Best Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F Vacuum Cleaner.

It’s a lightweight and inexpensive vacuum that can be used as a first-time vacuum cleaner for your home or apartment or as a second vacuum cleaner for quick clean-ups.

Due to its suction power, high air filtration capability, and cleaning tools designed to clean various and frequently tricky pet hair and dirt, pet lovers commonly use it as a vacuum cleaner.

Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F Specifications

Mite Pet Lover 3684F is equipped with cleaning accessories that can be used on various dirt and surfaces, including pet hair.

To keep your home clean, HEPA quality filtration is accomplished by a motor filter, filtration is, and HEPA filter.

One can also use dirtbags with scents, crush the scent tablet(s), and vacuum the dust before cleaning.

Eureka Mighty Mite pet lover 3684F uses disposable bags (recommended) that are easy to get out and dump in the garbage.

However, it is important to remember that when the dirt bag starts to fill, it causes the vacuum’s suction to decrease, requiring time to replace your dirt bag. Luckily, bags used for replacement (Style the MM Dust Bags) are inexpensive.

To ensure optimal cleaning efficiency of the Mighty Mite vacuum, replace the dust bag with a disposable one.

Suction is perfect for a vacuum cleaner of this size and cost due to the 12-amp motor. The unit also has an air blower port to clean the loose debris around the home, such as leaves and others.

Dimensions physical (WxLxH) 9′” by 17.5′ 11.3” 11.3″ (~22.9 * 44.5 (22.9 x 44.5 28.7 millimeter).

The Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F is surprisingly light, weighing 8.6 pounds (~3.9 tonnes), and can be moved around.

It is suitable for cleaning surfaces from the ground to the ceiling even when it is situated on the floor because of the hose and the Telescopic Wand.

The cord can be 20 feet (6.1 meters) long, and initially, it’s not that long. But remember that this is a canister cleaner, with a 6-foot (~1.8 meters) flexible hose and an adjustable handpiece.

It doesn’t have an automated cord rewinding system. I’m not spoilt, but I appreciate it when vacuum cleaners have an automatic cord winding.

The width of the cleaning “Floor Nozzle is 11.25 inches (~28 cm), and when combined with strong suction, it allows for the cleaning of a vast area in a short time.

Cleaning equipment allows for cleaning clean floors, stairs, upholstery, and carpets with low piles.

Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F includes a crevice tool, dusting/upholstery tool, and Power Paw cleaner tool.

Pet Power Paw tool can rotate its brush, which aids in removing hair and other debris from stairs, carpets upholstery, and other similar surfaces.

This tool is small enough that it can reach corners and other difficult-to-reach places like under furniture and similar. However, when you want to clean more extensive areas using this tool, it’ll take a long time.

It is essential to take hair tangled off the brush to ensure the meeting is clean.

The Eureka Mighty Mite 3684F model comes with one year of limited warranty.

Here’s the complete list of capabilities:

1. The floor tool comes with an 11-inch clean path

2. Attachments comprise the “Pet Power Paw” tool, services to, and a combinator brush/upholstery tool.

3. The telescopic wand can extend up to 55 inches.

4. A cord storage area is located beneath the canister

5. A 20-foot power cable (no rewind function, though)

6. Motor 12 amp

7. Utilizes Arm and Hammer Odori-eliminating dust bags to prevent the build-up of odors.

8. Features HEPA Filtration that prevents 99.97 percent of allergens from returning to the air.

Bare Floor Performance

It is best to use it on floor surfaces that are clean since this motor of 12 amps generates the correct amount of suction.

The floor tool doesn’t include a motorized brush. Thus, it relies on suction to complete the task.

It’s great with all types of debris, as long as they fit into the opening. But be careful not to use it on sawdust as it will quickly block the bag.

A shop vacuum is the best choice for sawdust. You can read my post about cleaning shop vacuum filters to ensure you have a similar void.

The telescopic wand can be adjusted, and cleaning the stairs shouldn’t be a problem with the floor tool or any attachments.

Carpet Performance

The model does not have a beater bar (I would like Eureka could design one), and carpet performance is affected.

If you’re using the flooring tool, it will only clean the surface of carpets with a thin pile. The pet power paw tool can help somewhat. However, it won’t take care of a large area and is excellent for spot cleaning.

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Pet Hair Removal

The Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F comes with an attachment known as The Power Paw tool to pick up pet hair from upholstery, and, based on the reviews, it has done a great job.

It’s not huge, at roughly 3 to 4 inches wide. The tool is equipped with an electric brush that makes it highly efficient.

It can also be used to wash carpeted stairs and carpet flooring. However, when it comes to flooring, it will be ideal for cleaning spots due to the narrow path for cleaning.

Attachments and Accessories

This package comes with three tools.

Cord Length

The power cord is approximately 20 feet long. It can be stored in the line wrapped underneath the canister.

It doesn’t have cord rewinding. However, this is a disadvantage, but adding this feature will result in the vacuum being heavier.

Filter Clean up

This vacuum has a HEPA filter, which blocks 99.97 percent of allergens.

It’s located behind the bag and may be found after removing it.


A one-year guarantee backs it.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3684F Model VS 3700 and 3671 models

The significant distinction between the Mighty Mite 3684G model and other Mighty Mite models is in the cleaning tools available and air filtering.

Additional cleaning accessories are available later on, should you require them. However, the Mite Pet Lover 3684F Power Paw cleaning tool is by default.

It also comes with HEPA-quality air filtration, which is essential to ensure that the air is clear, regardless of whether you are suffering from asthma or allergies.


Lightweight and easy to handle.

HEPA filtering for 100% cleaning.

Work well on all surfaces.

Small storage space.

A large-size collection bag.



Short length of cord.

The absence of a brush bar.

It is slightly noisier than other vacuums.


This Mite Pet Lover 3684F vacuum canister is perfect for carpet owners who live in homes with mostly carpeted floors.

Although it can clean pet hair for a florin, it does not come with the beater bar necessary to handle this.

It’s a natural cleaner that does what it says on the tin based on reviews. The design of the plastic tube is a concern for me.

However, since numerous customers have complained it was weak and easily broken.

Additionally, you can’t make this your primary carpet cleaner as it’s not equipped to handle the task. It can be used in smaller areas.

However, in homes with wall-to-wall carpeting, it will not be able to complete the job.

Be aware that this is a bagged vacuum, which means you’ll need bags and have one in your inventory. However, the good news is that bags are priced at less than one dollar per bag and aren’t an enormous expense.

Check out my article about bagged vacuum vs. the bagless model, in which I provide an online calculator that can help calculate the cost of bags.

Back issues will appreciate this as it weighs just 8.6 pounds, half the weight that a standard standing upright weighs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eureka’s and the mighty mite pet lovers work on rugs or carpets?

Yes. It is true. Eureka Mite Pet Lover 3684F Canister Vacuum works well on carpets and rugs.

Is eureka mighty mite pet lover lightweight?

It weighs just under 9lbs and can effortlessly fit into areas where dust or allergens persist.

How long is it?

The eureka powerful mite pet lover comes with a 20-foot cord that can be extended for more prolonged operation.

Does the Eureka Mighty Mite pet lover have a HEPA filter?

Yes. The eureka mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F comes with a HEPA filter and can capture 99.97 percent of dust, resulting in easier cleaning of your home.

Can it be cleaned quickly?

Yes, it cleans floors faster thanks to a 10- inches cleaning path.

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