How Can You Use Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner? Best Tips

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2023)

Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is a specially designed mattress vacuum cleaner incorporating various methods to permanently eliminate dust mites’ pollen, bacteria, and viruses.
And other allergens that can be found on mattresses and similar surfaces can cause health problems for young and old.

Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is similar to their less compact Housmile Anti-Dust Mites Vacuum Cleaner.

However, they differ in several important aspects – more details later.

Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Methods

Housmile Ultraviolet Cleaner incorporates a variety of methods for the permanent elimination of bed bugs and dust off mattresses and other similar surfaces:

This unit has a fast rotational brush that agitates the mattress at an average of 6000 cycles/min.

The vibrations penetrate the surfaces of the mattress and assist in removing dirt, insects, dust, and other allergens.

Additionally, the brush has a two-part design, which helps clean dirt surfaces more effectively.

A 350-watt motor powers the unit. The suction of the vacuum is measured at 10.5 kPa. This is exceptionally high for a machine that’s this big.

For instance, the most effective household vacuums can produce up to 20 kPa suction.

The more powerful suction can improve cleaning; however, applying the device to soft surfaces such as couches, pillows, and similar will be more difficult.

In any case, 10.5 kPa suction creates an extremely powerful airflow that draws dirt from the cleaned area of the vacuum.

Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is an actual HEPA vacuum cleaner, and it can capture 99.97 % from 0.3 microns or greater particles and then exhaust pure air.

Filtration is essential for mattress vacuums, as the tiny particles could be redirected to the cleaned area, which must be avoided.

This device can employ activated carbon air filtration and removes smells to enhance air filtration.

The UV Tube emits light at 253.7 millimeters and is utilized to sterilize surfaces.

The UV radiation of this wavelength is harmful; therefore, make sure you utilize the vacuum according to the instructions given according to the instructions provided by the maker.

While the device is simple and easy to operate, thoroughly read the instruction manual once it arrives.

UV tube is highly effective in the process of surface sterilization, but the rays of UV tube aren’t able to penetrate deep.

This is where hot air can be found. It is designed to blow hot air that is heated up to 149 degrees (65?).

This high-temperature hot air guarantees high dust mites and bed bug kill rates.

It is not just that it directly kills bugs but also causes surface drying, depriving bed bugs of one of the most critical factors – moisture!

It is important to note that clean surfaces should be able to stand up to such extreme heat without harm.

Under laboratory conditions, the percentage of killing bed bugs, mites, bacteria, and other microorganisms can be 99.7%.

In the home, this number is even more; all it takes is longer and more vacuuming.

The capacity of the dirt cup is 200ml, and at the beginning, it may be more extensive. But remember that this is a mattress cleaner, so it’s no need for more giant dust cups.

It is small and light. It weighs 4.5 pounds (~2.03 kg). It is not the only one that is lighter. Mattress vacuums are available. However, they typically lack specific feature(s) included in this model.

Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Features and Specifications

Housmile 810 is a typical unusually-shaped handheld Mattress vacuum cleaner. It weighs only 4.5 grams (~2 kilograms) and is simple and safe.

Despite being relatively compact, the Housmile 810 has a powerful motor that creates a suction of 10.5 kPa and is measured as 350W.

The suction can ensure a thorough clean-up of pillows, mattresses, and other similar surfaces by pulling out different types of dirt, not just pollen, germs, and others.

To wash and disinfect mattresses and pillows, beds, pet beds, and other similar areas, Housmile 810 is a combination of different techniques:

A rotating brush roll that assists in removing dirt from the surface, including the hair of pets, hair lint fibers, and crumbs. But it also emits high-frequency (6000 cycles/minutes) vibrating deep into clean surfaces.

These vibrations loosen dirt deeply embedded and resistant to removal, which is then swept away by a powerful airflow.

UV light emits at a dangerous 253.7 millimeters and can irradiate surfaces, killing bed bugs, bacteria, mites, and microbes.

The sanitation rate is higher than 99.7 percent. It also depends on the radiation’s duration and the clean area’s size.

The strong suction of 10.5 kPa guarantees that all dust, regardless of nature, is swept away by the cleaner.

Hot air (~130degF 55degC) fan heats the clean surface drying process.

The presence of moisture is one of the essential requirements for bed bugs to live If the moisture is gone, bed bugs will die.

Because UV light can be dangerous and specific fabrics don’t respond well to cleaning using the brush rolls that rotate, Housmile has several safety features.

The UV light safety switch switches off the UV lamp once the unit is on but not on the surface to be cleaned,

The safety switch for rotating brushes switches off the brush roll when the vacuum is raised 2 inches or more (5 or more centimeters) over the surface to be cleaned.

Additionally, you can switch off the brush roll when vacuuming sensitive surfaces to avoid harm.

Be aware that the UV light and the hot air fan can’t be turned off with the controls of a vacuum.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The capacity of the dirt cup is 0.2 Litters, which is relatively small; however, for a mattress vacuum cleaner, it’s larger than adequate.

If you think it is too tiny to vacuum your mattresses, then there’s something wrong with the mattress, and IMHO, Get new ones.

The air filtration is superb Housmile 810 is equipped with proper HEPA air filtration capable of capturing 99.97 percent from 0.3 microns or bigger particles.

The air filter can be cleaned and helps the user maintain a low maintenance cost.

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Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum Cleaner vs. Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner

Housmile produces a variety of highly-specialized mattress vacuums. They also manufacture other devices and appliances for the home that are designed to enhance well-being.

Model – Our Review Link Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum Cleaner Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner
Weight 4.5 lbs 2.81 lbs
Suction 10.5 KPA 8.5 KPA
Air Filtration HEPA HEPA
Dirt Cup 200 ml 160 ml
Vibrations Source Rotating Brush Beater Bar
High-Frequency Vibrations 6 kHz 3.8 kHz
Hot Air Up to 149degF (65?) Up to 130degF (55degC)
UV Light Yes – 253.7 nm Yes – 253.7 nm
Amazon Link Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum Cleaner Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner

The following table compares two remarkably like Housmile mattress vacuums.

NOTE: Amazon affiliate links appear in a new window. Feel free to look up current offers and prices.

Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV Cleaner is much stronger and heavier than Housmile Anti-Dust Mites Ultra Vacuum Cleaner.

Both utilize the same method (high frequencies of vibrations, ultraviolet light, hot air, powerful suction) to clean and disinfect mattresses and other areas.

Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum Cleaner has a larger dirt cup, more suction, and a more extensive cleaning path.

Additionally, it is more expensive. However, both are inexpensive mattress vacuums, particularly when considering what they provide.

IMHO, Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is the best choice for cleaning pillows, mattresses, curtains, upholstery, etc.

It takes longer to clean and disinfect similar areas, but it’s lighter, more convenient to move around, and more affordable.

For me, the price difference is not significant enough that it shouldn’t be considered when choosing which one to buy.

Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is more challenging and heavier than the other models. It also cleans more efficiently and quicker. Moving around is a little more complex and costs a little more.

IMHO, If you require a quality mattress cleaner and aren’t sure which to use, but your mattress can stand up to 150 degrees of hot air, choose Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner.

Buyer’s leader about handheld dust millet vacuum cleaners

Before you decide on your hypoallergenic vacuum to fight dust mites, let’s discuss the facts.

First, you must combat these little bugs because they’re a part of your home. If you don’t feel the impacts now, you can feel them after you’ve gone.

Third Even the highest-priced handheld vacuum could help you save more than the cost if it is related to real medical issues.

It’s possible to ask whether choosing a cordless vacuum with an integrated battery is better.

It could be the most suitable option for your car or travel if you are still looking to ensure that the accommodations you are staying at are free of mites.

If you have a household, however, corded devices are recommended because they have more excellent suction and more powerful vibration, which makes the cleaning process more effective.

It will not have any issues in terms of voltage. However, you can make use of the extension cable. If the device is certified by the U.S., it can work on local power grids.


We can conclude from the top 10 best Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaners that handheld vacuum cleaners are more well-known due to their convenience. UV mattress cleaners are popular because they eliminate dust mites and invisible bacteria.

Other factors like HEPA filters, powerful suction, and more should also be considered when purchasing the right vacuum cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UV mattress vacuum cleaners are effective?

Summary: Recent studies suggest that using ultraviolet light in the suction and brushing from a vacuum could nearly double the removal of infectious microorganisms and bacteria from a carpet’s surface compared to just vacuuming.

Which one is the best vacuum for mattresses?

Let’s look at a list of the 10 top mattresses and vacuums.
Dibea 15Kpa Powerful Suction UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner.
Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Dust Mite UV Vacuum Cleaner.
Dyson V6 Cordless Mattress Handheld Vacuum.
RAYCOP LITE UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum.

How do I wash my mattress without using a vacuum?

It is best to let it sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming thoroughly.
If you don’t have an access point to the vacuum cleaner, placing the mattress outdoors in the sunlight is a fantastic method to dry any dampness and freshen things up.
If you can set it up straight and then lightly beat it, you’ll be amazed at the number of things that fall off in the form of a cloud.

What is the best way to clean mattresses?

Utilize a mix of cleaning materials to make your mattress clean. Mix baking soda b and hydrogen peroxide with dish soap to make an Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner.
Make use of a spray bottle to apply this mixture. After spraying the stain, blot or rub them with an abacus or a towel.

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