Dyson Animal vs Animal 2: Which one is the Best?

Dyson has been proud to offer a range of space-age vacuum cleaners, which are far from mundane household appliances.

Dyson has experimented with new features, and the Dyson Ball Upright series results from these innovative designs. The Dyson Ball Upright vacuum cleaner is currently available in two models.

These models look very similar in many ways. Both models are based on a good ball design. Both are truly masterpieces.

There are some differences. Dyson Animal vs Animal 2 with more efficiency and suction power. Let’s look at the differences. These vacuums can be quite costly, so choose the right one.

This is the ultimate Dyson upright vacuum review. The following Dyson vacuum cleaners will be compared: Dyson Animal vs Animal 2

There’s a lot of information to go over, so let’s dive in.

We have a Dyson comparison chart that shows the vacuum cleaners, with important specs and highlights of where each Dyson upright excels.

Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This model was Dyson’s first major innovation. This design is quite different from the previous lines. It is strong in suction and has excellent maneuverability on the carpet.

It has all the features you would expect from high-quality vacuum cleaners. However, the Radial Root Cyclone technology provides powerful suction. It works on all surfaces thanks to its self-adjusting head.

Although it is heavier (18 pounds), the Ball’s Upright design makes moving around easy and allows you to get in the tightest corners.

This machine is great overall. It was designed for pet owners and worked well for picking up hair. It is a great product, except for the weight and price.

Presenting Dyson Ball Animal Vacuum Cleaner

The Animal 2 upgrade is a major improvement on the earlier model. It is almost identical in most aspects. It is, however, more powerful and quieter.

It retains the same excellent balance and maneuverability as the previous model. It still features an adjustable head that makes it versatile and efficient on many surfaces.

Vacuumsilk has four versions of the Dyson Ball Animal 2. Although they are all based on the same model, they have different attachments.

Presenting Dyson Animal 2  Vacuum Cleaner

The Animal 2 upgrade is a major improvement on the earlier model. It is almost identical in most aspects. It is, however, more powerful and quieter.

It retains the same excellent balance and maneuverability as the previous model. It still features an adjustable head that makes it versatile and efficient on many surfaces.

Vacuumsilk has four versions of the Dyson Ball Animal 2. Although they are all based on the same model, they have different attachments.

What is the difference between Dyson Animal vs Animal 2?

The Dyson Ball Animal upright vacuum cleaner is cordless. It’s lighter than Animal 2 and is less noisy. The price is also higher than other Dyson models. It comes with different accessories and tools (e.g., a docking station and charger, which is different from the Dyson Animal  vs Animal 2

The Animal 2, however, offers better cleaning performance. Although the model isn’t cordless, we found it relatively easy to use. Dyson Animal 2 is a better option with its lightweight design. Its cleaning performance also surpasses that of Animal 2 or Animal.


We’re going to be focusing on two styles for simplicity.

The Dyson Animal contains the following:

  • Dyson Animal
  • Dyson Animal 2

The “2” models have updated versions. Each vacuum has sub-models that have design and performance differences. Let’s just focus on the highlights.

Design similarities

The Dyson Animal vs Animal 2 upright vacuums share many design similarities.

Both vacuums, for example, have:

  • Adjustable Cleaning Deck: The cleaning head automatically adjusts to ensure the best suction for any floor type.
  • Dyson ball: The patented Dyson ball is designed to improve maneuverability and tight turns
  • Clear-XL dustbin: Large dustbin made of clear plastic. Easy visibility and easy maintenance
  • Dyson two-tier Tyson suction: The Two-tier Tyson system uses the power and speed of the centrifuge to spin debris through several cyclones to provide strong, fade-free suction
  • Cord and accessory storage: Wrap the cord along the back to store your cords and a few ports for handling small accessories.

Design differences

This is a brief list of major differences between Dyson Animal and Dyson Animal.

Both the Dyson Animal vs Animal 2 have a purple-colored body.

It is easy to identify the design family it belongs to by looking at the different colors on each model. This decision will likely be a marketing and branding decision based on functionality or usability.

Dyson Uprights Cleaning

All Dyson Animal vs Animal 2 models have different technology. They all rely on the Dyson Ball to provide excellent maneuverability and the tiered Cyclone system to deliver powerful, fade-free suction.

All models share a Dyson Ball but do not deliver the same suction level.

Dyson Suction Power

Below is the same suction power for each model.

  • Animal: 245 AW
  • Animal 2: 306
  • Animal 2 Total Clean: 306

The Dyson Animal has a little suction power at 245 AW.

The Dyson Animal 2 has the highest power at 306 AW but is also the lightest and most compact.

The Dyson Animal are slightly older model. However, you may be able to score great deals on these older models.

Each of the four Dyson upright models has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Dyson Animal vs Animal 2 uses the same self-adjusting cleaning heads with spiral bristles. This cleaning head helps to prevent tangles while it cleans.

Size and Weight

For some users, the size difference could be decisive. Below are the exact specifications:

  • 15.4” by 13.4’s x 42.4’’ and 17 lbs
  • 2: 15.35” x 13.39 x 42.13’s and weighs 17.5 pounds
  • Animal 2 Total clean: 15.35″ by 13.39’s by 42.13’s and weighs 17.5 pounds

The Dyson Animal2 is the largest and has the highest suction (see Suction specs).

Accessories & Tools

The tool selection is another difference between Dyson Animal vs Animal 2. Each model includes a wide range of accessories and tools to assist with various cleaning tasks around the home.

However, the selections are not the same across all markets.

AccessoryAnimal 2Total CleanAnimal 1
Extending hose/wandYesYesYes
Self-adjusting roller headYesYesYes
Hard floor toolNoYesNo
Stair toolYesYesYes
8″ Crevice ToolNoNoNo
Dusting brushNoYesNo
Combination ToolYesYesYes
Turbine toolYesYesYes
Multi-angle brushNoYesNo
Reach under toolNoYesNo
Mattress toolNoYesNo

You will receive the following tools and accessories with your base model of the Dyson Animal vs Animal 2:

  • Stair tool
  • Turbine tool
  • Combination tool (dusting brush, crevice tool)

You’ll have to give up the turbine tool. It is useful for hair removal.

The Dyson Auto Total Clean comes equipped with almost all the tools you would find in a Dyson.

  • Turbine tool
  • Hard floor tools for articulating
  • Combination tool
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Multi-angle brush
  • Reach-under tool
  • Mattress tool
  • Stair tool
  • Tool bag

Cleaning Tests

The Dyson Animal vs Animal 2 are great choices for cleaning. Two of these models were tested in our Modern Castle home testing laboratory.

We test the vacuums on three types of flooring:

  • Hardwoods
  • Low pile carpet
  • High pile carpet

To help us identify weaknesses and strengths, we also test different types of debris. These are the types of debris we test:

  • Cereal
  • Rice
  • Kitty litter
  • Sugar

Overall Performance

Below are the cleaning results for Dyson Animal vs Animal 2.

Below are links to detailed performance data for each model:

  • Dyson Animal 2, full review and cleaning tests

These cleaning results are further broken down into different floor types.

Hardwoods can be cleaned.

Both vacuums performed well on hardwood floors. The Animal 2 captured 99-100% of all other debris types we tested.

The Dyson Animal performed just slightly better than the Animal 2. The main difference between the two models was in the cereal test. The Animal 2 captured 99%, and the Dyson Animal captured only 81%. Kitty litter, rice, and sugar cleaned perfectly.

Carpet Cleaning

The Dyson Animal vs Animal 2 performed flawlessly cleaning low-pile carpets. They captured 100% of all debris tested.

Carpet Cleaning

We noticed more differences between the Dyson Animal vs Animal 2 when cleaning carpets with high piles.

The performance of cleaning sugar, rice, and cat litter was very similar, between 97-100% for each test using both vacuums.

Large Debris cereal, like hardwoods, is where the real difference lies.

The Dyson Animal 2 cleaner has stronger suction. This suction kept the head of the vacuum cleaner closer to the floor, which made it less likely that the cleaner would collect all the cereal. The Animal 2 captured only 58% of the cereal that was dropped.

The Dyson Animal’s suction power is slightly lower, so it can keep the head of the vacuum cleaner more on top of carpet fibers. The Dyson Animal collected 100% of the cereal that was dropped.

Last Notes on Cleaning

These differences aside, performance between the Dyson uprights would be nearly identical. The main issue was cereal. You can easily remove it with a hose if you find it often while cleaning.

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Dyson Upright Vacuum Specifications

We have listed below the specifications for:

  • Dyson Animal
  • Dyson Animal 2
SpecificsAnimal 2Animal
ModelAnimal 2Animal
Weight17.5 lbs.17 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor).All (indoor).
Dustbin Capacity2 L2 L
ReturnsVariable depending on the retailerVariable depending on the retailer
PriceAnimal 2Animal 1

What about the Dyson Animal and Animal 2?

Are you curious about cleaning performance for older models like the Dyson Auto 1 and the Dyson Auto 2?

Although we have not tested the models, we can assume that they will perform as well or slightly better than the “2” models.


These Dyson Animals and Dyson Animal 2 are comparable in terms of usability, but there are some things you should be aware of.


The Dyson Animal 2’s smaller size and weight make it easier to maneuver than other Dyson Animals.

All models are quick and easy to take tools off and on. They all include various tools, including a red “quick-release” design that makes it easy to adjust.

The Dyson accessory kit includes additional tools for the Animal Upright or Animal 2 upright. This set contains four of Dyson’s most popular attachments.

  • Extend hose
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Hard bristle brush
  • Wide nozzle tool

The dustbin must be empty.

The Dyson Animal vs. the Dyson Animal is the same process. Animal 2 The dustbin can be released from the upright by pressing a button.


The basic design of all Dyson Ball vacuums is the same. All vacuums can turn on a dime thanks to the Dyson Ball, which allows them to be very maneuverable.

These Dysons have a tight turning radius and can pivot side-to-side or recline backward to extend their reach.

What are the Shortcomings?

The Dyson Ball has one drawback: it is difficult to fit under furniture. You will need an extension wand or water hose to get the Dyson Ball under furniture and beds.

How about weight?

Weight is an important factor in terms of maneuverability. We have already mentioned that the Dyson Animal 2 has the strongest suction but is also the largest vacuum and the most difficult to maneuver.

Dyson Animal and Animal 2 Comparison

FeaturesDyson Ball AnimalDyson Ball Animal 2
Suction Power270AW306AW
Weight18 pound17 pound
Surface EfficiencyVinyl, carpet, vinyl, and wood flooringVinyl, carpet, vinyl and wood flooring
Capacity for Bin2L (0.53 gallons)1.8L (0.47 gallons)

Which Dyson upright vacuum model do you need?

Are you ready to buy a Dyson but not sure which Dyson model is right for you? These are some recommendations.

  • The Dyson Animal 2 upright vacuum has the best suction. This upright vacuum produces 306AW at maximum power, the best Dyson upright vacuum.
  • The Dyson Animal Total Clean is my recommendation if you need the most tools. This Dyson comes with more accessories and tools than any other Dyson upright. This vacuum can clean more spaces than any other Dyson upright.

It is difficult for me to recommend the Dyson Animal 1 anymore. Dyson has made such significant improvements in suction power, design, and price that it is possible to get more suction power for a lower price than other Dyson models.


The Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum is the best option if you are looking for a high-suction vacuum that can be used to maintain respiratory health at an affordable price.

We searched the web for the best deals, and Vacuumsilk was the winner. Click here to find the best deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Dyson Animal 2 and Dyson Animal?

The design of both models is similar, but they have slightly different features. The Dyson Animal’s suction power is 245 Air Watts (AW). Animal 2 has 306 AW. This is the highest level of suction for any Dyson upright vacuum.

Is Dyson Ball Animal 2 now discontinued?

Dyson’s corded vacuums, such as the Ball Animal 2, were the last of their type. Dyson announced that it would stop making plug-in vacuum cleaners in March 2018, as it launched its new cordless Cyclone V10 series. Cordless is the future.

Is Dyson Animal 2 worth it?

You get a lifetime washable filter and additional tools. You will have to pay more if you need the most powerful cleaning power. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is a great upright vacuum and the most expensive.

Do Dyson animals have different characteristics?

The color is the only thing distinguishing Dyson V8 Animal from Dyson V8 Absolute. Dyson V8 Animal also has a Soft Roller Cleaner Head, designed to clean sensitive bare floors. Other attachments and tools are identical.

Which Dyson is best?

9 of the Best Dyson Vacuums On The Market
·   Best Overall – Dyson Torque Drive V11
·   Dyson V15 Detect – Best High-End
·   Best Cordless Dyson V10 Animal
·   Best for Big Homes – Dyson V11 Outsize.
·   Dyson Ball Animal 2 is the best for pets
·   Dyson Ball Multi-Floor 2.
·   Dyson Omni-Glide is the best for Hardwoods.

Is the Dyson Animal 2 too heavy?

Design. The Ball Animal 2 is a bulky vacuum that measures 42.13 x 15.35x 13.39 inches/ 105.7x 38. 4 28.1 (hxdxw) and 17.5lbs/ 7.34kg.

Which Dyson cordless dog is the best?

Dyson v8 Animal Cordless Stick
Best Overall: Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner
This Dyson model is our top choice because it has powerful suction and a lower price (compared to other Dyson models). It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble, which can be stored in a closet or laundry area.