Can Robot Vacuums Clean in the Dark?

The robotic vacuum has come far since its introduction to the public. Their suction power has increased, and so has the vacuum’s ability to maneuver through rooms.

Contrary to older models that were often lost in getting back to their docking stations, the latest models do not have that issue.

This technological advancement makes the robot vacuum more practical,

Many robot vacuums can operate in the dark, thanks to infrared technology, which scans for obstacles in the route. However, Can Robot Vacuums Clean in the Dark?

Some models could be too loud to work at night, and some aren’t as effective even with lights off. Therefore, the models’ capabilities are crucial.

But, with the help of infrared technology, most robot vacuums can be cleaned at night without any issues.

But, as we previously mentioned, you might need to be aware of the noise level before sleeping in a room with it on at night.

One of the worst things you could have is a loud robot vacuum that keeps you awake at night.

This is another reason not to use a robotic vacuum to replace an old-fashioned one (our article about the subject).

How Robot Vacuums Work

Robot vacuums are more complex than conventional vacuums because the tiny sweeper must move and clean itself (more about the things they can accomplish in our detailed guide).

The vacuum draws power from the rechargeable battery and then navigates the room using a variety of sensors.

Air suction technology and tiny rubber brushes eliminate debris and dirt when the robot vacuum cleans the floor.

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Can You Run A Roomba At Night?

Many people have their Roombas to run at night and perform well, at the very least. Most IRobot Roombas can run in the dark.

Radio Frequency, along with Infrared technology, is used for these vacuums. They don’t require daylight to see things and don’t require light to operate.

What Roomba Models Require Light?

Roomba’s 900 series, like the 960, requires lighting to work well in dark areas and provide fantastic cleaning results.

Can Roomba i7 Clean In The Dark?

The Roomba i7 can clean areas with low light levels due to its dual-beam sensors that detect Cliffs. If the space becomes excessively dark, then the Roomba may alert you that it’s unable to navigate.

Adding some additional light to the room is recommended to help in this situation, such as using a small lamp or night lighting.

Can Roomba i3 Clean In The Dark?

Roomba i3 Roomba i3 performs better in dark or dim spaces than its stablemates because it doesn’t rely on a camera’s navigation.

They rely solely on sensors to steer them away from obstacles. I3 Roombas also include intelligent Mapping abilities.

How Much Light Do Robotic Vacuums Need?

A tiny auto-on LED light will meet most robot vacuum’s needs. The lights will come off when it’s dark and stay on all night.

A consistent light source is crucial for robotic vacuums, not their brightness.

If you open the windows in your house to let natural light into your home, the robotic vacuum might perform better than it should.

Does Too Much Sunlight Affect Robotic Vacuums?

Most robotic vacuums in the market come with invisible walls that warn the robot not to leave space and beacons that use infrared.

Since the sun emits numerous infrared rays, it could confuse the robotic vacuum. The vacuum may not be able to eliminate the sun’s rays from the floor because of this.

The other reason is that too much light can create problems with robot vacuums. Bright lights, like fluorescent lamps, can harm the performance of the vacuum.

The vacuum might slow down when exposed to bright lighting. The robot vacuums that are slower are not capable of cleaning all floors.

Unpredictable fluctuations in light, such as a sunset or the shutting off of overhead lighting, could cause a robot vacuum to be shivering, particularly when it’s outfitted with cameras.

It’s OK to let the vacuum run continuously under the same sunshine.

Remember that Robot Vacuums Clean in the Dark is focused on the walls, not the floors when cleaning. They won’t be able to tell which area they’ve visited if the walls aren’t light enough.

Comparison – Can Robot Vacuums Clean in the Dark?

IRobot Roomba S9+

What we love about this robotic vacuum: The s9+ is perhaps the most impressive model that iRobot can offer.

Its design sets this model apart from the other Roomba models. Because of the unique D-shape, it can remove edges and corners better than circular or round Robot Vacuums Clean in the Dark.

Additionally, thanks to the sophisticated vSLAM technology, the Roomba s9+ has advanced vSLAM navigation.

Roomba s9+ can learn the home’s layout and create individual Smart Maps, which allow it to clean efficiently and navigate in clean, efficient rows.

It is the most efficient robot vacuum that uses map technology. If it runs short of battery, it will recharge and start cleaning again.

In terms of batteries, it will last at least 120 minutes every cleaning session. Since it needs an enormous amount of battery power to power its many features, The Roomba S9+ is sturdy.

There is no need to fret if you’ve got an expansive and sizeable dark-colored space that requires cleaning.

How it performs on dark flooring: Thanks to the dual-beam technology for cliff sensors, the Roomba S9+ can expertly move across black and dark hardwood flooring.

In addition, with 40x more suction, it has sufficient power to wash carpets, making it the most effective robot vacuum for black and dark carpets.

It can rely on the Roomba s9+ to perform Robot Vacuums Clean in the Dark areas thanks to its slam navigation system, which gathers more than 230,400 points per second.

It can effectively navigate and dodge obstacles, even on dark floors. Dirt, dust, and other debris can’t escape the Roomba S9+.

IRobot Roomba i6+

What we love about this Robot Vacuums Clean in the Dark: At almost half the cost of that Roomba s9+, the Roomba s9+.

The IRobot Roomba I6+ is a fantastic option to consider to be among the top robot vacuums for floors with dark flooring.

With a range of cutting-edge technology from iRobot, It can provide powerful cleaning and fight dirt in a flash.

Similar to the S9+, the Roomba i6+ has the option of purchasing the extra CLEAN BASE. Using this CLEAN BASE’s Automatic Dirt Disposal, the Roomba I6+ can be empty for up to 60 days.

It is possible to forget about the chore of vacuuming over a long period of a stretch because this vacuum can clean up after it and take care of itself.

Unfortunately, even though the Roomba s9+ has an impressive 40x suction capacity (compared with the Roomba 600 series), The Roomba i6+ is only with an adequate 10x suction.

However, this iRobot Roomba i6+ is one of the best robot vacuums in the marketplace.

How to clean it is on floors with dark colors: The Roomba i6+ is yet another product by iRobot, equipped with dual beam technology for cliff sensors that allows it to navigate dark floors effectively and black surfaces.

It also works on hardwood floors that are dark too. Essentially, Roomba i6+ Roomba i6+ is guided by intelligent and savvy technology.

Furthermore, thanks to the patent-pending iAdapt technology and Islam, this Roomba i6+ actively captures thousands of precise measurements every millisecond, maximizing coverage.

Since it’s round, it cannot be able to clean corners like that of the model s9+. However, it is an excellent vacuum cleaner for floors with dark colors.

IRobot Roomba i3+

What we love about this robotic vacuum is that now, if you live in a smaller space or an area with a dark surface that you want to clean, then the Roomba i3+ might be the right choice.

With only a tiny fraction of the cost of the s9+ and I6+, the I3+ is the most affordable robotic vacuum for dark flooring.

While it isn’t equipped with the same feature of intelligent mapping similar to the s9+ and the i6+, it comes with the same top-quality 3-stage cleaning system as the I6+.

When you consider that you won’t need to spend a fortune, this is a great deal. It also has the same suction power at 10x and a self-cleaning base as an i6+.

iRobot products are well-known for their ability to learn. Even though it is priced lower, the Roomba i3+.

Can learn your cleaning habits and provide individual schedules. Google Assistant and Alexa allow you to start cleaning only by speaking. It’s a reasonable price for a budget choice.

How do you clean darker floors? Be careful not to be deceived by its lower cost since this Roomba i3+ comes with the famous double beam cliff sensors found on the S9+ and in the new i6+.

It can effortlessly navigate through dark surfaces and black ones. It also works on hardwood floors that are dark too.

While the s9+ may be the most effective robot vacuum for cleaning dark carpets, the i3+ offers plenty of suction power for regular cleaning, especially for floors with dark colors.

Be assured that you can trust the i3+ to clean up debris and dirt efficiently without digging in your pockets. Its intelligent navigation system can do the job.


A robot vacuum could be an investment that is worth it, especially if you do not have the time to do it manually.

Be aware that certain robot vacuums may cost a lot due to the technology they employ.

They can work in darkness and are more costly than other models since they are fitted with a sophisticated navigation system.

The right robot vacuum with a proven technology that lets it work in the darkness is vital.

If you need an industrial robot vacuum made to operate in a dark space, pick one of the brands we recommend below.

These models feature the most recent technologies that make them more efficient and clean more extensive areas, even in darkness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Roomba vacuum be able to move between rooms?

Roomba vacuums can cover many rooms. Basic models with no mapping software will travel unidirectionally until they hit obstacles.
If there’s an opening between rooms, your vacuum can eventually sweep many rooms (until it’s out of battery).
The latest Roomba models come with mapping capabilities. They can recognize the location of the rooms in the house and will clean every room (until the battery is exhausted).
If you’d like the Roomba to complete the vacuuming precisely the area it started from after it has been fully charged, you should look for one equipped with an option for to “Recharge & Resume” feature.

Are Roomba vacuum cleaners function on rugs and carpets with dark colors?

The older Roomba vacuums typically detected the dark shades of carpet or rugs as cliffs and avoided these zones.
The latest models, such as Roomba’s s9, feature enhanced cliff sensors that permit the vacuum to distinguish between carpets with dark colors and a natural hazard such as stairs.

Does the Roomba be used to remove pet hair?

All kinds of Robot Vacuums Clean in the Dark come with bristles made of rubber which are effective in all situations to picking the hair of cats and dogs.

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