Can You Pressure Wash A Carpet?

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2023)

Are you wondering whether it’s safe to pressure wash your carpet? If the answer is yes

then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the question of whether you can pressure wash a carpet and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in and discover the answer together.

Using a pressure washer to clean rugs can be an effective method if done correctly. To ensure safety and avoid damage to the rug, use a low-pressure setting and keep the nozzle at a safe distance from the surface. check out how to clean vacuum filters perfectly.

Always test a small, inconspicuous area first before proceeding with the entire rug.

How to Use a Pressure Washer to Clean Rugs Safely?

Your home can benefit greatly from the warmth and comfort of area rugs and carpets. They can become very soiled and be difficult to clean. Power washing rugs are a fantastic way to clean them without causing damage.

Confirming your rug is the right type before washing it when the time arrives is crucial. Although this method of cleaning works excellently, it might be advisable to have expensive or antique rugs professionally cleaned. Using a pressure washer is a wonderful DIY alternative because most carpets are too large to fit in your washing machine and dryer.

While regular vacuuming can help your carpets look excellent between cleanings, most vacuums find it difficult to remove debris that has settled deep into the pile of the rug.

If a spill only reaches the surface of your rug, a stain spot remover may also help keep it looking excellent. The only method to thoroughly clean a rug and restore its original appearance is by power washing it. We’ll go over how to clean your rug on your own with a power washer in the sections below.

How To Clean A Rug With A Power Washer?


  1. Water under high pressure is applied to surfaces using power washers. The cleaning power can be adjusted depending on the tip being used and the machine’s pressure output. When washing a rug, it’s crucial to use a low-pressure tip because a high-pressure stream will harm the rug rather than clean it.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of cleaning power to clean your rug by utilizing a 25, or 40-degree tip. To prevent damage to the rug, To avoid causing any harm, it is advisable to maintain a distance of several feet between your wand and the rug.
  3. The rug can be cleaned and some of the filth and grime can be loosened by adding a little detergent to the pressure washer basin. Use the detergent setting on your pressure washer if it has one, or add some to a bucket and use a brush to work the soap into your rug.

How to Prevent Carpet and Rug Damage?

Although this kind of cleaning can be highly effective, you should exercise caution when using it on your particular rug or carpet. Before you begin pressure cleaning your rug, bear these recommendations in mind.

  1. Location – Choose a spot for your rug that is largely clean. An excellent place to start is with an outside patio or driveway with good drainage. Check to see if the rug can be laid flat on the ground. The only place to clean your carpeting is outdoors.


  1. Pressure washer Almost any pressure washer will function; the choice of the tip is what’s crucial. Use caution while applying a strong tip. Start by using a tip with less power and a wider spray pattern. To avoid hurting the rug right away,

start by working from a distance and gradually get closer with the wand tip. Don’t clean your rug with hot water. Pressure washers between 1600 and 1800 PSI are more than capable of this task.


  1. Detergent & Brush – Confirm that your detergent is safe for the fabric your rug is made of by looking at the type of fabric it is made of. Gently apply a small quantity of gel stain remover or carpet cleaner onto the affected spots using a soft-bristled or cotton brush.

Here are some of our top picks for cleaning solutions to wash rugs:

o Folex Carpet Spot Cleaner o OxyClean Carpet & Area Rug Stain Remover

Bac-Out Enzyme Stain Remover by Biokleen

Getting the Carpet Ready for Cleaning


You can begin preparing for the cleaning of your rug on a pleasant day with a chance of sunshine. It’s a good idea to hoover your rug before bringing it outside. You will be spraying a little less if you get rid of any loose dirt.

Lay the rug out flat on a sturdy platform so that you can use the pressure washer while standing over it. Prepare some of the harder stains with the stain remover of your choice. If a deep clean of the rug is required, scrub or rub in the liquid detergent.

Step-by-step Guidelines for Power Washing a Rug

  1. Lay down your rug flat on the cleanest outdoor surface you can find, as was before instructed.
  2. Stain Removal – Begin by removing the biggest stains that may need a little more work.
  3. Configure Your Pressure Washer – Attach the hose to your pressure washer and turn it on. Perform your power washer’s startup procedure. Attach your weakest suggestion first.
  4. Clean Your Rug – Blast the dirt out of the fibres deep into your rug by using your pressure washer in a sweeping motion. To get the dirt off the carpeting, try to move in a single direction.
  5. Flip Your Rug – It might be a smart idea to flip your rug over and quickly clean the back.
  6. Wash the Rug – Turn the rug over so that the right side is facing up. Then, give it another wash. This will assist in clearing the rug of any leftover mud. To avoid damaging the fibres at first, be sure to maintain your distance.
  7. Switch Off Pressure Washer – Now that the carpet has been cleaned, switch off and store your pressure washer. It will be simpler to use later on if you store it properly.
  8. Drying Your Carpet After Washing – To prevent creases, it’s crucial to keep your rug flat as it dries. To bring the carpet inside again, give it plenty of time to dry. Try to locate a sunny area for the last drying.
  9. Cleaning a carpet rug with a pressure washer is not hard if you take some precautions and follow a few tips. By doing this, you can make your favourite rug look new again and put it back in your home. You’ll feel good knowing that you cleaned your rug and gave some parts of your home a fresh new look.
  10. Pressure washers are an excellent tool for maintaining the cleanliness and newness of your home. These are but a few of the pieces of advice that can be applied to a household object. Clean your carpets with the power washer you purchased for your car, siding, or deck.


Pressure washing can be an effective method for cleaning carpets and rugs, it requires caution and care to prevent damage. By following the tips provided in this article, such as using a low-pressure setting and testing a small area first, you can safely clean your rug and restore its appearance. Remember to choose a suitable location for cleaning, use appropriate cleaning solutions, and allow your rug to dry completely. With these precautions in mind, you can enjoy a cleaner, fresher-looking rug and feel proud of your DIY cleaning efforts.

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