Best Dyson DC28 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC28 Animal vacuum cleaner is the ideal HEPA vacuum for pet owners or allergy sufferers who need maximum cleaning power.

This vacuum is best suited for large homes or apartments with wall-to-wall carpeting. However, the new Dyson design makes it ideal for cleaning smooth floors.

This unique design allows you to roll the brush lower and push the cleaning head deeper into the carpet for a thorough cleaning.

This ensures that the carpet is sealed tighter on smooth floors. The push-button control makes it easy to set the DC28 for cleaning high, medium, or low pile carpeting.

Air muscle technology improves the vacuum’s suction power without increasing its weight.

Three Dyson-engineered components make up the DysonDC28 Animal with Airmuscle Technology. Below is a description of the pneumatic actuator that controls the cleaning head.

The powered cam is the second part of the vacuum head control system. It allows the vacuum to operate at different heights.

The brush roll can adjust to the carpet pile you are cleaning. The final component is the high torque clutch.

This clutch maintains a constant speed and deep cleans even the most difficult carpets. The DC28 Animal vacuum cleaner is now better than ever.

Dyson DC28 overview

The Dyson DC28 Animal is specially designed to deal with houses with pets. The vacuum’s Airmuscle technology allows it to adapt to any flooring.

It can switch from hardwood to carpet with no problem. Root cyclone technology ensures that there is no loss in suction when the battery runs out. Additional features include:

  • Quick-draw telescopic reach wand
  • Handle for carrying ergonomic items
  • Clear the bin and use a hygienic emptying technique

The DC28 is quite expensive. People have also pointed out that the release handle can become clogged with dirt if it isn’t cleaned regularly enough.

It is worth looking into a vacuum that can pick up pet hair easily if you have several dogs or cats.

Specifications for vacuums

Why Dyson DC28 Buy

  • There are a lot of houses to clean. Although cordless vacuums can be handy, you will only get so many uses before they need to be charged again. Although you must plug and unplug your DC28, it can still clean the whole house in one sweep. You can vacuum in one day, so you don’t have to do it over several days.
  • There are many types of flooring. Some vacuums work better on carpets than hardwood. The DC28 can be used on any surface thanks to Air muscle technology.
  • You have allergies. A washable HEPA filter captures the minuscule particles found in homes. This includes pollen, mold spores, and dust mites.

Why Dyson DC28 Should Be Avoided

  • You have a lot of stairs in your home. The DC28 vacuum is excellent for this. However, it is heavy and difficult to maneuver on stairs. A cordless model such as the Dyson Slim might be better.
  • No animals. The DC28 looks impressive. All that power is wasted if your home doesn’t have animal fur or dander. A compact and more affordable vacuum might be better if you are the only person living in the house.

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Best Vacuum Review: Dyson DC28

Dyson DC28 Animal remains a widespread DC28 air muscle loved by many top dogs. This is how you can quickly recover from Dyson DC28 animal-for-sale problems.

My friends were very excited about the Dyson DC28 animal on sale. It can take several months. Here are some personal experiences I have with the Dyson dc28 manual for animals.

These are my details. It is incredible how adults treat a mob like this. Dyson DC28 upright vacuum for animals refurbished is a confusing and frustrating case.

Similar dc25 and dc28 images were previously posted on Facebook. This is a bonus that DC28 belt replacement isn’t widespread.

This is a great way to have fun designing DC28 replacement belts. I began a similar task as my previous idea demonstrated a while back.

Get Dyson DC28

You may be an animal lover. Your furry friends may be your best friend. Most dogs and cats shed. Any vacuum can’t handle the load. A void that can capture particles as small as 0.25 microns is required.

Respiratory problems are possible. You may have sinus problems because many vacuums pick up dirt and irritate your sinuses.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has certified the DC28 as asthma- and allergy-friendly.

Skip Dyson DC28

A cordless vacuum is not necessary. It can be taken anywhere you like. You need to unplug the DC28 cord and plug it in wherever you are cleaning.

A DC28 will cost you a little more if you’re tight on budget. A Dyson V8 Animal, which costs a few hundred more than this model, might be a better choice.

A vacuum that lasts is what you want. The DC28 eliminates the need for replacement parts like bags and belts. It also comes with a washable HEPA filter you can reuse.


The patent-pending Air muscle Technology by Dyson: It took three years for Dyson engineers to create the Air muscle technology.

It comprises three cleaner head technologies, which can be used to clean almost any type of flooring. It consists of three components:

  • A pneumatic actuator pulls the cleaner head deep into the carpet to remove small particles.
  • A powered camera that adjusts the brush bar while it focuses on suction.
  • A high-torque clutch increases the brush bar’s power, allowing it to open the carpet pile for more efficient cleaning.

DC28 is a high-powered machine that uses Air muscle technology.

Compatible with all types of floors: The Dyson DC28 comes with a host of tools to help you get the best solution for any flooring.

This adds versatility to the machine and can be used in any house area regardless of floor type.

Large bin capacities: Due to its power, Dyson offers a 5/8 gallon bin size with the DC28.

Telescopic wand with long reach: The telescopic hand can reach up to 16 feet, making it easy to reach places such as ceilings and stairs.

Mini turbine head: This powerful head removes tiny particles and hair from tight areas like upholstery, cars, carpets, etc.

Flat cleaner: The balanced cleaner is very useful in cleaning low furniture such as cabinets in the kitchen or sofas.

HEPA filter certified: HEPA filter certified by Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America: The HEPA filters Dyson uses are asthma- and allergy-friendly.

It has patented Root Cyclone Technology. The Dyson DC28 vacuum cleaners also have the patented Root Cyclone Technology that provides high suction power over time.

No additional costs: The HEPA filter is disposable and can be washed. This reduces the cost of maintaining a vacuum cleaner.

Warranty: Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners DC28, the DC28 comes with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

Dyson DC28: Where can I buy it?

Amazon offers the Dyson DC28 Animal at the lowest price. It ships free and fast, too. Amazon makes it simple to order additional Dyson accessories.

You can add the vacuum to your wish list and wedding registry by clicking a button.


Bagless, 5/8 gallon bin capacity

HEPA filter for life

It includes a high-torque clutch and a pneumatic actuator.

Mini turbine head to remove debris from tight corners

245 air watts power


Slowly move

More expensive


Dyson DC28 is a super-powerful turbo vacuum cleaner that also features Dyson’s Airmuscle technology. This technology helps you keep your home clean even if you have pets. Pet hair is removed from carpets by using super-suction and Airmuscle technology.

Root Cyclone technology, a patented technology, ensures that the carpet’s suction power does not decrease over time.

It is a certified HEPA filter, making it easy for allergy-prone people and asthmatics. Dyson DC28 is sure to be loved by pet owners who love their pets as much as I do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dyson DC28?

The Dyson DC28 Animal Airmuscle, appropriately named, does an excellent job cleaning pet hair.
Air muscle technology allows the machine to adjust to your floor type and carpet height. This model also features a mini-turbine for pet hair removal and a great filter system.

Is the Dyson DC14 Animal over 50 years old?

In 2004, the DC14 was. This upright vacuum cleaner is a revised version of the DC07. It has a lower center of gravity and a ‘telescope reach.’
Dyson’s Root 8 Cyclone technology is used to maintain constant suction. The DC14 is very similar to the DC07.

When was Dyson dc28 first manufactured?

Part of the DC-series, this upright vacuum cleaner is powerful and bagless. It has the model number 15804-01.

Is the serial number for a Dyson located?

The serial number can be found on the rating plate, which is located on the main body of your appliance behind the transparent container.
Register your Dyson complete parts or labor guarantee online by visiting our website.

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