Dyson Cordless Vacuum Leaving Scratch On Floor – What To Do?

You’re now the proud owner of the Dyson Cordless Vacuum. However, it’s leaving scratches on your floor. Here’s some information that could help you solve this problem.

Altering the head attachment on your Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner could stop the machine from leaving unwelcome marks on your floor. For instance, you can use an articulating floor tool attachment when you plan to clean your dark hardwood floors.

If you require assistance changing the Dyson Cordless Vacuum head attachment, keep reading to learn more about the process in this article. We’ll also talk about another method to help stop the cleaner leaves streaks of dust on the floor.

Can Dyson Cordless Vacuum Scratch The Floor?

Utilizing Dyson’s power nozzle attachment to scrub dark hardwood floors can scratch the flooring. The most frequent culprits are rollers, which tend to drag on the flooring. This could also be due to the head that is rotating since it can scratch against the surface and cause imperfections.

How Do I Change The Attachment On My Dyson Cordless Vacuum?

Make sure to change the attachment of a Dyson Cordless Vacuum can aid in preventing streaks, scratches, and other marks that are unsightly on your flooring.

For example, please remove your power nozzle, and replace it with an instrument for articulating your hard floor to clean hardwood floors.

Luckily, replacing the attachment for the head on a Dyson Cordless Vacuum cleaner is typically the same procedure for all brands’ vacuums. The process for replacing the head attachment typically is as follows:

  1. Hold the body of the vacuum cleaner as you press the blue button of the attachment.
  2. Keep your pressure on the red button when you pull the lever to remove the extension.
  3. Remove the branch, and put it on the passion you intend to use.

You should hear an audible click to confirm your new device is secured. Make use of the cordless vacuum cleaner as usual immediately after.

How Do  Clean The Wheels On A Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Cleaning the wheels of the Dyson Cordless Vacuum cleaner’s power nozzle could be a viable alternative if you don’t have the articulating floor tool. This method is ideal when you realize that the rollers are responsible for creating marks on your flooring.

You can employ a soft or old brush to remove obstructions and dirt from the wheels. The best option is to clean the wheels thoroughly. But, you might need to dismantle the motor head off the brush first.

The steps below will guide you through this process of disassembly:

What You’ll Need

  1. Flat-head screwdriver
  2. Philips screwdriver

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Take the attachment off and then attach it to the Dyson vacuum’s body or from the extension wand.
  2. Use the flat-head screwdriver to remove the clips from the attachment’s head carefully.
  3. Take the brush bar out by removing it from its part using the screwdriver.
  4. Remove the screws from the attachment using the help of a Philips screwdriver.
  5. Remove the rollers and put them in a safe place.

A thorough wash with a mild liquid detergent will be sufficient to remove dirt and dust from the rollers. It is also a chance to clean the remainder of the unit thoroughly. This way, you will avoid further damage to the vacuum cleaner and the surfaces you wish to wash.

The following video can assist you in cleaning the Dyson head attachment without having to take off the majority of its components:

What Is The Best Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors?

Maybe you’re considering changing your Dyson Cordless Vacuum cleaner since it’s made you uncomfortable, such as leaving streaks of dirt on your floors. If that’s the case, there are a few options that you might want to include in your list of options:

1. Shark HV302 Rocket Pet Pro Vacuum

Even though this vacuum is a corded model, it’s akin to an unplugged cleaning machine. It’s relatively light, thanks to its hand-held design.

In addition, the extra power generated by connecting it to a nearby electrical outlet can assist in removing dirt and grime from various surfaces.

2. Miele HX1 Triflex Vacuum

The Triflex moniker refers to the three ways you can utilize this vacuum cleaner. In contrast to other Dyson Cordless Vacuum having only one functional design,

You can use this one as a stick, compact upright, or stick. A few users praise the suction power that it has. But, the cost could deter specific buyers with tight budgets.

3. Eureka RapidClean Pro Cordless Vacuum

In contrast to the Miele HX1 Triflex, this model comes from Eureka and could be a suitable option if you don’t want to spend much money on a brand-new vacuum cleaner.

While it’s not as costly or efficient as other brands, its flexibility lets you get rid of dirt from difficult-to-access areas like underneath a couch.

How Do You Remove Streaks From Hardwood Floors?

Remember you must clean your vacuum, or changing its head attachment can help keep scratches from appearing on your floors. However, the damage done to your flooring may be present.

You can use a DIY cleaner to get rid of stubborn streaks. Make sure you’re preparing yourself for safety during this procedure.

Make sure you have goggles, face masks, respirators, and an appropriate pair of gloves. These items help protect your health from any irritants from the cleaning product.

After completing the preparations, follow these steps to make your cleaner.

What You’ll Need

  1. Water
  2. White vinegar
  3. Alcohol rubs
  4. Spray bottle
  5. A mop that has a microfiber head

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Mix 1 half cup of water with a 3/4 Cup of white vinegar and 3/4 cup of liquor into the bottle.
  2. Apply the scuff marks to the floor using the mixture.
  3. Clean the area with the mop.

Does Dyson V6 scratch hardwood floors?

The floor attachment standard included along with Dyson V6 Animal and Motorhead (direct-drive cleaner head) is likely to scratch the floor of your hardwood.

Its Dyson V6 was refined initially, but after a couple of months, it left tiny scratch marks on floors with dark wood. It is believed to be due to the big wheels at the rear that scratch when you rotate the head.

The Dyson V6 Absolute will not scratch floors made of hardwood. It comes with a soft head of roller cleaner. Instead of bristles, the head of the cleaner is a smooth velvety roller that does not scratch wood floors.

When you utilize this Soft Roller cleaner head explicitly made for Dyson V6, it becomes one of the most maneuverable vacuum cleaners for quick cleaning on hardwood flooring. The machine glides smoothly in all directions.

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Does Dyson V7 scratch hardwood floors?

The floor attachment standard included with the Dyson V7 Animal and Motorhead (direct-drive cleaner head) will likely scratch the hardwood flooring.

Indeed, the Dyson V7 rotating head doesn’t scratch the surface; however, the lower part of the stick does. It’s not the head that scores, but the wheels on the back cause a cross each time you rotate the head.

The Dyson V7 Absolute doesn’t scratch hardwood floors. It comes with a soft, cleaner head for the roller. Instead of bristles, the head of the cleaner is a smooth velvety roller that does not scratch wooden floors.

Always make use of the cleaner heads for soft rollers on hardwood floors. Each time I utilize the Dyson V7 Absolute with authority for the soft roller, I am pleased with the results, and there aren’t any scratches on my hardwood floors.

Does Dyson V8 scratch hardwood floors?

The floor accessory included in the Dyson V8 Animal and Motorhead (direct-drive cleaner head) is bound to scratch the hardwood flooring.

It’s excellent initially; however, after a couple of months, it starts to leave streaks as the two little wheels on the base of the head begin to lose their luster. A small piece stuck on the roller can be dragged across the floor and scratched off the wood finish.

It is the only Dyson model that Absolute doesn’t scratch hardwood floors. It comes with a soft, cleaner head for the roller. Instead of bristles, the head of the cleaner is a highly delicate and velvety roller that won’t scratch wood floors.

If you’re thinking of the Dyson V8 to clean your hardwood floors, choose the Absolute instead of the Animal and the Motorhead. The soft roller cleaner head is vital to keep your hardwood floors free of scratches.

Does Dyson V10 scratch hardwood floors?

Each Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal and the V10 Motorhead have the same cleaning head with a torque drive and an elongated brush bar that spins. The head can provide strong pick-up performance on all types of surfaces.

The standard floor attachment included in Dyson V10 Animal and Dyson V10 Animal and V10 Motorhead (direct-drive cleaner head) will scratch the hardwood flooring.

In the case of hardwood floors and less delicate and barefoot, you could benefit from the soft roller cleaner head on the Dyson V10 Absolute.

This device was specifically designed for hardwood floors to avoid scratches since it is constructed from nylon woven into a soft, supple weave and antistatic carbon fiber.

Although you can use both Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal and V10 Motorhead on bare floors and flooring made of hardwood, both are best with carpet since bristles dig deeper into carpets to loosen dirt.

Does Dyson V11 scratch hardwood floors?

Even though all three of the Dyson V11 Animal, V11 Torque Drive, and V11 Outsize do not include an additional floor tool specifically designed for hardwood flooring, the devices will not scratch floors made of hardwood.

The Dyson V11 features a mighty cleaner head with Dynamic Load Sensor technology. The director will cleverly adjust suction to deeply clean your carpets.

And prolong the running time for hardwood flooring. It can remove dirt off hardwood floors without scratching the floor.

This means you don’t have to change heads whenever you move across different floors in your home.

However, suppose you only wish to use the Dyson V11 on hardwood floors. In that case, you stand greater chances of cleaning them without scratches using the soft head of the roller cleaner explicitly designed for Dyson V11.

What kind of vacuum is the right one for you and your family?

Paul suggests that the best method to keep hardwood floors in good condition is to vacuum or sweep them.

That’s why Diana Rodriguez-Zabawho, the president of ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba located in Chicago, Illinois, recommends vacuums that have HEPA filters.

HEPA filters effectively eliminate these pollutants from your floors without spreading them in the air and contaminating your home.”

Vacuumsilk, R&D product development manager at N-Hance Wood Refinishing in Logan, Utah, says it’s important to know what kind of vacuum you should employ and at what time. “

At the end of this article, you’ll find suggestions from these experts for maintaining your flooring. First, they are the most efficient cordless stick and robot vacuums for hardwood floors.

Dyson cordless vacuums: V6 VS V7

Since its inception, it has been making one of the most effective products available, including Dyson Cordless Vacuum.

From 20 minutes per line, it introduces new technologies and enhances the old ones, and the most recent models can clean for up to 60 minutes before needing a recharge.

Dyson’s “V” Series stands for Dyson Cordless Vacuum, among the top available. They’re cordless and straightforward to use since they always have a ready-to-go option.

Other Dyson Cordless Vacuum cleaners may offer good performance in full mode; if they are, Dyson cleaners are powerful enough even at low settings.

How else has Dyson made improvements other than the life of its batteries, motors, and dustbin dimensions? Let’s look at the differences between every Dyson model to determine the best cleaner for you.

Dyson V6 compares to V7 and chart of comparison

Dyson V6 Absolute

Dyson V7 Animal
Battery life
(Low power mode)
20 min30 min
Battery life
Max power mode
6 min6 min
Suction power
(air watt)
100 AW100 AW
Dustbin capacity400 ml500 ml
Noise level76 dB70 dB
Motorized Head
for Carpet
Soft-Roller Head
(for Bare Floor)
Carpet identificationNoNo
Weight5.1 lbs5.3 lbs
Dimensions9.8 inches x 47.5 8.2 inches 8.2 inches9.8 49 8.8 inches
Settings for power22
Time to charge3.5 h4 h
Warranty24 months24 months
Check PriceDyson V6 AbsoluteDyson V7 Animal

Which Dyson is best for you?

  • Dyson V6 is the cheapest model but still excellent.
  • Dyson V7: Budget for carpet

Dyson V6: Motorhead vs Slim vs Fluffy vs Animal vs Absolute

The Dyson V6 has a 400 milliliter (0.11 gallon) dust box, the most compact battery. It is the Dyson V6 model line that has the most changes.

Dyson V6 Motorhead: This is equipped with a cleaning motorhead that is more agitated and is perfect for cleaning carpets.

We don’t suggest applying it to bare floors since you cannot switch off the head. The Motorhead can be used on the foundation for a limited area of messes.

Dyson V6 Slim: The V6 Slim has a mini motorized cleansing head. It weighs 4.5 lbs. The vac comes with an electric cleaner head and an integrated tool. This vac is not appropriate for use on the carpet.

Dyson V6 Fluffy: The product includes one head that is roller only and no brush with stiff bristles to aid in carpet cleaning. Perfect for floors with no carpet.

Dyson V6 Animal: The V6 Animal, is a Motorhead with additional attachments. Both models have the same bristle with direct drive. However, the V6 Animal includes two tools, including a mini-motorized head and a soft dusting brush.

Dyson V6 Animal Pro has a small number of additional accessories inside the box.

Dyson V6 Absolute: The unit includes the soft roller and an electric cleaner’s two most giant cleaning heads. The Absolute model is the only one that provides for a HEPA filter.

What do you think each Dyson V6 is used for?

  1. Dyson V6 Motorhead and Animal are perfect for cleaning carpets and pet owners.
  2. This Dyson V6 fluffy is intended for flat floors.
  3. This Dyson V6 Absolute is ideal for hard floors and carpets. It’s suitable for pets too. If you have allergies, asthma, or asthma, this V6 Absolute is the right choice.

Dyson V7 Fluffy There is a difference. Motorhead Vs. HEPA vs. Animal/Animal Pro+

The Dyson V7 is quieter, has a more significant dust bin, and can last 10 minutes longer than the V6. It is worth noting that the Dyson V7 does not have an Absolute model, which means it does not come with an extra soft roller inside the box.

In a nutshell, What does each modification stand to be used for?

  1. Dyson V7 Motorhead Carpeted homes generally.
  2. Dyson V7 fluffy hardwood flooring and no carpets.
  3. Dyson V7 HEPA people who don’t wish to purchase a costly model but suffer from allergies.
  4. Dyson V7 Animal/Animal+ Pet owners carpets with a low pile and some hard floor areas.

Dyson V6 and V7.

  • 10 minutes more battery life
  • A bigger dustbin
  • It is the Dyson V7 that does not have the Absolute modification.
  • It was also quieter than the V6.

Its Dyson V6 is a good option for homes with small spaces and carpets with low piles. If you suffer from allergies, you should consider the Dyson V6 Absolute. Dyson V6 Absolute.

The Dyson V7 is a great low-cost carpet cleaner. If you only have hard floors, go for one of the Fluffy versions.

If you want to get two heads for cleaning, you’ll need to purchase an additional charge. Be aware that should you suffer from allergies, you should buy the Dyson V7 HEPA since the other models aren’t suitable for people suffering from allergies.

Because the V7 is a bit more durable and has higher efficiency, it’s better for average homes.


The definitive solution to your question: Does Dyson scratch wood floors? The answer is yes. Dyson V6, the V7, V8, V10, V6, and V11.

The Absolute will be the model to go for due to the soft head of the roller cleaner, which glides smoothly across hardwood flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dyson safe for hardwood floors?

This Dyson Soft Roller Head (Fluffy) is designed specifically for floors made of hardwood and is coated with antistatic carbon fiber filaments. It eliminates dust and fine particles.

Do Dyson vacuums let dust out?

However, when it’s not sealed correctly, it could allow them to leak back into the atmosphere.
The Dyson Cyclone V10(tm) vacuum features whole-system filtering that captures dust and locks 99.97 percent of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.

How do you remove scratches from the Dyson vacuum?

The marks on the Wand are caused by it coming into contact with a surface painted, such as a door frame. They can be eliminated by wiping them clean with the dampness of a cloth.

What is Dyson portable vacuum ideal for hardwood flooring?

Best for Hardwood: Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. It has two soft head rollers for cleaning, four 360-degree casters, and an articulating neck.
This Dyson Omni-glide Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner was developed to accomplish one thing extremely effectively: clean hard surface floors

How can you clean hardwood floors without damaging them?

The most effective choice is a canister model because it comes with a long oval floor brush that can get into small areas

Does Dyson remove dust mites?

“This means we are able to learn more about the allergen dust mites and learn the best ways to eliminate the allergen from your home,” Vacuumsilk says