Can use Roomba on multiple floors?

Multi-floor homes are fantastic until the time comes to clean them. With this much area, you’d like to hand over the chores to Roomba. But, can Roomba be able to handle more than one floor?

Roomba can clean and map many floors. However, it cannot go through the stairs all by itself. If it’s set up correctly.

However, it is possible that your Roomba could be a highly efficient method of cleaning your multi-floored home.

We’ll explain the best ways to use Roomba on multiple floors and which Roombas are ideal for homes with multiple floors.

Reasons Roombas Can’t Clean Multiple Floors.

Can’t Climb Stairs

It’s a straightforward reason. Your Roomba isn’t able to climb the steps currently.

That means that as soon as it gets close to those steps, it won’t attempt to climb them.

In contrast, the Roomba on multiple floors will turn around in the opposite direction as it would when you have walls.

If you want to wash the steps, you’ll have to move the Roomba on the staircase. This means you have the task individually, which could be time-consuming for anyone.

Many prefer cleaning the steps with other methods.

Focus On One Map At A Time

The Roomba can hold as many floor plans. This means you can figure out the process of cleaning ten floors across different locations if that’s what you want.

This means you can switch off your Roomba and let it run for a while before it goes back to its home base as you’d expect.

This is the reason Roomba can’t do the job of cleaning many floors on its own.

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Limited Capacity

Roomba has a limited capacity regarding the number of debris it can collect.

This is a crucial aspect to be aware of when Roomba is cleaning up the floor. It’ll need to return to the base after it’s filled.

This affects the number of floors the Roomba can sweep in one sweep.

You will need to move it around once it’s in this state, or it’ll shut off or cease to function.

It’s not going to sweep multiple floors by itself, nor is it intended to do so.


Most countries have strict rules regarding how a robot vacuum must work.

This includes how long it is in operation, the energy it consumes, and a host of safety regulations that must be considered.

Because of this, it’s unlikely that the company will develop a system that could sweep multiple floors in one sweep.

Instead, they want a simple device to set up and move whenever it is time to clean several floors.


Can Roomba Clean Upstairs and Downstairs?

Roomba is an automatic floor-cleaning robot. Roomba is a robot that runs specific routines and schedules and gets more efficient every time it runs.

It operates by making use of particular sensors. We know Roomba is a robot that operates on a single floor and does the work it excels at (cleansing).

However, is it possible to let it be used on different floors? The answer is discussed in depth below.

Stairs as an Obstacle

Roomba usually comes with sensors to detect obstacles it encounters. Its purpose is to keep it from falling off.

Roomba typically has four sensors for cliffs on the lowest point. They are capable of detecting any upward or downhill movement on the floor.

The Roomba is specially designed to recognize stairs and then remove itself from them. Each sensor is placed in any of the four directions.

So, when a cliff that is downhill (stair) is identified, it is detected, and the Roomba can move off from the cliff and mark it as a staircase on its maps.

Falling Down the Stairs

Sometimes it happens that a Roomba is thrown down the staircase. The stairs that fall can harm the Roomba both internally and externally.

To stop the Roomba from falling downstairs most effective option is to construct a virtual wall near the top of the stairs to ensure that the Roomba isn’t tempted to walk near it in the future.

Eventually, it will be able to keep itself from falling if the Roomba does slip through the steps even just once.

You ought to think about cleaning the cliff sensors by flipping them over and blowing them up using compressed air. The base for the home shouldn’t be near the stairs.

Multiple Floors

Roomba on multiple floors can work both upstairs and downstairs. A Roomba will be able to remember every spot it cleans.

The base of the home is used for reference for the Roomba. If you wish to clean each floor effectively, then you’ll need to install a new base on every floor.

Maps of Multiple Floors

Roomba can save maps for up to 10 floors! A Roomba can generally work on every floor and then map it according to the floor.

The map will be held on the cloud, meaning that the next time a Roomba is transported to the same floor, it will know where it is and perform its work more efficiently.

Roomba requires time to master the floor. Therefore, the first time it’s transported to a different base, it’ll take a minimum of 3-4 hours to trace the floor.

Older Roombas

Specific old models of Roomba on multiple floors can work upstairs similarly to how they work downstairs. The older models don’t save or make an image of the floor they’re on, i.e., they do not have intelligent mapping technology.

They search for open spaces and then go there to clean the area. Also, taking old models upstairs should be no problem and will operate as it did on the prior floor, without needing to understand the new flooring first.

Effect on Cleanliness

The robot’s cleanliness will not be affected by shifting floors. However, its efficiency is reduced during the initial few runs.

Once the robot has been through the initial run, it will perform as well at cleaning as it was on prior floors.

Roomba on multiple floors will not compromise its hygiene. So, there’s no impact on the cleaning process that comes from Roomba when it changes its flooring.


Roomba can be transported between floors to the next floor and function the same way for the floor you are moving to.

Purchasing a new home base for a different foundation is highly advised. Specific Roomba models Roomba do not suffer from environmental changes since they only look for open spaces that they can clean.

At the same time, some are affected due to the evolution of floors since they must map the area thoroughly.

Roombas on multiple floors cannot cross by themselves and must be moved by hand.

It is suggested to put an imaginary barrier at the entrance to the floor’s stairs to stop the Roomba from falling off. So, one Roomba can be used to wash many feet.


Are you able to utilize the Roomba on multiple floors?

Absolutely! The Roomba(r) I7 can remember up to 10 different floor plans. This means you can move the robot to a new floor or a new home.

So long as the robot has been able to map the area, it will be able to know where it is and will clean up as instructed.

Can you use a robot vacuum on multiple floors?

The robot vacuum you choose for Roomba on multiple floors must have batteries that last for a long time and are powerful.

Ideally, the vacuum must be able to sweep several floors in one session without requiring to recharge between. This is because the charging dock could be located on another floor.

Can I use a Roomba to use upstairs and downstairs?

Yes, we have ours moved upstairs as well as down. It maps your house to make it easier to clean as you move, and it can take a bit of time to learn,

But it didn’t make any noticeable change, so we transferred the docking station to the floor we’d like to put it on.

Do I have the ability to pick up Roomba and then move it?

If you take Roomba and manually transfer it to a different location, it may struggle to find its home base.

It would be best if you allowed Roomba to finish its cleaning cycle uninterrupted for the best results. To make sure that the Home Base is placed in the correct position.

Does Roomba know your home?

iRobot claims that the robot can recall up to 10 floor plans which means that you could “kidnap” it, take it to a different location, and it will then also learn the floorplan.

(It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can shout to your Echo Dot for the Roomba to vacuum a particular space you’ve just cleaned.)

How do I utilize S9+Roomba on multiple floors?

Take it with the S9+ up to the next floor and hit “Clean.” It is aware that it’s on a different floor and generates an entirely new map for the floor.

They suggest you leave the base in its original location and take the Roomba back to the bottom for it to charge and be empty.

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