home?

iRobot claims that the robot can recall up to 10-floor plans, which means it “ould “”idnap” it, take it to a different location, and it will then be able to learn the floorplan, too.
(It can also be used with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can shout to the Echo Dot for the Roomba Schedule to vacuum a particularyou’veyou’ve just destroyed.)

Does Roomba detect when your room is clean?

The Roomba Schedule comprises sensors for infrared and photocell sensors that combine to cleanse rooms.
The infrared sensor at the side of the Roomba Schedule lets the vacuum reflect light off an object to determine its presence, evit’sf it’s cleaning in darkness and with very little light.

How can I unplug my Roomba from the Wi-Fi?

How Do I Turn Off the Wi-Fyou’ve can reset the systeRoomba’s’ve already configured Roomba’s Wi-Fi connection and want to switch it off.
This is done by simultaneously pressing the three buttons on your vacuum (Clean Spot, Clean, and Home) and holding them until you get a click.

What is the reason My Roisn’tisn’t vacuumWhat’shat’s this? A Roomba Schedule does not take care of the mess becausedon’tdon’t clean your filters and brushes at least once a week (twice for animals) and replace them at a specific time.

iRobot suggests replacing the filter every two months and the brushes every 6-12 months.

What Roomba can I get?

You can determine your model’s number umodel’sur Roomba’s serial Roomba’s The first three numbers following the three letters are your Roomba’s model.
Roomba’sthe serial number of your robot, take it out of the dirt bin and switch the robot to the reverse.

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