Dyson DC65 Allergy Best Reviews?

The Dyson (DC65) Allergy Upright Vacuum is designed to help allergy sufferers. It includes all the necessary tools to remove and combat allergens from the air and allergy attachments.

It features Ball Technology and a self-adjusting cleaning head to make it easy and reach difficult-to-reach areas.

This vacuum cleans thoroughly and is safe for your family. The HEPA filter system is designed to eliminate allergens.

It can remove impurities from your home. You can have a clean home with the Dyson DC65 Allergy Upright Vacuum.

Dyson DC65 Allergy Overview

The Dyson DC65 Allergy upright vacuum is lightweight and powerful. The Dyson DC65 vacuum has everything you want in a Dyson vacuum, including Dyson DC65 Allergy technology and radial root technology.

It also features a self-adjusting cleaner that easily switches between carpet types and surfaces. The DC65 goes one step further with a reconfigured brush head that delivers 25% more power and penetrates deeper into the carpet.

These are just a few of the many things DC65 owners love most about their vacuum.

You don’t have to touch dirt when you clean out your bins.

  • A simple-grip handle to aid in maneuverability
  • 1 lb total weight – one of the lightest uprights that we have reviewed!

The Dyson DC65 Allergy, with its Ball technology and lightweight, is a great gift idea for seniors, people with back problems, and anyone who needs a powerful vacuum but doesn’t take up much space.

We are aware of some minor design issues that customers have raised. This review will cover what the DC65 can offer, so you don’t get any surprises if this is the vacuum you want.

Feel and look

Dyson DC65 Allergy obsessive engineering is displayed in the design and construction of the DC65 Cinetic Big Ball, as with other vacuums.

It’s not a pretty vacuum that conceals its internal workings. Dyson spent over six years and $200,000,000 developing this technology.

And it doesn’t shy away from showing off all of its crazy features. It is less like a vacuum than an alien suction device that someone smuggled from Area 51.

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Mobility and weight

The Big Ball is 19.8 pounds heavier than most upright vacuums, but it moves so gracefully and agile that you don’t even notice its weight.

Dyson’s patent-pending ball technology allows you to tilt and swivel the vacuum in turns to maximize maneuverability.

It is worth noting that the vacuum remains corded. Even though the Cinetic Big Ball is incredibly agile, you won’t be as mobile as you would with a cordless model.

Dyson provided the machine with an extremely long cord that allows you to cover greater areas without changing outlets.

Cleaning performance

We ran Dyson’s latest vacuum through our test process to get an idea of its performance. Start by placing 100g of flour, sand, and rice on a 5 x 3 feet carpet strip.

After walking for one minute on the carpet and then grinding the individual substances into the fibers of the carpet fibers, we turn the vacuum on and let it run for one minute.

We weighed the dustbin at the end to determine how much of the original 100g it took up.

The Big Ball sucked up an average of 89 grams of flour for the first test. This isn’t bad. It’s quite good. It’s quite good.

Our benchmark vacuum, a corded Royal Pro Series U30095, didn’t perform as well. We averaged 82 grams of flour.

Dyson DC65 Allergy: Where can I buy it?

We’ve researched to help you decide if this vacuum is right for you. Amazon has the best Dyson DC65 Allergy prices.

Amazon has the largest inventory of Dyson products. You can browse and compare prices and models to help you decide if the DC65 is right for you.

Here’s a quick overview of the features

  • The cinematic science technology is the first filter-less, bagless vacuum of its kind.
  • These cyclones are equipped with rubber tips that oscillate to keep fine dust from blocking the machine, thus maintaining suction.
  • This is a great way to clean very fine dust without compromising on performance.
  • Includes a 5-year warranty
  • The quick detachable extension wand, hose, and tools can clean above the floor. (More on this later).
  • Retractable power cord 22 feet


·       Even fine allergens can be captured without clogging the filter

·       The tangle-free turbine tool ($70 value) is included to help you clean your pet’s hair.

·       This vacuum comes with a reach-under tool that can reach places under furniture that other vacuums cannot reach.

·       Excellent reach, 33 feet. This includes a power cord, hose, and telescopic wad.

·       Large dirt bin (.53 gallons)

·       No filters to replace or wash (no pre-or post-motor filters) exist.

·       The easy-to-use wand can be used to clean above the floor.

·       Includes a bag to hold the tools


·       Very, very high prices

·       The power cord is relatively short

·       It has less suction power than a Dyson

·       Allergens as small as 0.5 microns are only caught


We are certain that the DC65 Cinetic Big Ball upright vacuum is the best in the business. Dyson added many other features to enhance the package, including a top-notch suction performance.

Although it performed less well than our reference vacuum in dirt pick-up, a win is still a win. But, suction isn’t the only thing that matters.

Dyson’s other additions, such as the ball for maneuverability, the bagless, filter-free, and filter-free design, and all the attachments, gave the vacuum an edge.

It wasn’t tested for long enough to determine if it lost suction.

However, if Dyson’s claims are true (and we have every reason to believe they are based on Dyson’s crazy testing procedures), then the DC65 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy will be a step above the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dyson Allergy & Dyson Animal?

The main difference is that the allergy animal comes with millions of attachments and tools for cleaning vents, fans under furniture, blinds, etc. Only three attachments are available for the regular animal.

Is the Dyson DC65 equipped with a belt?

This is the same as 24/38 Page 25, which means that no bags need to be changed with this machine, and no belts need to be changed with this machine.
Our belts are spring-tension mechanisms. You don’t need to be concerned about the belt’s give. There are three versions of the Dyson DC65 Allergy.

Is the Dyson DC65 equipped with a filter?

Dyson dc41, Dc65, Dc66 Hepa post-filter and washable pre-filter set part # 920769-01 aqua green

Is the Dyson DC65 equipped with a HEPA filter?

These items can be shipped from different sellers and sold by them. This item: Dyson DC41-DC65, DC66 Hepa Pre-Motor Filter, Multi-Floor, Animal, and Ball Vacuums.

Why is Dyson’s suction not working?

A hose blockage can cause Dyson DC65 Allergy vacuums to not pull from the wand.
If your vacuum is a canister model, you should remove the suction liner from the inlet to check the suction. If the inlet produces strong suction, but the extension wand is not working, it could be the suction tube or the suction hose.

What is the Dyson DC65’s working principle?

The DC65 vacuum cleans carpets and hard floors better than any other.
This is possible thanks to the combination of Radial root Cyclone technology with a self-adjusting cleaner head that seals suction on carpets and hard floors.
Thanks to the latest Ball technology, easy steering is possible in difficult areas.

Is the Dyson DC65 equipped with a belt?

This is the same as 24/38 Page 25, which means that no bags need to be changed with this machine, and no belts need to be replaced because our belts are spring-tension.
You don’t need to be concerned about the belt’s give. There are three versions of the Dyson DC65 Allergy.

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