How to Unclog Vacuum Hose? 5 Steps

When cleaning your house, do you occasionally remember to wash your vacuum? A vacuum needs maintenance to function at its optimum, just like any other device. The vacuum hose, in particular, is a component that is frequently used for physical washing and will eventually become unclean. When people neglect routine maintenance, there’s even a possibility … Read more

How long does Roomba Take to Clean?

The good news is that small; consumer robot vacuums can do everything your old, traditional machine can do—and so much more. Voids are often large and difficult to use. One of the customers’ main questions when considering making the switch is how much ground a Roomba takes to clean. A Roomba i7 can theoretically map … Read more

How do I Clean the IRobot filter?

IRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaners can be pretty self-sufficient, with the most sophisticated models such as the top-of-the-line Roomba S9+. However, some hand-held maintenance remains required even with all the sophisticated features and automated functions. You’ll need to clean and maintain the Roomba frequently to keep the Roomba in good form. Roomba IRobot filter is one … Read more

Where are Dyson Vacuums Made?

Dyson vacuums can be used bagless and have cyclonic suction. They are made in the USA. You can rest assured that your vacuum is clean with 5-layer filtration. The company’s past may interest you. Continue reading to find out more about the company’s rich history. The vacuum company was founded in the USA in 1970 … Read more

Where is Roomba Manufactured?

Colin Angle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at iRobot, stated, “Establishment of Roomba Manufactured operations in Malaysia is a fundamental part of our initiative to diversify iRobot’s Roomba Manufactured and supply chains capabilities while mitigating the exposure to current or prospective tariffs on products imported from China.” We are delighted that the Malaysian Roomba Manufactured … Read more