Can I leave My Dyson V7 on Charge All the Time?

A battery, charger, and advanced electronics ensure that the Dyson V7 Animal doesn’t overcharge. Because the battery is made to be continuously charged, you should leave the device charging while it’s not in use.

so that it will be ready the next time you use it. Learn how to change the battery in your cordless Dyson V7 on Charge and V8 vacuums.

By removing the three Philips screws holding the battery in If one is placed (one on the handle and two on the bottom of the device), the battery may be removed. The replacement battery can then be installed in the same way.

Signs that a new Dyson battery is needed

More than 12 red lights are flashing.

An overview of the Dyson V6 is provided here, while each model’s user manual will detail each specific light.

  • The vacuum may be charging if the blue light is stable.
  • The vacuum is in danger of losing power when the blue light on
  • The suction starts to flash.

 Additionally, it can signal that the vacuum isn’t charging correctly.

  • Solid yellow signals a temporary problem and no vacuum charging.
  • A flashing red light indicates a significant problem, and you
  • should contact Dyson.

The flashing red light on your Dyson is one of the first signals you need to replace the battery. You would need to take action if more than 12 red lights were flashing at once.

When not using MAX mode, standard runtime has decreased.

A further sign is if your Dyson vacuum needs to be continuously charged while not in use or does not operate for a very long time, even when ultimately set.

With a Dyson V6, for example, you should typically get 20 minutes of vacuuming on the standard setting. The Dyson V7 on Charge has a typical runtime of about 30 minutes, whereas the V8 is about 40 minutes. You should allow about 60 minutes for the Dyson V10 and V11.

If your vacuum cleaner’s battery lasts less than three years when wholly charged and isn’t in the MAX mode, it needs to be replaced.

Making your new Dyson battery run better

  • Ensure the battery is fully charged before using it 
  • for the first time.
  • Each time you use the battery, fully recharge it.
  • Use the appropriate power setting for the job.
  • The battery should be kept cool and dry while being charged.
  • Cleaning your Dyson vacuum cleaner regularly will help the
  • The battery lasts longer.

How do I know if my Dyson needs a new battery?

Keep tabs on the battery life and charge time, and pay more. Pay attention to the red flashing lights. All these are red flags for which you should look for a replacement.

What differentiates the battery in the Dyson vacuum cleaner

Even though Dyson vacuums are expensive, owning one can be considered an investment. One explanation for this is the unique and superior battery they use. The following four features make Dyson batteries.

1. Safe management system

The safe management system for the Dyson vacuum features a unique battery-saving trigger that helps maximize run time by only using power when necessary. It makes sure the battery won’t overcharge, overheat, or start a fire.

2. No memory effect

Some batteries have a higher capacity built into their design. A battery may only hold a small charge the next time it is charged for a bit of time. The lithium-ion batteries used in Dyson vacuums have no memory effect and can adapt to their environment no matter how many times they have been charged.

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3, Tested at least several times

Dyson batteries are tested for more than 2,000 hours to find the right combination of energy density, power density, and life. The battery cells are program areas and created to fulfill their specific requirements.

Powerful but lightweight

Their specially-tuned batteries fulfill the powerful and lightweight substance lithium-ion and were created with the utmost safety, power, and energy in mind.

Using Dyson vacuum batteries to their maximum capabilities

Although Dyson designs its vacuums to be straightforward to maintain, its batteries have extensive chemical compositions that affect their surroundings. Here are five suggestions to increase the battery life of a Dyson vacuum:

1. Avoid using the high-power mode.

For cleaning, your Dyson vacuum is designed to be used in auto or normal mode. On your Dyson vacuum, they can be discovered and replaced at the top or back.

The Max or Boost modes are designed for fast, thorough spot cleaning. However, continuous use increases battery degradation.

Reduce the use of the high-power mode to extend the battery life. Utilize the Eco mode on your device if it has one to extend battery life.

2. Avoid using it in scorching weather.

Batteries age more quickly in warm conditions. Please avoid using your Dyson in hot weather or keeping it in a room with direct sunlight for an extended time. The same is true of chilly garages and porches in the winter.

3. Keep your vacuum at room temperature.

Heat sources like radiators might damage the battery. We recommend keeping your vacuum out of utility closets and at temperatures between 64°F and 82°F (18°C and 28°C), away from direct sunlight.

4. Allow it to cool some.

After using your Dyson vacuum, please wait for it to cool down completely before plugging it back into the dock to recharge.

This will increase the battery’s life. If the room temperature is below 37°F, your machine won’t work or charge. The engine and battery are both protected by this.

5. Take a break.

You can increase the battery’s life by leaving it completely dead at least once every month. It’s best to switch out your extra battery if you have one regularly so they may both have time to discharge naturally.

Dyson V6 vs V7 – Comparison


If you’re trying to choose between the Dyson V6 and V7, we advise rewording your question to ask which is better for you.

The Dyson V7 on Charge is more expensive but boasts a longer battery life and better brush head movement.

However, if you mostly have hard flooring in your home and don’t need it when it comes to cleaning carpets, are you prepared to spend more money to get a more substantial brush head?

The V7 is the superior vacuum of the two, but we advise you to compare it in text to your demands constantly.

You would be familiar with the relationship between the Dyson V6 and V7 if you purchased products from a line at any time. This does not imply that the V6 is no longer worthwhile.

This might be a wise choice if you have a young apartment. Even some money that could be used for something else will be saved. Join us as we explore the specifics of the Dyson V6 vs V7 comparison.

Which of the Dyson V6 and V7 Is Best Under What Circumstances?

Dyson V6

You may already be aware of the excellent suction capability of Dyson vacuums. This vacuum can thoroughly clean your carpets and hard floors for that purpose.

Another essential feature to consider when picking a cordless vacuum is battery runtime. The V6 has received a lot of flak for its 20-minute battery life.

This is because many cordless vacuums compete with it and function much longer. If your vacuum has this suction level, you’ll need to empty the dust cup regularly. The capacity is not significantly different from the V7’s.

However, there can be an issue while trying to empty it. Although the opening for both vacuums is from the bottom, the V6 depends too intensely on gravity to open itself.

There is frequently grime on the surface that won’t just come off. You’ll have to engage in discomfort in such a case.

Both the V6 and V7 execute cleaning tasks excellently. Test findings show that the V6 cleans hard surfaces more effectively, especially if you choose the plush roller brush head model.

So you might want to consider this one carefully if your home has mostly hard floors.

Dyson V7

When it comes to cleaning power, the V7 is an improvement. Its brush bar has a staggering 75% greater power than the V6; this is why.

On standard power, the V7 operates for 30 minutes. You’ll notice that the additional 10 minutes makes a big difference between finishing your cleaning tasks and waiting for the vacuum to recharge for several hours.

Therefore, if the price difference between the two vacuums is worth it for this feature of a cordless vacuum, this is your best option.

The V7, an excellent update, addresses this problem, and it contains a device that forces the sticky dirt out of the way.

You won’t have to touch the ground with your hands anymore. This one has a no-touch emptying system. Do not be mistaken; the V7 also cleans well.

It doesn’t perform as well on hard flooring as the V6. But if they have low or high pile carpets, it performs slightly better than the V6.

Therefore, this might be the one for you if your home has a lot of carpeted flooring.

What similarities are between the Dyson V6 and V7?

There are some characteristics of these vacuums that will be the same as you might expect. Here are some features they share:

  • Multiple variations
  • A long-lasting battery
  • power mode of operation.
  • high-performance filters


The V6 and V7 have similar appearances. You wouldn’t be able to tell them apart if it weren’t for their unique color schemes.

The 2-Tier Radial Cyclone, which lasts directly behind where the wand attaches to the handle, is present in both the Dyson V6 and V7 models.

This compartment can be easily identified since it is like a dual-layered crown in the dust cup. In the V7, it is fuchsia-coloured, while in the V6, it is white.

So as you know, this radial cyclone technology separates the air from the dirt by spinning the dirt and dust in a circular motion at high speeds.

The idea behind this is to promote the most airflow possible. Because of this, neither vacuum cleaner works.


Both the V6 and V7 cordless vacuums are easily changed into handheld models. Just remove the wand from the handle and plug the selected tool back in to complete the process.

You can move closer to the thing that needs cleaning as a result. Because attachment tools let you remove dust, they also enable you to move from floors to furniture.


This is a characteristic of Dyson vacuums. This is caused by the company’s superior motor engineering, which is to be commended. What you get when you combine their suction with cyclone technology is the kind of performance you can always count on from a Dyson vacuum.


Your Dyson not charging could be due to various reasons, but most of them are simple to resolve.

The method is often straightforward, but sometimes you may need to contact Dyson customer care and obtain a new replacement part.

If you find these ideas helpful, please spread the word to your friends in case they experience this problem in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I always leave my Dyson charging?

Before first use and after each clean, it’s essential to charge the device entirely. This improves the correctness of the algorithm.
The vacuum will be fully charged when it is next used because the battery is made to be left on charge forever.

Can a Dyson cordless vacuum be overcharged?

System for safe management. Our special battery-saving trigger increases run life by only using power when it’s needed. It makes sure the battery won’t overcharge, overheat, or start a fire.

Should a cordless vacuum always be plugged in?

Don’t let it run on battery power. A battery that is fully charged loses capacity more quickly when not in use than one that is only half charged.

Can the Dyson V7 be operated while charging?

No, using a smartphone while still charging harms the device. You will shorten the battery’s life and reduce its capacity to hold a charge, causing it to overheat.

What does the Dyson v7’s green light symbolize?

Your Dyson may have blue, red, green, or amber lights on both when it is charging and ton it is in use. They show charging, battery, temperature, and malfunctioning issues. Another clue to the case will be whether the lights are solid or flashing.