Dyson DC59 Slim Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Dyson DC59 Slim Cordless Stick vacuum is super light and can also be used as a handheld. It has hygienic bin disposal, 75% more brush power than similar models, and 2 tiers of radial cyclone suction. 

The battery life is short so be aware of that before you buy. Cordless vacuums are often limited in many ways than corded models. I didn’t like them.

They aren’t powerful enough and can’t be used for long periods. I had previously tried the Electrolux UltraPower Studio.

It was a beautiful-looking stick vacuum, but it is heavy and can’t be used in tight spaces. Also, its suction power is very weak. 

When the Dyson DC59 Slim Cordless Stick vacuum came out, it promised to fix those problems.

After using the vacuum cleaner for two weeks, let’s see what my experience was like.


The new DC59 Slim Cordless Stick design is the same as its predecessors in Digital Slim. If you don’t own both the DC59 and the DC44, it is difficult to tell the difference. 

Below is a picture of the handheld vacuum, along with several accessories such as a docking station and battery charger, crevice tool (mini motorized tool), combination tool, and motorized flooring tool.

Dyson made subtle changes to the DC 59, which I am now aware of. The handle has been moved forward to increase balance. 

We can also see there are two levels of cyclones. Dyson has increased the number to 15, which will increase the airflow. 

The motorized floor tool has been made slimmer to cover a larger area, and lighter. It also comes with nylon bristle strips and carbon fiber filaments that are redesigned to increase dust pickup on the carpet and hard floors. Attach the cleaner head to your included wand and you will have a stick vacuum.

Although the DC59’s exterior is entirely made of plastic, it is extremely sturdy. It will also make the unit lighter. The DC59 now weighs 4.6 pounds, without attachments.

My only gripe is that the stick vacuum cannot be stored without its docking station. It can’t stand on its own like other vacuums, and it will look messy if it is placed on the ground.

Overall, I love the design. I can use it to clean everything from the floor to the upholstery, like my car seats or sofa, and even the narrow spaces between the beds.


The DC59 is equipped with 15 cyclones that provide airflow to the Dyson digital motor V6. This is probably the most significant change in the new generation. 

The 350W motor spins more than 100,000 rounds per hour, making it more powerful than many handheld vacuums on the market. 

The vacuum can produce 28 air watts (a unit for airflow), and can even reach 100 air watts if it is set to Boost mode. 

This vacuum packs a lot of power in a compact unit. It’s amazing! However, it is a bit less powerful than the Dyson DC50 with 128 air watts.

This machine was used to clean my hard floor, car, and sofa. As you can see, the motorized mini-tool is very effective in removing dirt from my sofa. 

It takes me just a few seconds to sweep a large area and you will find no dirt. This is what I got when I used my DC59 Slim Cordless Stick vacuum to clean my wooden floor. 

Although I wasn’t able to see much, after only a few minutes I noticed a lot more dirt in my collection bin. It seems that the vacuum is still having trouble catching large objects.

Even better, the Dyson did a great job cleaning my car’s carpets. Despite Dyson’s lower suction power than the Electrolux UltraPower Studio, it can still collect dirt better thanks to its new carbon fiber bristles.

The DC59’s battery life is around 20 minutes, as long as it is in Boost mode. The vacuum runs only when the trigger is pressed.

This saves the battery even more. It is enough to clean my entire 3-room apartment. It will take approximately 3 hours to complete the charge.

Dyson makes it easy to empty your collection bin. All you have to do is push the red button, and all dirt will drop to the bottom. The washed filter only needs to be washed once a month.

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Dyson DC59 Overview

The DC59 model has 75% more brush power than the DC59 Slim Cordless Stick. With all the suction, it also uses 2 tier radial cycles and the Dyson V6 motor. 

It’s strong and light making it a compact yet powerful cleaning tool. These are some of the features DC59 owners love about it:

  • It is as easy as pulling a lever to clean your bins
  • A docking station to ensure that your machine is always fully charged
  • Strong suction combined with a 2 tier cyclone that traps dirt

The Dyson DC59 offers a lot. We also know that every person has different vacuum needs, and this machine is not the best value for money. 

Appliances can be expensive and risky so we will detail what to expect from the DC59 so that you are happy when it arrives at your door.

Dyson DC59 for

  • If you have either hardwood or carpet floors, this vacuum can be used to switch between them. You can set the adjustable speed to low for hardwood floors or carpets and max for shag or deep carpeting.
  • A lightweight vacuum is essential. This vacuum is ideal for those who have stairs or need to vacuum in a smaller space. The DC59 Slim Cordless Stick vacuum is lightweight and can be used for almost all purposes. It can also be converted into a handheld for use on stairs or in cars.

Skip Dyson DC59, if

  • If you live in a large home, The DC59 can clean almost any surface. However, the DC59 Slim Cordless Stick vacuum can only run for approximately 25 minutes on one charge. It may not be sufficient to clean large spaces in one pass. Dyson V11 has a 120-minute runtime on one charge.


  • Lightweight
  • To be able to reach under furniture or high ceilings, long-stemmed
  • Easy storage with a charging dock
  • Extensions for furniture, rugs, and corner cleaning: Detachable head


  • Battery life is very short
  • Long charging time

Dyson DC59: Reasons to Purchase

  • There is limited storage space. The Dyson DC59 has a docking station that can attach to any wall. It can be installed in the garage, hallway, or closet. It’s an excellent option for those who live in smaller apartments or homes.
  • If you are a person who likes to use handheld vacuums, It shouldn’t be a choice between the portability and power of an upright vacuum. The DC59 combines the best of both!

Dyson DC59: Avoidance

  1. You are a pet owner. This vacuum is not designed to pick up pet hair or dander. Choose a Dyson vacuum designed for pets like the V8 Animal.

These are real Dyson DC59 reviews

We spent 18 hours searching the internet (reading more than 253 customer reviews). Conclusion? Dyson DC59 receives high praise! 

The average user rating for Dyson DC59 is between 4.6 and 4.74. This includes several hundred reviews. DC59 Slim Cordless Stick scored on average higher than their closest competitors.


Apple and Dyson have much in common. They both put great effort into their products. The Dyson Cool AM06 fan was my favorite Dyson vacuum.

Now the Dyson DC59 is a great example of how a vacuum can be so luxurious. This vacuum is undoubtedly the best and most versatile.

It makes cleaning more fun than ever. This is the best vacuum if you can afford the $350 price tag on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dyson V6 and DC59 identical?

The DC59 and V6 are, at their core, the same machine. They share the same motors and filters, so their power consumption is almost the same. 
This is where the difference lies in the tools that are included with them. The V6 product line includes a soft roller head that is great for hard floors.

When did Dyson DC59 come out?

It is similar to other DC59 Slim Cordless Sticks. The company’s ball design stores many components within a reinforced base that allows it to turn around corners. 

Dyson DC58 is the same as DC59?

The DC58 hand-held version of the DC59. Both have the same motor, charge time, and runtime. Attachments are the biggest difference.

What is the cost of a Dyson DC59?

The suggested retail price for the DC59 Motorhead is $550. It can be purchased on Amazon for $500. This vacuum is great. It is lightweight.