Dyson DC41 Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is powerful and costly. It has many features that make it an excellent choice as your primary vacuum cleaner.

Although the price tag may seem high, you will get what you pay. Today we present a Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Bagless vacuum cleaner review. We highlight the tech specs and discuss their main features.

Before you do anything, ensure that you are familiar with the specifications of vacuum cleaners.

When comparing prices and features for your following vacuum cleaner, you need to know how vacuum cleaners work.

We are here to inform you that the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete upright vacuum cleaner is now available.

Our In-Depth Review


The Dyson DC41 upright bagless vacuum cleaner is giant. The Dyson ball makes maneuverability easier than a vacuum with two rear wheels.

It would help if you turned your wrist to use the vacuum technology with ball technology.

Because the vacuum’s weight is concentrated in the Ball, it can cause wrist pain.

Because it is specially designed to remove pet hair and dander, it can also be used as an Animal vacuum.

This vacuum is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers because of its powerful cleaning head and Mini Turbine Brush.

This is not an exaggeration when we claim that this is the best vacuum for floor cleaning.

After vacuuming with DC41, carpets, and hard floors are spotless. The cleaning path measures 13 inches in width.

This makes it simple to clean large areas quickly. The only problem is that the hose can be challenging to reattach once you have used your onboard tools.

Dyson DC41 Animal Performance

Performance on Carpets

You can clean your carpets quickly and easily by activating the brush bar. The DC41 Animal rolls smoothly on the rug and easily removes small and large particles.

We removed all traces of the flour we used in simulations of delicate particulate matter. As a test for its ability to remove large particles, thick plant leaves were pulled into the vacuum.

We had to test the carpet fibers by incorporating pet hair. The DC41 vacuum quickly removed this fur. A DC41 vacuum is a fantastic machine for cleaning up after pets.

Rugs that perform

It can be challenging to clean rugs with the Dyson DC41. You can clean your rugs with the Dyson DC41, but only on large rugs with thick carpet backings.

The powerful suction will lift smaller rugs off the ground. To ensure that the Dyson doesn’t raise the carpet off the floor, you can keep your feet on it.

Performance on Hard Flooring

When the vacuum is being used, there are two settings. Turn off the brush bar when using the Animal vacuum on hard flooring.

It did a great job with smaller particles. They were removed immediately. Because they were too large to fit under the vacuum’s head, some of these particles weren’t immediately cleaned up.

Because of the suction power, the particles are sucked up immediately after they go under the vacuum head.

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Edge Cleaning

The unique edge-cleaning abilities of the Ball are unquestionable. First, the Ball allows you to glide right up against the wall.

Turn your wrist as you approach the wall from the front so that you can sweep the entire side in one go.

This is much more efficient than bouncing the vacuum head against the wall and going back and forth. Thanks to the powerful suction, you can easily clean up to the edge.

The DC41’s ability to clean edges efficiently is also helped because the cleaning head is shallow to the ground.

It can also fit under cabinets’ lids. The Dyson can also be used to clean a wall if you prefer to work against it.


To eliminate dust from the vacuum exhaust, the “Root Cyclone Technology” is combined with HEPA filters. The particle scanner found no dust above 0.3 microns from the Ball vacuum.

For people with allergies to airborne particles, this is a must-have. This vacuum is ideal for people who have allergies to pet hair.

It’s easy to use

The Dyson DC41 vacuum makes vacuuming floors easy. It is easy to maneuver and clean, thanks to the Ball.

You will love the suction power, bagless dustbin, and washable filters. The Dyson can be difficult to use if you have onboard tools. The handle of the extendable wand is not as lovely as other Dyson models.

The upright unit doesn’t hold the Mini Turbine Head. It takes some finesse to reattach the hose and wand after use.

Getting Started

Assembly is accessible without the use of tools. Attach the central unit to the dustbin by clipping the vacuum cleaner head, handle, and wand together.

Vacuum Wizard is familiar with Dyson vacuums, but it’s not hard to imagine how this unique Dyson ball might be assembled.

Dyson understands this and provides transparent, step-by-step pictures to help you put the vacuum together.


Dyson DC41 Animal uses ball technology. It is worth taking the Dyson DC41 Animal to a shop to see how it works. To make the vacuum move along with your wrist, you must turn your wrist.

This motion may cause some people to strain their wrists, and they might not feel comfortable with the Ball.

It is fantastic to be able to turn on a dime, but it is not for everyone. To truly understand this vacuum, you must experience it.


The average vacuum cleaner emits 80 decibels. The DC41 measured just below this level for carpeting and hard flooring. In a carpeted area, the noise level was approximately 75 decibels.

It was around 78 decibels on the hard floor. If you want someone to hear your voice, you must speak loudly.

Attachments/Onboard Tools

The suction generated by the onboard tools is powerful. It doesn’t matter which device you use; it will still have a lot of suction.

The upright vacuum unit has two of the tools on board. The one you see is a combination tool that is both a crevice cleaner and an upholstery brush. The smaller airbrush is the other.

The vacuum is not the best tool to clean up pet hair. This can be pretty inconvenient. This Mini Turbine Brush is included with the Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum. You will need to keep it with you at all times or put it away.

The brush bar rotates very quickly when you clip it on. The brush bar helps to remove fur from upholstery and allows it to be sucked up.

Sometimes pet hair can stick to the corners of the Mini Turbine Brush. To remove this, pull the edges off and let the brush vacuum it.

Stairs Easy to Use

Although the Mini Turbine Brush or stair brush works well, it is not the best vacuum to clean stairs.

The Ball does not sit very well on the staircase. To get the vacuum to sit on the stairs without tipping, you must turn it at an angle.

The vacuum is also a little heavier than 17 pounds. It’s not easy to move from one step to the next when cleaning a stairway.


There are no recurring expenses for Dyson maintenance. The two washable filters, as well as the bagless dustbin, are never needed to be replaced.

Despite this, it is still vital to maintain your vacuum to prevent it from deteriorating. This means emptying the dust bin once it’s complete and washing the filters at least every three months.

A red tab is located at the top of the clear dust bin. Before you press the account, hold the dust bun over a trashcan. The bottom of the container will collect all the trash you have ingested.

The slight problem is that debris can get stuck in the dustbin’s bottom, so you may have to pick them out manually.

The DC41 machine has two filters. The dust bin contains the first filter. To access the filter, open the dust bin’s top. It can be taken out and washed under cool water.

Dyson DC41  Vacuum Cleaner  Specifications and Features

Cleaner Head

This ensures that the DC41 Animal Complete has the best cleaner head contact on every floor type.

It reduces air leaks and retains suction power on all types of flooring: vinyl, wood, tile, and vinyl.

The new Dyson upright models are replacing the DC41/DC65. However, these units are powerful and can handle your cleaning needs.

Extra Tools

The DC41 Animal Complete includes a tool bag that contains a soft dusting brush, a multi-angle brush, a stiff bristle brush, and Zorb powder.

A Combination Tool is also included. The Combination Tool consists of a debris nozzle that can be converted into a meeting for dusting. The Stair tool cleans dirt from corners and along the edges of stairs.

Tangle Free Turbine Tool

The Tangle-Free Turbine Tool features counter-rotating heads that have integrated brushes to remove pet hair and dirt. There is no hair-wrapping bar so more coats can be deposited directly into the bin.

High-Reach Wand Instant Release

 DC41 Animal Complete features an instant release and a long-reach, flexible wand that can be used to clean stairs and other difficult-to-reach areas.

It is up to five times longer than the standard DC41 Animal Complete. It does not require separate parts.

Captures Allergens and Expels Cleaner, Fresher Air

The Dyson and cyclones trap microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns, including pollen and mold.

A Dyson vacuum cleaner’s bin is transparent, so it is easy to see when it needs to be empty.

 No Extra Costs

Many other vacuum cleaners require replacement bags or filters. Dyson vacuum cleaners do not come with bags or washable filters, so you don’t need to worry about extra costs.

Ball technology to upright vacuums

Dyson Uprights are mounted on a Dyson ball. The Ball pivots on the spot, so you can steer by turning your wrist.

The core technology is also housed in the Ball, such as the motor and ducting. Because there is less clutter, it is easier to clean around furniture, edges, and other awkward spots.

Access to these places can often be determined by how extensive the cleaning tool is.


The nylon bristles spin up to 90 times per second to move the carpet pile and remove pet hair and dirt. The brush bar can be switched off to protect hard floors and delicate rugs. You can find the button above the clear bin.

5-year warranty

5-year parts and labor warranty cover DC41 Animal Complete. Before purchasing this vacuum cleaner (or any other model), please review the warranty terms and conditions.

Register your vacuum cleaner after you have purchased it. Online registration is the easiest.

What’s inside the box

The operating manual (read it before you use a vacuum cleaner), Quick Start Guide (also read it), and Product registration card (again, register your vacuum cleaner! 5-year warranty, Combination brush/crevice tool, and Stair tool.

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What else should you know about Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Vacuum Cleaner Bagless?

These are just a few technical details about Dyson’s vacuum cleaner.

  • Radial Root Cyclone technology is patentable: Patented Cyclone Technology
  • Suction power: 235 AW
  • Type of movement: Ball technology
  • Filter: Washable for life (at least once per three months).
  • Cleaner head: Motorized brush bar
  • Stair cleaning: An instant high-reach wand for stair cleaning
  • Bin capacity: 0.55 Gallons (2 Liters).
  • Dimensions: 42.4×13.4x 15.4inches (HxWxD) – 108x34x39 cm
  • Maximum reach: 51.7 ft (15.7m)
  • Cord length: 35 feet (10.7m).
  • Weight: 17.1 lbs (7.7kg)

The Dyson DC41 vacuum cleaner is robust and reliable. It also has many features that help keep your home safe and clean.

These features come at a cost, but they are worth it if you have pets or children (dogs, cats) and use the vacuum often. This upright vacuum cleaner may be the right one for you if you have allergies or problems with dust.

  • No cord rewind
  • To use attachments, the cord must be unwrapped completely. The top cord hook attaches to the hose.
  • The vacuum cleaner’s ball technology makes it a bit unstable when standing. It can easily fall over.
  • Pet owners with long hair may find the plastic parts of their pets too fragile.


Radial root cyclone technology provides superior suction

Larger dust canister

HEPA filters are easy to clean

Improved ball technology allows for better steering


It isn’t easy to get a position

No retracting cord automatic


The Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum was explicitly designed to deal with pet hair. You don’t need pets to use the Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum. There are many other Dyson models available that can be used for pet hair removal.

The DC41 is the right choice if you have pets and want a clean house. Although the price is high, there are no recurring fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which year was the Dyson DC41 released?

The Dyson DC41 upright, released in late 2011 to replace the DC25 vacuum, is the first upright vacuum that uses Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology.
It also features an automatic height adjuster, allowing maximum suction power.

Is there a Dyson DC41 belt?

One (1) replacement Dyson DC41 Belt. Compatible with all Dyson DC41 models. Vacuum Fix manufactured this belt to the exact OEM specifications. To ensure optimal performance, replace every 6-12 months.

How long should Dyson vacuums last?

Around ten years
The lifespan of a Dyson vacuum cleaner is approximately ten years. This is significantly longer than other vacuums.
Dyson is an excellent choice if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that lasts a long time.

How can I reset my Dyson brush bar?

The on-off switch for the brush bar is usually located in the handle or a slot at the head of the vacuum. The vacuum will then be upright again, so plug it in and turn it on. Some models might not have a switch to turn off the brush bar.

How can you tell if your Dyson battery is dying?

How long does Dyson’s battery last? The battery’s lithium-ion cells are designed to last. They pack a lot of energy and power into a tiny space.
All batteries will eventually become less efficient over time. If your machine is not in Max/Boost mode, it may be time to replace the battery.

Why is my Dyson cutting out after only a few minutes of use?

Your vacuum’s battery life will decrease over time. To get the best use out of your vacuum, charge it up until its total capacity.
Maximum power will limit your Dyson vacuum life to 6 minutes. The battery will quickly run out if it is not charged for enough time.

Why doesn’t my Dyson charge?

A damaged battery is the main reason your Dyson won’t turn on after it has been charged.
The battery will stop holding a charge and need to be replaced. You can find out how to replace a battery once purchased.