Can You Use Tineco Ifloor On Carpet? Best Reviews

Tineco iFloor is a good choice for carpets. However, it’s not suggested. If you’d like to wash your flooring, you can do so. However, you will not get the same results as with bare floors.

Tineco iFloor comes with two distinct containers, one with a lithium-ion, high-capacity battery, a soft brush rolls self-cleaning, and other functions.

While it can be used as a dry vacuum or even as a carpet cleaner, Tineco iFloor is primarily made to clean floors that are not bare. However, How Can You Use Tineco Ifloor On the Carpet?

About Tineco I floor

Established in 1998 the invention of the original Tineco Ifloor On Carpet was able to push the boundaries of technology within the field, resulting in hundreds of patents around the world.

Tineco is a leader in the development of smart, intelligent technologies that make household products more efficient and more convenient to use.

Tineco has rapidly become an industry leader in the category of smart appliances through its PURE One vacuum range, and the introduction of the first market-leading smart dry/wet vacuum, the FLOOR One S3.

Are you able to use the Tineco iFloor 3 on the carpet?

In contrast to the Floor One S3’s innovative features, the Floor One 3’s features are the same. What are the functions I can use Floor One to do? Carpets are not compatible on Floor One.

Are you able to utilize any cleaning products in Tineco?

Although you can use any cleaning product in the Tineco Wet Dry vacuum cleaner, it’s suggested to use the Tineco Floor Cleaning Solution.

Do you have to use Tineco Ifloor On Carpet for optimal results and ensure that the device will last long?

It is not advised to utilize other third-party products such as Pine-Sol, Mr Clean, Bissell cleaning solution, Fabulous, and Bona for Tineco.

What floors can you apply Tineco to apply it on?

Tineco’s smart sensor iLoop technology, the FLOOR ONE S3, can detect dry and wet messes on indoor sealed floors.

Tile wood, vinyl laminate, linoleum, or marble can all be utilized to make this product. however, Can You Use Tineco Ifloor On the Carpet?

What is the best cleaner or solution to apply for Tineco?

It is highly recommended to utilize  Tineco Floor on the carpet. It was designed to be compatible together with Tineco Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners.

The potent formula eliminates dirt, grease, and staining. The formula is suitable for ceramic, sealed hardwood tile, linoleum stone, marble, and hard floors.

What’s the main difference between Ifloor 3 and Ifloor 3?

A redesigned model from the Tineco IFLOOR, the IFLOOR 3 comes with more excellent battery life and a more potent suction, complementing more water reservoirs.

In general, this FLOOR ONE S3 looks and feels similar to its predecessor, the Tineco PURE S12, except that it is equipped with a sophisticated iLOOP sensor that focuses on dry performance.

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Can you use Pine-Sol in Tineco?

It is not recommended to use Pine-Sol in your Tineco vacuum cleaner because of its highly foamy consistency.

When used, Pine-Sol may cause an excessive amount of bubbles while cleaning, resulting in the water tank of the Tineco within minutes of use.

If you’re interested in that Pine-Sol smell, apply it to the floor, not within the machine.

Can you use vinegar in Tineco?

Tineco is not recommending adding vinegar made from apple cider or white vinegar to the Tineco machine since it is classified as a descaling agent.

The addition of vinegar does not only make it void any Tineco manufacturer’s guarantee but could cause harm to the machine or render the machine unsafe for use.

If you’d like to use vinegar for deodorizing hard floors, make the solution by mixing one teaspoon of vinegar with one gallon of water.

Do you have to apply Tineco on carpets and rugs?

You can utilize the Tineco vacuum cleaner for carpets and rugs. However, the results won’t be as great as when you use it on hard flooring.

Tineco vacuum cleaners were designed on hard flooring, not carpets or carpets. However, Can You Use Tineco Ifloor On Carpet?

Who is the owner of Tineco?

Tineco is part of the Ecovacs Robotics Group. In particular, Tineco is a sub-brand of high-end smart appliances owned by the umbrella of the Ecovacs Robotics Group.

On the 13th of March, 2019, Tineco launched the first intelligent vacuum cleaner and was the first to pioneer this category.

Tineco iFloor Features and Specifications

Tineco iFloor is rated at 120 watts. It is powered by a 21.6V 2500mAh lithium-ion battery that offers a runtime of 20-22 minutes in Normal mode.

If the battery is depleted, it will take three to four hours to charge the charger supplied with the unit entirely.

Tineco Ifloor On Carpet is powered with lithium-ion batteries, don’t recharge it using the battery designed for other devices.

The unit’s dimensions are 10.6 inches x 9.8 and 43.7 inches (~27 25 x 11 cm), and it weighed 6.5 pounds (~2.95 kg) which is a highly light unit, particularly when you consider all the features offered by the unit.

Additionally, it’s simple to carry it to and from the steps.

Tineco iFloor features two transparent tanks. One tank is for clean water (Clean Water Tank, CWT with 530 ml and 18 Ounces), and the other is for heavily contaminated liquids (Dirty Water Tank, DWT 400 ml ~13.5 pounds).

The controls are located and placed on the handle. They allow users to manage all the essential functions of the device effortlessly.

These controls comprise:

  •  Switch to turn off and on to turn the unit on and off,
  •  Switch to Sport Mode to remove hard-to-clean dirt and challenging stains. In Spot mode, the brush roll rotates faster, and the cleaning solution flows increase.
  • The trigger is a trigger for the solution of water or a cleaning solution to clean floors.

Notice: Tineco iFloor is designed to clean and wash SEALED bare floors, such as laminate flooring, ceramics with glazes, marble, hardwood, and others.

Unsealed floors shouldn’t be cleaned using Tineco Ifloor On Carpet or a similar. While Tineco iFloor is easy to maintain and use as a floor washer, ensure to read the instruction manual thoroughly.

Because the user controls water flow Tineco iFloor can also be utilized as a dry vacuum cleaner for quick cleanups. However, sizeable dry vacuum cleaners are specially designed for this purpose.

Tineco iFloor features the main cleaner head, which has soft brush rolls designed to pick up dirt off the floor.

How Can You Use Tineco Ifloor On the Carpet?

You can use it for quick cleaning and refreshing carpet surfaces.

A set of wheels, a swivel neck, and a light design provide good mobility.

The Clean water tank (CWT) can be filled up with warm tap water (up to 140degFor 60degC) for better cleaning. Tineco iFloor is a cordless device, so as such, it does not come with an electric water heater.

To clean up messes that are difficult to remove, it is suggested to add a cap of one bottle of Tineco’s cleaning solutions in the CWT.

Notice: some users complain about the unit’s ability to leave floors with streaks and dull when it happens frequently it is recommended to use distillate or at the very least, demineralized water to clean.

This water is more expensive than regular tap water but leaves no streaks and makes sure that floors maintain their original shiny shine.

While Tineco Ifloor On Carpet suggests that users make use of only their cleaning products (like many other brands) it is possible to use other cleaners or formulas is also possible, make sure to follow the guidelines.

Tineco iFloor Maintenance

Tineco iFloor is easy to maintain. The battery is recharged as it is required. Units have status indicators for the battery or unit that inform the user of the current state of the unit/battery.

A Clean Water Tank (CWT) is filled with cleaning solution or water prior to cleaning. The Dirty Water Tank (DWT) is cleaned after cleaning.

After cleaning, it is recommended to clean, if required the Dirty Water Tank, safety floating device, and the pre-filters.

Because of the Self-cleaning Storage Tray, the user is able to quickly take care of cleaning the appliance by placing it in the tray.

Filling it with a Clean Water Tank with a minimum of 1/3 water or cleaning solution,

Then pressing and press the button to start for at least 3 seconds. the unit will begin a self-cleaning process that lasts approximately 40 seconds, following which the unit will turn itself off.

Additionally, it’s the responsibility of the user to take out lint and hair tangled from the brush roll. This is done with ordinary scissors.

Notice: for exact maintenance procedures for Tineco iFloor, for exact maintenance procedures of Tineco iFloor check the manual.

What’s in the Box?

If the Tineco iFloor arrives, the box will contain:

  • Tineco iFloor Cordless Hard Floor Washer/Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner,
  • Self-Cleaning Storage Tray,
  •  3-in-1 Cleaning Tool,
  • Battery Charger.
  • Tineco iFloor comes with a 2-year warranty.

Tineco iFloor vs Tineco iFloor3 vs Tineco Floor One S3 Wet/Dry Cordless Vacuums

Tineco manufactures a range of dry and wet vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning and washing floors with no rugs and not for cleaning floors. These include Tineco iFloor, Tineco iFloor3, Tineco Floor One S3.

The three models all share the same design concept and are designed to perform the same tasks of cleaning. However, they differ in a few significant aspects, which are described in the table below:

ModelTineco iFLOORTineco iFLOOR3Tineco Floor One S3
Voice AssistantNoNoYes
Smartphone App SupportNoNoYes
LED Control Panel DisplayNoYesYes
iLoop SensorNoNoYes
Water FlowWater Flow Normal Mode: 40 ml/min,Spot Mode: 220 ml/minEco Mode: 50 ml/min,Max Mode: 200 ml/minAuto Mode: 50 ml/min,Max Mode: 200 ml/min
Suction Power8.6W30W30W
Rated Power120 Watts220 Watts220 Watts
3-in-1 Cleaning ToolYesYesYes
Auto-Control Suction and Water FlowNoNoYes
Blocked Brushroll AlarmNoYesYes
Charging Time4 hours4 hours4 hours
Cleaning Solution IncludedYesYesYes
CWT Capacity0.55 Litters0.6 Litters0.6 Litters
Empty CWT AlarmNoYesYes
Extra BrushrollNoNoYes
Full DWT AlarmNoYesYes
HEPA Air FilterNoYesYes
DWT Capacity0.4 Litters0.5 Litters0.5 Litters
Operation Noise82 dB78 dB78 dB
Normal/Eco/Auto Mode Runtimeup to 22 minutesup to 25 minutesup to 35 minutes
Maximum Mode RuntimeUp to 18 minUp to 18 minUp to 25 min
Lithium Battery2500 mAh 21.6V (6-Cell)3000 mAh 21.6V (6-Cell)4000 mAh 21.6V (6-Cell)
Docking StationSelf-Cleaning Storage Tray3-in-1 Docking Station: Docking/Storage, Self-Clean, Charging3-in-1 Docking Station: Docking/Storage, Self-Clean, Charging
Check AmazonTineco iFLOORTineco iFLOOR3Tineco Floor One S3

It is evident that Tineco IFloor is essentially an entry model’ when you compare it to Tineco iFloor3 and, in particular, with a smart wet dry vacuum cleaner such as Tineco Floor One S3, that can even be equipped with Tineco App smartphone integration as well as voice commands.

How to use Tineco iFloor. However, Tineco iFloor is a powerful wet/dry floor vacuum cleaner and washer

That will save you lots of time and also improve the cleanliness of your home and make it more comfortable to reside in. It also comes at the lowest cost of the three models.


Tineco iFloor cleans better and tends to be less messy than other mopping cleaning products.

It is equipped with the most efficient cleaning roller, can be used for both vacuuming and mopping, and doesn’t have to deal with larger debris.

Tineco iFloor is perfect for regular use, light mopping, and also for getting rid of large, nasty spills.

If you’re in search of an affordable option that will do both light vacuuming and mopping, take a look at Tineco IFloor on the carpet, which could be one of the top options for the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tineco iFloor worth it?

Yes, that’s right, it’s. It can double as a floor washer and a wet/dry vacuum. It is also available at a reasonable cost. It does not have the features in newer models but it’s more affordable than comparable units.

Do you need to vacuum using the Tineco IFloor?

Yes, you can vacuum using the Tineco iFloor however, the suction may be more effective if you require a traditional vacuum cleaner to clean flooring that is not bare, you should read the best vacuum for Vinyl flooring article.

However, Can You Use Tineco Ifloor On Carpet?

Yes, you can, however, the effect of cleaning will not be as great as the floors that are not bare.

Are you able to apply a Tineco IFloor on your hardwood flooring?

Yes, you can use Tineco iFloor on hardwood floors when the floor’s finish is still intact and is able to will support this kind of cleaning.

Are the Tineco iFloor suitable for hair for pets?

Yes, it’s true, but over time, human and pet hair, lint and fibres may get caught in the brush roll and have to be removed regularly.

What is the time frame for charging Tineco iFloor take to charge?

In the average Tineco iFloor on carpet takes 3-4 hours to charge fully.

Can You Use Tineco Ifloor On Carpet?

Yes, but it is highly suggested.
whichever cleaning solution you choose to use, make sure to use it according to the directions.

How long will the Tineco iFloor battery last?

On average, the Tineco IFloor battery can last 20 to 22 minutes in Normal Mode.

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