How To Use Your Shark VACMOP Red Light?

Shark VACMOP VM252 is a highly innovative cleaner for floors designed to provide quick and easy cleaning of the wet and dry soil as well as dirt from foundations such as tiles, hardwood that has been sealed, and laminate and linoleum. And so on.

Shark VACMOP VM252 is an electric vacuum cleaner and a cordless mop with dry and sticky messes taken care of in disposable microfiber mop pads.

Shark VACMOP VM252 Features and Specifications

Shark VACMOP VM252, The Shark VACMOP Red Light, is a small and light cleans your floors bare, powered by an onboard lithium-ion battery used to produce suction and vacuuming. It also powers LED headlights and the distribution of cleaners like the Shark VACMOP Red Light.

Shark VACMOP Red Light VM252 weighs just 3.34 pounds (~1.51 kg) when the cleaning tank solution is empty.

The physical dimensions of the model are (L W x H) 5.38 x 9.5 7.86 x 47.86 (13.6 inches x 24.1 13.6 x 24.1 121.6 centimetres) with a cleaning path’s length that is 9.81 inches (~25 centimetres).

Shark VACMOP VM252 has been classified as 85W (7.8 amps). Shark VACMOP VM252 produces suction sufficient to wash the floors that are not covered. However, it’s not designed to clean carpets or area rugs.

VACMOP Disposable Pads are made to be used for cleaning and mopping. Their dirt chamber absorbs and locks out debris and dirt during vacuuming, and the pad’s fibres absorb the dirt when mopping.

The dust and other debris that is collected is taken up when mopping – even though it has vacuum-like suction, but Shark VACMOP Red Light does not have a traditional dust cup that must be regularly emptied.

All the users have to do is throw the old, dirty pad into the garbage and then connect the clean, new pillow. VACMOP disposable pads can be used on any sealed floors, such as marble, stone hardwood, laminate and vinyl tiles, linoleum, and more.

Disposable pads need to be replaced as soon as they are completely saturated, their dirt chambers are full, when they begin to appear dirty, or if Shark VACMOP Red Light is showing signs of a decrease in suction power.

Shark VACMOP VM252 Pro is a cordless device; therefore, should the user experience lower suction power, the user must also examine the capacity of the LED Battery and charging indicator when it’s blinking (blinking white indicates high battery level, flashing red indicates deficient Battery) It is time to assess the unit.

Notification: Shark VACMOP VM252 Pro is easy to use and maintain as a hard floor mop. However, once it arrives, read the instructions thoroughly before you begin to familiarize yourself with your new machine. Better safer than sorry.

They are disposable, which increases the operating cost, but as they can be bought in 30 and 10-paid packages, their price is quite reasonable.

Notice: for the Shark VACMOP VM252 Pro to clean effectively, it is essential to use OEM disposable pads for mopping.

Controls for Controls of Shark VACMOP VM252 Pro are straightforward and simple. The rules are located on the handle and comprise:

The spray Button is used to dispense the cleaning solution as and when needed,

The Vacuum Trigger is utilized for vacuuming dry debris and then putting it inside the dirt chamber of the disposable pad.

If you are cleaning, it is suggested to first vacuum dry dirt before you clean the floors that are not cleaned.

Shark VACMOP VM252 Pro has LED headlights that the motion sensor will turn on. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the LED headlights will turn off.

LED headlights are an excellent addition to the Shark VACMOP VM252 Pro. Has a low profile and swivel neck. It’s capable of reaching and cleaning underneath most floor objects and obstacles, including beds, furniture, and the like.

When it arrives in the box, it will contain a Shark VACMOP VM252 Professional mop, two VACMOP disposable pads, and 12 Oz. Shark multi-surface floor cleaner.

To prevent streaks on floors and to be able to clean effectively, it’s suggested by the company to make use of VACMOP from Shark.

The cleaner cleaning solution is available in two scents Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Spring Clean and Hardwood Cleaner Citrus Clean.

The Shark VACMOP  Red Light Cleaner cleaning products are available in two-litre refill bottles. They clean well and dry quickly without leaving streaks, marks, spots, or anything similar.

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To lower the risk of electric shock, fire or injury, or property destruction:

When making use of an electrical appliance, essential precautions must always be observed, which include these:



Your VACMOP (TM) device is connected by a cord that connects the components. Each model is assembled identically.

Adjust and place The Handle at the very top of the pole. You’ll feel it click into the right place.

The pole should be aligned and inserted into The main body. It will click into place.


Indicator LED


  • Standard Operation Solid white
  • High Battery Blinking white
  • Very Low Battery- Blinking red
  • The Battery is dead Rapid blinking red


  • Battery Charging – White pulsing
  • A full charge(solid white) (will be turned off at the end of 5 minutes)

Conclusion – How To Use Your Shark VACMOP Red Light?

If your Shark VACMOP Red Light vacuum does not charge, there’s an issue with the charging station or Battery. Ensure that the contacts of the battery are clean and that the outlet is functioning.

Replace the batteries if worn out, and ensure that your vacuum is free of dust. Check the vacuum after every troubleshooting method to ensure you know what the problem is.

Suppose you cannot come up with a solution on your own, call a repair service as well as Shark Customer Service to learn the steps to take. It may be covered under warranty based on the time you’ve owned your vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to change the pad on my VACMOP Disposable Pad?

Change the pad once it’s saturated to the max, the dirt chamber is filled, or it appears dirty, or if your VACMOP shows decreased suction power.

Where can I use my VACMOP?

VACMOP can be safely used on any sealed hard floor, including stone vinyl, hardwood marble, laminate, tile, and linoleum.

Do I have to vacuum and mop using the same pad?

Shark VACMOP Disposable Pads are suitable for both vacuum and mop. The dirt chamber absorbs and blocks debris and dirt when you vacuum. The pad’s fibres absorb mess as you clean. Dust and particles accumulated on the pillow while vacuuming will be taken up while you mop.

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