Best Eureka Hand Held Vacuum 71B Reviews

Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vacuum 71B is a handheld vacuum with a cord, ideal for cleaning carpeted and hard surfaces.

Due to the power cord, the voids are highly robust to their dimensions and can be used as a great alternative to vacuums in apartments and homes.

The Eureka vacuum is among the most powerful handheld Vacuum 71B. When we tested it on sawdust, it cleaned the entire area in just two passes,

Which is half that of the following best vacuum. Its ability to stop the brush’s roll is also the top performer on hard surfaces.

Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vacuum Features and Specifications

One of the most distinct aspects of Eureka Easy Clean Vacuum 71B is the Riser Visor feature, which allows users to clean horizontal and vertical surfaces.

This is crucial to clean, for instance, carpeted stairs and car seats, upholstery, and other similar surfaces.

Vacuum dimensions include a Height of eight inches (~20 cm), a length is fifteen inches (~38 cm), and a width of 7 inches (~18 cm). The weight is 4.8 grams (~2.2 kilograms).

It is well-designed and simple to operate. People with disabilities can benefit from the unit, but it might be too heavy for seniors and children for long-term use.

Notice: kids use this vacuum to tidy their room(s); however, it should only be operated with the guidance of adults.

The units are fitted with two motors.

One motor drives a motorized brush roll that significantly enhances the cleaning of human and pet hair and deeply embedded dirt from rugs, carpets, and furniture.

The cleaning length is 6.25 inches (~15.2 cm) and allows users to clean a smaller area of carpets, stairs, or sofas with only one or two passes.

Also, it is possible to Vacuum 71B larger carpets, but using a giant vacuum cleaner will require more time and effort—a second motor is utilized to generate suction.

There isn’t any information available on their power—machines in Air-Watts. However, the suction is good. While operating, Eureka Easy Clean draws 5.5 Amps.

Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac includes a 20-foot (6.1 millimeters) power cord wrapped over the unit.

The power cord is typically sufficient to wash the room, whether the cleaning needs to be done in an emergency or as part of routine cleaning.

Units are equipped with a transparent dirt cup and a washable, mechanical filter.

A dirt cup is easy to empty, and it is suggested for the user to clean out their unit at the end of every (larger) clean-up.

The filter can be washed, but before putting the filter back into the team, make sure you have the filters dry.

While this is an easy vacuum to use, it is strongly advised to study the instruction manual, particularly the section on air filters.

It isn’t a HEPA-class air filtration device. However, air filtration is acceptable.

While its small size makes it possible to clean difficult-to-reach surfaces and areas, Eureka Easy Clean vacuums have a cleaning hose onboard and a crevice tool to enhance cleaning.

The extended-reach cleaning hose wraps around the unit. The crevice tool is kept on the bottom of the base.

A crevice tool is for cleaning narrow and tight spaces, like along edges and walls, between cushions and seats, and more.

All units come with a 1-year extended warranty.

What can you expect from the Eureka Easy Clean 71B?

One of the best features that are present in Easy Clean is suction. Easy Clean can be suctioned. The testers from Vacuum Wizard claim that it could measure 70 on a gauge of water lift which is pretty impressive.

What makes this ideal for upholstery and stairs is the Riser Visor function, which can be used for cleaning these areas vertically and horizontally.

The cord length is approximately 20 feet, but there’s no rewind function, and there is a wrapping area for cords on the rear of the vacuum. This means that the storage of the line doesn’t get messy.

The compact footprint allows it to be stored in a tiny space.

The review lamp does an excellent job of highlighting the features of the Easy Clean 70B in a single glance.

Bare Floor Performance

The powerful suction and motorized brush make this effective on floors that are not bare. As I said, this was 70 on a gauge for water lift that measures suction strength and is above the average.

This is particularly effective in cleaning delicate to medium-sized dirt. It can be challenging with larger dirt pieces but not due to an absence of suction.

It’s likely to struggle as it will not be able to fit between the bristles of the roll. One solution could be to use the crevice tool and the hose.

Although you can use this to clean your floors, I don’t suggest you use it as a floor cleaner since it’s a handheld, and you’ll have to bend to reach the bottom.

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Carpet Performance

It also does a grand job cleaning stairs with carpet, an area with which many upright vacuums and canisters have a hard time.

The Riser Visor feature allows this to cleanse not just horizontal spaces but also vertically.

It’s referred to as Riser Visor because it can be turned either way, which lets you clean the stairs and risers too – stairs’ risers are the most difficult to wash.

Even with the 6-inch cleaning path, I’m not sure if you’d be able to use it solely for floors because you’ll need to bend or fall on your feet to do this. This is also well as a spot-cleaner on medium to low pile carpet.

Pet Hair Removal

The vacuum inhales pet hair. Of the thousands of people who wrote reviews on Amazon, many of these had pets cats, and dogs who shed lots of hair. It isn’t easy to keep track of.

If you have an animal that sheds a lot, such as an Akita or a Boston Terrier.

The most challenging places to clean are the stairs, the sofa, and around the edges.

The Easy Clean Vacuum 71B comes with excellent suction and an electric brush roll, which allows it to clean up a large amount of pet hair with little effort.

Be aware that the dust container gets packed and should be cleaned regularly when cleaning an ample space.

Attachments and Accessories

It only comes with an attachment for a crevice tool, add the 3-foot flexible hose, and you can use this to clean up edges, crevices, and nooks.

Cord Length

It includes a 20-foot cord and a wrap that can be stored neatly. The thread does not have features for rewinding, so you’ll have the ability to coil manually and then uncoil the cord.

Filter Clean up

The filter on the Vacuum 71B can be cleaned, and to get it removed, push on the lever to release it.

Take the dust cup off and then remove the filter. Cleanse it under running water.

When you empty the dust cup, it is messier, particularly for pet hair, since pet hair tends to stick to the filter cloth, and you’ll have to use your fingers to get the hair off.


A one-year warranty only covers it. However, be aware that it is priced at less than $40, which is quite affordable for a high-quality vacuum.

Should you buy the Eureka Easy Clean Vacuum 71B?

If your primary concern is the quality of your vacuum, then you must consider using the Eureka Easy Clean.

It’s the best handheld vacuum for cleaning up large messes. However, the vacuum fails when it comes to specific tasks such as cleaning car dents or other areas with cracks or corners.

It is a corded version that is not as convenient; however, this isn’t a disadvantage.


Lightweight design makes maneuvering around easier

It is easy to travel and store


Not terrific for large messes

The filter is difficult to clean


This model is perfect for those looking for a cleaner that is efficient in cleaning the furniture and stairs without burning holes in their pockets.

There are more flexible and advanced vacuums designed to serve this function, such as Vacuum 71B; however, when you consider the price, it’s an easy choice for homeowners searching for a device to accomplish this task.

Pet owners can also gain from this vacuum since it possesses impressive suction power. This motorized brush is driven with a different motor, which means it can pick up pet hair, specifically on upholstery and carpet.

Although it is advertised as ideal for car interiors, it won’t work well with the contoured flooring in vehicles due to the design of the vacuum intake that won’t be efficient on a curved surface. It’s too large to fit in the small spaces.

Although it has a hose with elasticity that could assist, it’s just too small, in my opinion, to fit into the tightest of vehicle spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eureka a good stick vacuum?

Shoppers on Amazon believe that the Eureka Blaze stick Vacuum 71B is the “lightweight powerhouse” you need and claim it performs more effectively than expensive brands such as Dyson, Shark, and Roomba.
Its Eureka stick vacuums are ideal for hardwood flooring and rug area rugs, according to customers.

What is the reason my Eureka vacuum isn’t spinning?

Check the belt to determine whether it’s broken or stretched out. It could also be out of alignment. If the belt for the drive is damaged or stretched out, Replace it.
If the belt squeezes, it can cause excessive friction and put too much stress on the belt. Clean the brush roll, and remove all hair, string, and lint from the bearings.

Which cordless vacuum offers the most incredible suction?

The Tinoco Pure One S11 earned the top spot on our list because it comes with all the features you want for a cordless vacuum, including high-powered suction, LED lighting, and high-tech sensors that detect dust and dirt. It’s also user-friendly and weighs only 3.5 pounds.

What is the reason my vacuum isn’t working?

If vacuum cleaners stop suctioning, it’s usually due to a variety of typical problems, like the brush bar getting tangled or clogged filters. It could also be due to an overflowing dust container or blocked airways.

How long will vacuums with cordless motors last?

The typical lifespan of seeing a Dyson vacuum battery that is cordless is to last between four and five years on average.
When you consider that Dyson uses lithium batteries for its vacuums, they could have issues with performance after only one year of usage.

Do Eureka filters wash?

Description. The washable dust-cup filter works with Eureka Hand Held Vacuum 71B upright cleaners. We suggest changing this filter at least every six months to ensure optimal performance.