Best Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum with Tools

Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum with Tools Red is a decent, bagless, corded vacuum cleaner with an adjustable cleaning hose.

Its well-balanced design combines motorized brush roll, high suction, and air filtration to create an inexpensive vacuum cleaner.

With the flexible cleaning hose, cleaning wand, and onboard tools, Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus.

M084650 can be used for cleaning different surfaces that are elevated.

Dirt Devil M084650 is powered by a 7-amp motor that provides good suction.

Vacuums that have 12-14 Amp motors offer more suction. However, Dirt Devil M084650 is equipped with the main cleaning head,

Which can adjust height automatically, and a motorized brush roll, which assists in cleaning carpeted areas and hard flooring.

The Scuff Guard traps debris on hard floors, preventing scratches on delicate surfaces.

The unit measures 11 inches wide, is 43 inches in height, is 10 inches deep (~28 x 110 inches x 25.4 millimeters), and weighs under 9 lbs (~4.1 Kilograms).

The handle is telescopic, which helps in the storage. Storage size is about 31,8 inches (~78 cm) and saves valuable space.

The power cord is 25 feet (~7.6 meters) in length, allowing users to clean vast areas with one wall socket.

The Dirt Devil M084650 does not have an automatic power cord rewinding system. It would be helpful. However, it could additionally increase the dimensions of the vacuum in terms of weight, weight, mechanical complexity, and, in the end, increase the cost.

The power cord is kept in the back of the vacuum. It is manually wrapped on the power cord hooks.

When the unit is delivered, it needs to be assembled. However, there are no tools required. To clean the brush roll, Philips screwdrivers are needed.

Product Specifications

AttachmentsCrevice tool
Cord Length25 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Switch to turn off or on the brushDusting brush tool
Full bin indicatorStretch hose
Multi-surface12″ extension tool
Net Weight (with battery)9 pounds
Shipping weight14.2 pounds
Hose length48 inches
Cleaning Path11″
Overall length42.75 inches
31 inches (when the handle is lifted)
Capacity of dirtN/A
Type of filterHEPA
Power7 amps
Manufactured inN/A
Warranty1 year on the motor and par

What should you expect from the Dirt Devil M084650 RED?

That’s just 2 pounds heavier than the GTECH Air Ram cordless!

This is an excellent vacuum for homes with carpets and hard floors.

It is equipped with two attachments: the crevice tool and dusting brush to aid in cleaning edges and upholstery.

It also comes with a stretchable hose; however, it’s short at 48 inches when stretched fully; therefore, the reach is somewhat limited.

Attachments and Accessories

It is included together with the extensions.

Cord Length

It has a 25-foot cord that can’t be retractable, so you’ll have to unwind and wind it manually.

Filter Clean up

Clean-up of the filter is simple. Just hit a button and release the dirt cup. Then, turn the cover to remove it and empty it at the top of a basket.

Its HEPA filter is situated in the middle of the unit and is taken out by twisting the filter.

While it’s easy to clean up, it can be messy. If you suffer from allergies, I suggest asking someone else to clean it for you or put on a mask.

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Dirt Devil M084650 site states that the product comes with a one-year warranty on the motor and components.

Bare Floor Performance

It is best for removing fine particles from the floor. It can quickly pick up things such as dust and power, but when it comes to larger particles, it may tend to move some around.

It is possible to use the crevice tool to scoop larger pieces of debris.

If you have hardwood floors that are cracked or receding between the panels, you might need to use the crevice or brush tool to clean up Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus that has accumulated in these spaces.

Carpet Performance

This is a problem with unclean carpets since they don’t have self-propelling features, making it hard to push through this kind of carpet. Some customers in reviews I’ve read complained about being unable to push it on the mat.

If you have medium to low-pile carpets, they should be able to perform admirably.

Pet Hair Removal

This vacuum worked well with hair from pets on both carpet and hard surfaces since it has strong suction. It also is equipped with motorized brushes that take hair.

It might struggle with the thick carpet because, as I’ve mentioned previously, it’s hard to pull.



Strong suction

Great value for the price

Compact as well as easy to keep

Dirt canisters are simple to empty and remove

Has HEPA filters

Power cord with reasonable length

The kit includes onboard tools

It’s easy to assemble (requires not any tools)


Best for vacuuming smaller areas

A little loud

Exhaust blows out from the front

Dirt canisters must be cleaned regularly

A messy job to remove the filter

The stretch hose is a shorter


Its upright is ideal for small – to medium-sized apartments or homes that don’t have carpeting on the walls since you don’t require an enormous space to store this.

It has excellent suction; however, the dirt cup is tiny and would be filled fast if you wanted to wash a large house of 2,000 square feet in one sweep.

Additionally, it doesn’t include a self-propelling feature, which you require to clean shaggy carpets. Therefore, it will be difficult to push across thick carpets, restricting this to cleaning floors with no medium pile carpet.

Another issue I am concerned about is the HEPA filter that has to be replaced every couple of months.

It is clear that this is a fantastic feature for those who suffer from allergies, but it’s an extra cost.

It’s also great for people who don’t want to transport around a 20-pound vacuum. It’s also great for those suffering from any back problem.

This is an excellent vacuum, especially considering that it is under $60 and is very efficient in cleaning.

All vacuums at this price have some questions about their construction and quality. However, when you can use it for at least a year, then it’s an excellent bargain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Dirt Devil’s hose have no suction?

When the filter is blocked, the vacuum cleaner won’t be able to suction properly. If your vacuum’s filter is clogged, refer to the owner’s manual to learn cleaning guidelines.
The vacuum bag could be overflowing. Replace or clean the bag according to advice from its manufacturer.

Why does my vacuum not turn on?

Make sure the switch is switched on. If the power on the wall is shut off, switch it on again and start the vacuum.
If it doesn’t start, plug it into an alternative socket to determine whether the issue is with your vacuum or your electrical connection. The breaker could have tripped, and it needs to be reset.

What is the reason my Dirt Devil is not spinning?

When the roller becomes stuck to the belt, it can cause excessive friction and strain the belt. Take the brush roll off and wash all hair, strings, and lint out of the bearings.
If the vacuum cleaner’s brush continues to not spin after cleaning the brush roll, think about replacing the brush roll.

How do you replace a Dirt Devil filter?

Here’s how to get rid of it with just a few simple steps:
1. Shake Off the Dirt. Press the filter against the sides of a trash container to shake off all Dirt that is possible.
2. Rinse the Filter. The sponge or pleated filter under water for a few minutes to wash away Dirt. …
Tap and Dry.

Why my Dirt Devil is blowing out dust?

The main reason vacuum cleaners aren’t sucking up Dirt Devil is that the dirt container or bag is filled. Once the container or bag is complete, it is unable to suction up more Dirt and sends the Dirt back to the vacuum.

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