Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio. 5 Best Reviews

Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio is a lightweight cordless stick-style vacuum cleaner. It’s ergonomically designed and is easy to use, even for older individuals.

With its 25.2V lithium-ion battery and intelligent charger, the device has excellent suction and sufficient working time. However, Can You Use Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio?

Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio Detail.

Patented Self-Cleaning Brush roll

One of the best features of the Electrolux EL3020A is the brush roll that self-cleans.

Like you, the regular vacuum must be maintained regularly to avoid hair that is tangled, clumps of debris, and many other issues.

With the EL3020A, however, cases such as these are no more. With a simple button press, the brush roll can clean itself, removing hair and dirt, so it doesn’t require.

Powerful Cyclonic Action

The EL3020A features a unique cycle action system that removes dust and dirt and deposits it in a convenient and easy-to-clean filter.

While the debris is continually eliminated, the cyclonic action helps keep its airways free of debris, which is essential to ensure its suction is strong.

The self-maintenance system provides that you will never see a decline in performance.

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Removable and Washable Dust-up and Filter

The filter and dust cup need to be periodically cleaned for the cyclonic process to work as it goes on. The dust-up and filter are easy to remove and are even simpler to clean when required.

If required, the filter may be cleaned to ensure an extensive cleaning now and then.

Rechargeable Battery

If you’ve used an electric vacuum in the past, you’re aware of how annoying it can be.

If you’re not forced to stop whatever you’re doing to disconnect the vacuum before connecting it elsewhere, you’re constantly required to take the cord to ensure you don’t trip over it.

Fortunately, the EL3020A is equipped with a powerful 25.2 Volt Lithium battery that can provide as long as 60 minutes of continuous running before recharge.

Thanks to this, you’ll be able to take your laptop wherever you need to go without worrying about the hassle of cords.

180-degree Manoeuvrability

The EL3020A’s wireless feature gives you complete mobility throughout your home.

Its 360-degree, effortless steer capability can help you make the most of that flexibility and apply it on any surface, such as rugs, shag carpet tiles, wood, or tile.

In essence, if you have an area, floor, corner, or nook that you want to clean reach, and tidy, the EL3020A can get it to complete the task.

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Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio Features and Specifications

An integrated 25.2V lithium-ion battery powers Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio. The battery can store enough energy to allow a run time of up to 60 minutes.

The unit is, however, equipped with a brush roll and the three operating modes: normal, boost way, and silent.

Standard mode is the preferred mode for cleaning every day since it provides excellent cleaning with no over-stressing of the battery.

This mode is suggested for carpets or dirty floors and piles of dirt.

Silent mode is ideal for cleaning without disturbing other people within the room by making sounds – in the usual way, it isn’t noisy, but when it is in silent mode, it’s quieter.

The EL3020A is equipped with patented self-cleaning brush roll technology that allows the unit to get rid of tangles from human and pet hair and diverse hair fibers from the brush roll with the push of a button.

Be aware, however, that this must be done using a fully charged battery for the hard floors.

It is suggested first to read the instruction manual to confirm that using the device with self-cleaning capabilities is simple.

However, only after one has a good understanding of how to use it to the maximum extent.

Additionally, if the self-cleaning process fails to remove all hairs and fibers, the brush roll is simple to take off and clean manually.

The motorized brush roll can help clean flooring and carpets, particularly low-pile rugs — an excellent option for those with pets.

The machine is equipped with LED headlights to clean dim lighting and spot dirt better.

Though it’s light, it is supported by two wheels. And with a 180-degree swivel, it’s easy to maneuver around walls, edges, furniture, etc.

It is self-standing, so placing it against the furniture or wall is unnecessary to ensure it is upright.

Be sure to keep your pets and children away from this or similar free-standing units as they are not exceptionally stable in this place.

The unit will be more secure when kept in the charging station. Once fully charged, the team will require about four hours of charging time to charge the battery fully.

It is suggested to keep the vacuum in the charging or docking station. The charger keeps the battery fully charged and protects it from charging too much when it is ultimately charged.

There is no need to remove the battery to allow for charging. The battery can be removed and  replaced easily,

Which is an appealing option for those requiring to purchase another battery. But there isn’t a separate charger to charge the battery while it’s in the vacuum.

Its air filtering is satisfactory; however, it’s not HEPA-quality air filtering. The filtering process is the combination of cyclonic separation of air and dirt as well as mechanical air filters.

The automatic filter can be cleaned. However, it must be replaced regularly to keep suction high and air filtration at the desired amount.

The replaceable filters are affordable, and there’s no chance of costly maintenance expenses.

Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio is a bagless unit. The dirt bins are transparent, which allows the user to observe the kind and amount of dirt that has been cleaned.

The dirt bin is larger. However, it is easy to empty – you must take it out a mile above the trash bin.

The cleaning size of 10-inches (25.4 cm) and, when coupled with a motorized suction system and good suction brush rolls, EL3020A can clean a vast area on one battery charge.

The machine can be used as a primary vacuum cleaner for smaller homes and apartments in times of emergency or to clean the floors.

However, larger families live in larger apartments and homes with pets and kids and with a lot of elevated surfaces to keep clean.

Regularly may want to consider a more significant canister vacuum or upright vacuum cleaner with an extension hose as well as the telescopic wand, with a few additional attachments to be the primary vacuum cleaner.

Such vacuums tend to be too big for daily cleaning, which is why EL3020A excels.

However, this isn’t true. This vacuum has only the primary cleaning head used to clean carpets, floors, and rugs.

Handheld unit: Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio is an electric stick-based vacuum cleaner.

It’s not a 2-in-1 unit that combines a handheld and sticks unit. While 2-in-1 units are more flexible, stick vacuums are designed to clean floors and come with larger dust bins, bigger motors, and batteries.


25.2 Volt Lithium Battery with as long as 60 mins of runtime

Patented Self-Cleaning brush roll cleans

180deg Easy Steer Manoeuvrability that lets you reach all over the world

Motorized Power Brush

Cyclonic Action

Washable, removable filter

Self-standing stands for simple, efficient storage

Dust Spotter LED Lights

Lightweight and easy to carry


This product does not come with that popular two-in-1 hand device found in other Electrolux products.

A few customers report a decline in battery use following about one year.

What can you do you Electrolux EL3020A Ultra power Studio?

The battery has been Energy Star rated, so you don’t need to worry about using excess energy.

Attachments and Accessories

There aren’t any attachments or other accessories listed here.

Charging Time

The 25.2-voltage lithium-ion batteries take about 4 hours to recharge fully.

The battery is removable, so there is no reason to worry about the long-term viability of this model, in contrast to earlier Ergo Rapido models.

Filter cleans up

The process of emptying the filter will take three steps:

  1. Take the dirt by pressing the release switch
  2. Removing the filter from the filter
  3. Opening the ground from the cup onto a garbage container

Cleansing filters can take place in two ways: using the plunger to eliminate dust accumulated on the filter cloth. Then wash the filter with water that is running.

Run Time

It can run for 60 minutes when you are using only silent mode. If you use the usual way, that time will drop to 40 minutes, with an increase, which will drop up to twenty minutes.


The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

Bare Floor Performance

Electrolux EL3020A Ultra-Power Studio is an excellent tool for cleaning. Electrolux EL3020A Ultra-Power Studio excels in cleaning smaller pieces of debris, such as uncooked rice grain, dust, and sand.

It has difficulty picking up pet hair from hard floors, which surprises me since it comes with an electric brush roll.

In a test conducted by Cnet, the test showed that it did not pick the hairs of pets on the wood floors.

It also has to contend with more significant pieces of debris, such as Cheerios.

In a second test conducted by CNet, the device picked up more than half the dust it did with a Hoover Linx Stickfast and 40 percent less than the GTECH Air Ram.

If you examine the base, you will notice that it is low-profile; based on that, larger particles will struggle to get into it.

This contrasts with the Linx Stick Vac, which has funnels in its middle to help it take in more significant debris.

You’ll need to raise the base by a couple of degrees to let the Cheerios in.

Carpet Performance

On carpets, the pick-up of pet hair was improved (more on the next page). Overall, it had better results at removing fine dust-like sawdust, and sand.

Other particles in low and medium-pile carpets compared to Hoover’s Hoover Linx stick vacuum. The DC59 did better at removing sawdust on the middle pile carpet.

It was still battling with bigger particles such as Cheerio’s.

If you’re thinking of purchasing this vacuum, consider buying a hand vacuum to pick up bigger chunks of dirt.

The Black and Decker Platinum BDH2000FL will complement this lovely well.

Pet Hair Removal

On hard floors, it is unable to remove pet hair. However, on low and medium-pile carpets, it did better.

A different user reported that the brush roll cleaner could not cut Angora’s cat’s hair. I was able to cut a portion of it, but the rest of it was difficult to cut manually.

In the end, if you’re cleaning long strands of hair, the chances are that it will become entangled with the brush.

You’ll need to cut it manually using a scissor, but the positive side is that the brush roll is easily removed.


If you’re searching for a compact but powerful vacuum to clean your house, The Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio will be an excellent choice.

The ability to use a cordless vacuum, coupled with the 180-degree Manoeuvrability, guarantees that you’ll be able to vacuum any place within your home swiftly and effortlessly.

At the same time, the handy dust cup and filter make cleaning and maintenance an easy task.

The filtering process is the combination of cyclonic separation of air and dirt as well as mechanical air filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

For what reason does my Electrolux EL3020A canister vacuum continue to shut down?

Assuming that you are busy vacuuming and the engine unexpectedly stops, the warm end component on the vacuum could set off the vacuum to close down.
The indoor regulator on the warm end safeguards the engine from overheating. An obstruct, or some other breakdown could make the vacuum overheat.

How long does an Electrolux ergo Rapido battery last?

Battery within the Electrolux Ergo Rapido vacuum is a 10.8V lithium-particle battery.
Albeit this is at the lower end of the Ergo Rapido line, the battery can charge completely in around 4 hours and offers a run time as long as 21 minutes.

Do they make Electrolux vacuum cleaners?

Note that in the United States, Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners are not generally sold, albeit Alerus keep up with the current models Electrolux.

Are Electrolux vacuums worth the effort?

Electrolux reliably rates well in Canstar Blue’s consumer loyalty appraisals, particularly in the space of significant worth for cash, quietness, and convenience, among others.
It has many vacuums, from stick vacs to handhelds, giving you a lot of decisions.

What the organization purchased from Electrolux

Stomach muscle Electrolux of Sweden, the parent organization of the U.S. brands Electrolux and Frigidaire has bought GE Appliances for $3.3 billion.

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