Bissell Steam Mop Carpet Glider Best Reviews

Bissell Steam Mop are made for cleaning floors that are not clean, such as vinyl, tile stones, marble, and others.

They’re not made to clean carpets or rug carpets, but with an essential ‘carpet glider’ attachment, a steam mop could be used to assist with carpet surface cleaning, refreshing, and rejuvenating.

If steam mops are utilized with no additional attachments to clean carpets, rugs, and other carpeted surfaces, microfiber pads are more likely to be stuck in the carpet, particularly if the mop gets moved far away from its user.

When a user pushes the steam mop over the carpet, the Bissell steam mop can, up to a certain point, roll over the floor.

A particular cleaning attachment known as a “carpet glider” can be connected to the steam mop’s cleaning heads using microfiber pads to avoid such situations.

Basic overview

It weighs 3 pounds it weighs just 3 pounds. Dirt Devil is yet another light steam mop with a carpet glider attachment with the purchase.

The best part about this item is its low price (the weakest of this selection). However, it has some flaws compared to other Bissell steam mop models.

How Bissell Power Fresh Cleans

Bissell steam mop, Bissell Power Fresh is a steam cleaner that cleans. However, it also has three distinct options. The cleaning procedure includes:

Fill up the water tank.

Plug the unit in and wait 30 minutes for the blue steam light to stop blinking.

Choose the steam mode (low, medium, or even high) and wait 5-10 seconds for the mop to create steam.


Three distinct steam settings are available with this mop. Low, medium, as well as high. Each time you increase the steam setting, more water is utilized to produce a more significant and influential amount of moisture.

Through more steam, users can try and lift more difficult, stumbling on stains and spills.


The users can also flip down the tiny scrubbing tool at the back of the head for cleaning. The brush helps to loosen stain particles after steam has made its way across the stains.

The Bissell steam mop will continue to scrub the surface until the brush, and the steam has lifted the sticky substance or stain.

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Bissel Power Fresh Steam Mop Design

Its Bissell Power Fresh mop appears to be the traditional steam mop style. It seems similar to an ordinary stick vacuum; however, it cleans by generating hot steam that helps to disinfect and scrub.

Design As previously mentioned this Power Fresh steam mop is designed in the shape of a stick vacuum.

The handle is connected to the top body mop and the mop’s head. The steam tank, water tank, and power button are on the body.

The reverse of the map is home to an attached hook that can hold the cord even when it’s wrapped and is not being utilized.


The pads for cleaning on Bissell’s Power Fresh Bissell Power Fresh are firmly attached to the cleaning head with an elastic strap that wraps over the head of the cleaner.

The pads are made of microfiber and can be taken off or washed several times.

In addition, the pads for cleaning have an extra slot interior, where the Febreze Fresh tablets may be placed to help your floors smell fresher after you’ve cleaned.


The Bissell steam mop looks basic and has a great design. The buttons break the blue and white color scheme on the front of the machine.

There’s nothing special about it other than the Power Fresh steam mop. However, it has a specific elegant, modern look.

Bissell Power Fresh Specifications

Below is a comprehensive listing of specifications and features that are included in Bissell Power Fresh



TypeSteam mop
ModelPower Fresh 1940
Weight6 lbs.
Floor TypeAll hard floors (indoor)
Water Tank Capacity0.47 L
CordlessNo 23′ cord
ReturnsVariable by retailer
Warranty2-Year limited
Check AmazonSteam mop

 Do you think Bissell Power Fresh is worth it? Is Bissell Power Fresh worth the price?

Overall, all in all, Bissell Power Fresh provides a fantastic price and is certainly worth the price.

Cleansing performance, a moderate price with a balanced design, and ease of use all come together to make an affordable product.

Through our cleaning tests during our cleaning tests, the Power Fresh did quite well. We only noticed the volume of liquid it could take in.

While the mop could absorb a reasonable amount, however, it started to spread the remaining liquid as the pad was fully submerged.

In addition, the honey and mud did not stand a chance against the Bissell steam mop.

The maneuverability was also impressive. The turning speed was higher than average, and the weight was light enough to manage.

Maintenance costs aren’t high. However, it could be different for each user, based on how frequently the mop is utilized.

Who Should Buy the Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop?

Its Bissell Power Fresh steam cleaner is an excellent choice for many users. This mop will accomplish the task if you’re searching for an easy fix or a more thorough clean.

I’d suggest using the Bissell Power Fresh when you’re searching for the following features on steam mops:

Are you looking to use a steam mop instead of an ordinary mop? 

Steam mops differ from regular mops because they utilize steam to clean rather than liquid or a cleaning solution.

Power Fresh might be a great option if you’re happy to use steam to clean and cleanse your floors.

Do you want to clean your floors? 

The most significant benefit of every steam mop is that it cleans floors 99.9 percent of germs and viruses. If you’re worried about the germs on your bed, the ability to clean them thoroughly is quite impressive.

Do not be afraid of corded units. 

If you’re using a corded item, the maneuverability of your team is restricted.

So, you’ll need to make sure that you’re comfortable with the need to change the location of the plug-in to clean different areas of your house.

Are you looking for a powerful performer? 

Overall, this Bissell steam mop was a success. It didn’t have any issues with honey, water, or dirt. If you’re looking for a strong enough mop to clean your home’s dirtiest flooring, then the Bissell Power Fresh could be the perfect solution.

What we do to evaluate Steam Cleaners with our own steam

Our test subject, Caramel, has years of experience reviewing tech products. She has written for other publications, The Evening Standard, The Express, The Guardian, and The Independent.

She’s been integral to our Ideal Home family and clearly knows what you’re seeking in a quality steam cleaner.

When it comes to steamers are concerned, she’s an expert, having tested the top steamers for clothes to date.

With two teenagers and a dog she has to keep clean, Caramel has been able to put each steamer on an extensive test at home for several weeks.

She’s examined every part of each one in light of its capacity to clean, its maneuverability (taking into consideration its weight and the length of the cable) as well as the equipment that comes with it, and consequently its flexibility, as well as the ease with which it can be used to manage.

What should I pay for steam cleaners?

The most basic steam mops begin at PS50. However, they can go up to PS150, the average price for an excellent convertible.

Steam mops can double as hand-held cleaners. Spend up to PS300 for the cylinder version with a larger steam output.

What are the various kinds of steam cleaners?

Steam mop

Suppose you’re looking to clean your floors with steam into a primary machine that won’t transform into a hand-held.

It’s light and simple to operate and won’t need to keep a collection of tools that aren’t going to be used.

Steam cleaner convertible

A.k.a. 2-in-1 cleaners. These are steam mops that stand upright. The steam generator can pop out of the middle to serve as a hand-held, smaller cleaner.

They are equipped with a variety of equipment for cleaning small items.

Cylinder steam cleaner

You should consider the Cylinder cleaner if you want the most powerful and long-lasting steam.

They create a continuous flow of smoke that can make easy work of any task. They also consume more space in the cupboard.

What other features should I be looking for in a steamer? Variable steam

If you have hardwood floors, avoid models that do not allow you to alter the amount of steam. You’ll need to adjust the smoke to the lowest setting to prevent harming them.

A high-quality steam cleaner will utilize a little steam and then remove the water with the floor cloth to ensure that the floor will be left dry.

If you are unsure, consult with your flooring provider to see if they recommend against steam cleaning.

1. A powerful steam

The top-of-the-line steam can be great for releasing tough grime. For example, you could revive old oven grills to their former glory or ensure that bathroom faucets are sparkling clean.

2. Steam cleaner tools

Convertibles and cylinders include smaller tools, as well as the floorhead. Look for brushes to scrub and the nozzle of a concentrator to create a precise and powerful stream of steam.

A small-sized cleaning head with a cloth is ideal for furniture, and a squeegee is useful when you need to wash windows.

If a steamer has a lot of tools, you’ll get extra points when it comes to the ability to store the tools.

3. The length of the cord for a steam cleaner

It’s a question of deciding where your power sockets are located. We noticed that a 4-meter cord was not long enough to reach our bathroom.


The Bissell Power Fresh comes with a scrubber with a flip-down feature which helps lift the messes that are stuck while cleaning.

This mop comes with three steam cleaning methods.


The Power Fresh steam mop has trouble with the task of cleaning large liquid spills.

The steam mop doesn’t have a tray for resting after using it and leaves more sludge on the flooring.


Bissell Power Fresh Bissell Power Fresh is a steam mop that offers convenience and powerful performance, all for a minimal cost.

Overall, the maneuverability of this mop, its cleaning efficiency, maintenance, and simplicity of use make this mop among the top ones we’ve examined.

If you’re in the market for an inexpensive steam mop for your flooring care routine within your home, this may be worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to utilize a Bissell steam mop for carpet?

For freshening your carpets, it is recommended that you move the mop with an uninterrupted motion across your carpet.

What’s a carpet glider?

A carpet glider allows steam mops to move over carpeted areas to remove dirt from carpets and rugs with hot steam.

Does bissell steam mop come with a carpet glider?

The bissell steam mop was shipped without an accessory, and I didn’t notice its carpet glide.
Now I can clean as I’m used to doing the carpets, from wall to wall. It’s a fantastic cleaning item or accessory; don’t expect to perform things it wasn’t made to accomplish.

Do carpets that are steam cleaned?

Yes, steam cleaners can be used to cleanse carpets. They do this by using steam that is generated by hot water that is stored in its reservoir.
It requires a device with an A nozzle (with a brush) and a tube to utilize on carpets.

Do you prefer to wash the carpet or steam it?

When choosing between shampooing and steam cleaning the carpet, you can’t decide between the two; however, bissell steam mop is the preferred option.
It removes more undetectable dirt and pests and can handle the most intense cleaning without having to take a long time drying.

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