Best Steam Mop To Use On Laminate Floors? Top 6 Vacuums

If you are looking for deep cleaning, a steam mop is a great choice. A steam mop can also clean your floors without using chemicals.

The steam mop works by heating the water you have poured to make steam. This steam is effective at killing bacteria and loosening dirt and sticky messes. T

here are some considerations to make when steam mopping laminate flooring. Laminate floors cannot withstand excessive moisture, and planks may warp.

These items can clean laminate floors using a traditional mop or spray mop. Steam mops can still be used, but you need extra care.

You may be wondering what the best steam mop is for laminate floors. Laminate floors are made from compressed wood, which can cause swelling or warping.

There are steam mop models that can safely clean laminate floors. You must also follow the correct cleaning procedure depending on which floor mop or steam mop you use to clean your floors safely and effectively.

How a Steam Mop Works

It is essential to understand the basics of steam mopping floors. The steam cleaner heats the water to boiling point. This will kill all germs and loosen dirt from the feet.

You heat the water to 212°F. The water will then expand 1,600 times. It will create steam with approximately 3 to 5 percent moisture.

The water will stay vaporized for as long as it is heated at the same temperature.

Because of the high temperature, you should be extremely careful when using a steam mop to clean laminate floors.

Only use the steam mops recommended by your laminate flooring manufacturer. Even though laminate flooring may be labeled waterproof, it is not entirely protected from moisture.

Over time, your flooring will begin to deteriorate from prolonged heat exposure. Your flooring’s seal will eventually crack and begin to show wear.

Specifications and Features of the Steam Mop

It would help if you considered several things when looking for a steam cleaner, particularly for floors with laminate or other sensitive flooring.

Water tank capacity

A larger water tank allows for more extended cleaning without interruptions, resulting in a heavier and bulkier steam mop.

Water tank capacities range from 0.2 liters up to 0.5 Liters on average.

Some units have detachable water tanks, while others have filling flasks. This is a matter of debate as both systems have pros and cons.

Tap, distilled, or demineralized water

Tap water is the most affordable, evaporating in steam mop heaters, leaving residues on steam mop heaters and floors.

To avoid these marks and prevent steam mopping damage, it is recommended to use distilled or demineralized water.

They don’t leave any residue on the water heater, floors, or steam mop. Also, they make steam mop last longer and are shinier.

Manufacturers even make steam mop water with added scent. This water is cleaner than tap water and has a pleasant odor, which increases the sense of cleanliness and freshness.

Water Heater

Most steam mops are equipped with water heaters from 1000W to 1600W, the most popular being 1500W.

Good steam mops should be able to adjust the heat/steam settings to suit the surface and cleaning task. For example, cleaning laminate floors of dust and other debris is one thing.

Another thing is to remove pet hairs from granite and glazed ceramic tiles.

Power Cord

Most steam mops come with power cords that are 15-25 feet long (4.6-7.6m).

A good steam mop should have at least 18-20 feet of power cord (5.5-6.1m) in length. This will allow you to clean larger areas with one power socket.

Steam Mop Pads

There are two types of steam mop pad options: soft and hard steam mop pads.

Soft steam mop pads, which are best for everyday cleaning, are recommended. A scrubby steam mop pad should only be used to clean glazed ceramic or similar floors.

Some models have double-sided steam mop pads. This effectively doubles the area that one steam mop pad can clean before having to be replaced by a clean one.

Take care when changing the steam mop pad, as the steam is hot and can cause severe burns.

Steam mop pads can be machine-washed but are often made without bleach or softeners.

Cleaning tools and attachments

Some steam mop models include additional cleaning tools such as steam brushes and carpet gliders.

Cleaning laminate floors requires you to choose the steam mop head that is most suitable for your needs. Some prefer larger rectangular steam mop heads, which can quickly clean more extensive areas, while others prefer triangular mop heads, better at cleaning the edges and corners.

Steam Mop Controls

The steam mop controls should be located on or near the handle so the user can quickly and easily change steam mop settings, particularly regarding steam mop strength.

Top 6 Best Steam Mops for Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors offer a great alternative to hardwood flooring but at a fraction of the cost. Laminate floors are also less expensive to maintain as they don’t have to be refinished often.

They can also withstand spills more effectively than other types. They are not as easy to clean with a vacuum, broom, or other tools due to the nature of their surface.

Therefore, a mop and bucket are not recommended for cleaning. Laminate manufacturers recommend that a dampened microfiber mop be used to clean laminate wood floors. This is discussed in Are steam mops safe for laminate floors?

We know how efficient steam cleaning is, so we understand why many laminate floor owners turn to steam cleaning. We recommend the best steam mop to keep your laminate floor in top condition.

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Let’s look at the best steam mop to clean laminate floors.

Shark S5003D Genius (Best Shark Steamer overall)

Light ‘n’ Easy Steam Mop 7688AN (Lightest steam mop)

(Best Bissell Steamer overall).

The Best Budget Steamer

Shark Liftaway Pro Steam Pocket Mop.

McCulloch Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner (Best canister steam cleaner)

1. Shark S5003D Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System

Shark S5003D is the best shark steam mop to clean laminate floors. The Shark S5003D has three steam settings. The lowest setting is ideal for cleaning laminate floors.

The steam head is double-sided and flips over when steaming the pad.

The machine heats quickly and produces high steam levels, making it an excellent choice for people who need to get rid of tough stains.

The steam blaster feature can be activated by pressing a button. This will send extra steam to remove any stubborn dirt. This is especially useful when you need to loosen buildup in corners and along skirting boards.

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Flooring Cleaner: Top Features

  • It is lightweight at just five pounds.
  • Rapid Heating Time: Creates continuous steam in as little as 30 seconds
  • Two Dirt grip pads included: These can be used on carpets and hard floors.
  • Sanitize as you Clean: Kills 99.99% bacteria with each use.
  • 22ft. Extra-Long Cord: Provides plenty of mobility without the need to unplug or stop.
  • 11.8oz Water tank: This flips open to fill the unit with water quickly.
  • 2-Sided Cleaning: Dirt grip pads come with two sides. You can flip them over if they get dirty so that you can use both sides. They can be washed for reuse.


Affordable price point

Rapid-Heating and High Steam Output

Lightweight Design for Easy Handling.

Two Microfiber pads with a long power cord for flexibility.


1-year warranty

Prices over $100

Final Thoughts

 The Shark S5003D steam cleaner is powerful enough to deep clean your floors. It can be used on all types of flooring, including laminate.

These floor pads can be used to flip over and continue steaming until both sides are clean.

2. Light and Easy Steam Mop 7688AN

It is lightweight and weighs just over 3.5 pounds. This steam mop is ideal for steam mopping laminate floors as it has three settings.

Users often use the word “powerful” to describe the LIGHT N’ EASY steamer cleaner. It has a lot of steam power.

This steam cleaner is excellent for cleaning tough dirt and stains. It is also great for pet owners or children.

This machine has one drawback: the price is slightly higher than other options. It’s worth looking into if you are looking for versatility and quality.

The LIGHT ‘N EASY Floor Steamer: Top Features

  • 3 Steam Settings: The steam mop comes with three steam settings
  • Triple Function: The machine can steam clothes on the floor or be handheld.
  • Water Tank: 11.5 oz water tank. It can run for up to 25 minutes depending on the steam setting.
  • The lightweight design and carry handle make it easy to transport for long-term use.
  • Chemical and detergent-free: Safe to use around pets and children, without the need for harsh chemicals or detergents.
  • Auto Shutoff: The machine stops steaming when it is held upright.


Design that is light and compact.

Long Power Cord

Reusable microfiber pad


One microfiber mop pad is included. We recommend buying extras.

Larger homes will require refilling of the 11oz water tank.

1-year warranty

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for quality and versatility in your steam cleaner, the LIGHT ‘N EASY steamer cleaner is a great option. It’s ideal for anyone who wants a machine that does everything.

3. Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe 1806C steam mop

The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe1806C steam mop cleaner features an innovative design and simple-to-use functions.

This mop is ideal for anyone who needs something lightweight but powerful enough to quickly remove dirt, stains, and grime from their floors.

The scrubber on this unit can remove stubborn stains. This can be used to clean grout lines in tiles without bending.

PowerFresh Deluxe 1806C comes with an extra-long power cable, so you don’t need to stop to unplug the machine and move it around.

The Bissell Steam Mop’s Top Features

  • Use the Onboard Scrubber to quickly and easily remove stubborn stains.
  • For better maneuverability, 25ft extra long power cord.
  • It’s easy to refill the water tank: Simply flip the lid open and fill it with the cup attached to the handle.
  • Spring Breeze Freshening Disks: Spring Breeze is a friendly brand that uses scented demineralized water.
  • Swivel steering: This allows you to maneuver the unit around furniture or other obstacles without stopping what you are doing.


Lightweight Design for Easy Handling.

Tough Stains: Onboard Scrubber

A built-in detergent dispenser with Spring Breeze Scent discs adds a fresh scent to your floors

This is the perfect solution for cleaning vinyl, tile, marble, and sealed hardwood floors.

2-year warranty


Floor only. No attachments.

2 Steam Settings (high & low)

Final Thoughts

The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe1806C Steam Mop will be a great choice if you are looking for a powerful and affordable steam mop.

This unit can be customized to suit your cleaning needs with its built-in scrubber and detergent dispenser.

You will also find all the usual features you would expect from a steam mop, such as its lightweight design and swivel steering to improve maneuverability.

4. PurSteam 10 in One Steam Mop

PurSteam has been a leader in clothing steamers for years. This 10-in-1 multi-purpose steam mop is just as impressive.

You can use it as both a steam mop or a handheld cleaner. We recommend it for laminate floors. It comes with three steam settings.

It is comparable in water capacity and time to steam clean with other steam mop models on the list. You can also get various attachments, such as a window cleaner, grout tools, and pads for your mop head.

PurSteam Multipurpose Cleaning Cleaner: Top Features

  • Steam mop and handheld steamer for one
  • Eight attachments to clean the whole house, not just the floors
  • 30-second heat up: Helps to remove stubborn stains quickly and effectively.
  • Lightweight – weighs 2.2 pounds.


The best steam mop for laminate floors

Lightweight Design for Easy Handling.

Generic brands of pads are also available and are easy to replace


Brush attachments are not durable

Plastic components are susceptible to breaking

Short power cord

Final Thoughts

PurSteam is an affordable machine that can clean laminate floors. Although it isn’t the most powerful machine, I don’t think it will last very long. This machine is best for light use.

It is suitable for laminate, thanks to the steam settings. PurSteam even advertises that you can use tap water with this steamer. However, I would not recommend it. Distilled water is better.

5. Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop S3973D

The dual-sided dirt grip pads that the shark steamers have are amazing. I’ve already included one of their cleaners in this list.

The Shark steamer has a toolset and three steam settings (dust mop, scrub, and mop) for a hot steam mop. A steam blaster setting is available for hard dirt and grime. You can use it in the high or low stage.

Shark Life Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop: Top Features

  • One steam mop, one handheld steamer
  • Attachments for cleaning the whole house, not just floors
  • 30-second heat up: Quickly and easily removes tough stains.
  • Lightweight – weighs 2.2 pounds.


30-second heat up

Additional steam blasting

For corners and difficult-to-reach places, an extra triangle head


1-year warranty

It can’t stand on its own

There is only one cleaning pad needed for the floor pocket tool.

Final Thoughts

The shark steamer has many extra features that make it ideal for cleaning your entire house, including your laminate floors.

You don’t necessarily need all the bells & whistles. I recommend the Shark Steam Cleaner, which I find more valuable than the steam pocket mop.

6. McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

A canister steamer cleaner is a good choice if you live in a large house and need to clean laminate flooring.

This machine can steam at a rate of 15 to 31 grams per hour on the lowest setting and up to 31 grams on the highest stage.

Cleaning laminate flooring should be done with the lowest possible steam pressure.

This steam cleaner can last up to 120 minutes and will need a refill every 60 minutes. A steam mop takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of your water tank.

The steam canister cleaner heats up in just 12 minutes. It is not the best choice for quick clean-ups. This machine comes with 23 attachments.

McCulloch MCR1385 Deluxe Canister Steamer: Top Features

  • For 2 hours of cleaning, holds 64 oz water
  • Move the mop head around, but the canister will roll behind.
  • Attachments for cleaning the whole house, not just floors


Long-running time

23 Attachments with Onboard Storage

Variable steam control

Ideal for large homes

2-year warranty

Mop pads and replacement accessories are readily available


18ft power cord; some steam mops have longer cords

It takes 12 minutes to heat up, so it is not for quick clean-ups

This is the most expensive option but still very affordable for its size and functionality.

Final Thoughts

A canister steamer is better than a steam mop if you can spend around $100 more on it. A canister steamer is better for large homes because it has more power, attachments, and multiple functions.

How to Buy a Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

We can talk about steam mop options all day. There are many options, and reviews can vary. We all have our preferences, so one person may find something appealing while another might not.

You will have to make your final decision based on your preferences and needs. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to make the right decision. We are here to help you identify the essential things.

There are many features to choose from when steam mops are available. It may be challenging to determine what features you require the most.

We are looking for a steam mop that is compatible with laminate floors. Surprisingly not all steam mop fits well.

Using steam mops on laminate floors is not recommended, as you may have heard. Heat and moisture can cause laminate floors to warp, swell, and bubble.

This is often not a good outcome. You can still use a steam mop to clean your laminate floors if you make the right choice. These are the things to be aware of and watch out for.

This section will show you the qualities you should look for and share some essential features that make your laminate floors work excellently.

Essential Features

Steam control is the most important thing to look for. You should not be able to adjust the steam. This is what we will be recommending you look for. There are many other features, so keep watching as we show each one.

Size and weight

While many steam mops can be used upright, some have a tank on wheels. It is essential to determine what steam mops you are comfortable using and how much space you have for storage.

Although the option with an attached trolley we shared was lightweight and compact, it may pose a problem for you. Be aware of the available space and what height and size you are comfortable with.

Also, be sure to inspect the weights. These are not self-propelled and may require you to tip them to empty the reservoir. You want something lightweight and practical for your space.


You may not require accessories for laminate floors, but you might want them. It is entirely up to you, but you should consider it when searching for laminate floors.

There are two types of steam mops: those that come with no accessories or have very little, and those that include up to 18 accessories. Your mop might have handheld steamer functionality.

A Steam Mop has many benefits.

Why would we choose a steam mop over a traditional mop? It is sanitized without the need to use any bleach or other cleaners. Traditional steam mop uses heat and steam to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria – no chemicals required.

These are the great benefits steam mop can offer:

  • No chemicals or cleaners are required for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Multifunctional
  • Reduce waste with reusable clothes
  • Do not wait for drying to take too long
  • It simplifies the cleaning process


Steam mops are efficient, safe, and highly effective. You can eliminate that mop and bucket you used to clean your floors.

A steam mop will make your laminate floors look cleaner than ever. You might even find that your old cleaning method was ineffective the first time you used your steam mop.

You decide which steam mop works best for you. However, we wanted to help you choose the right one and make it easy to compare them. Have fun streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to use a steam mop on laminate flooring?

Don’t do it. Steam mopping will almost certainly void any warranty on your laminate flooring.
Most laminate flooring manufacturers know that heat and steam seep into laminates (and unsealed seams) much more quickly than water and a laminate cleaner solution. This seepage can lead to buckling and warping

How do you mop laminate floors the best?

You can also use unscented clear dish soap to clean laminate floors. You can also use a teaspoon of baby shampoo in one gallon of water.
You should not soak your feet. Use a damp mop to clean your floors every two to three months.

Can I use a shark steam mop to clean the laminate?

Avoid using floor cleaning chemicals, waxes, or sprays. A Shark(r) steam mop will suffice to maintain your laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is easy to clean and resistant to everyday wear.

Are laminate floors at risk from Swiffer?

Is it possible to use a wet Swiffer with laminate floors? You can use a Swiffer or WetJet to clean laminate floors.

How to make laminate flooring shine?

Bona is our favorite cleaner. It’s excellent for this type of floor and doesn’t leave streaks. A laminate floor cleaner can be made at home.
This cleaning solution comprises white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, warm water, and warm water.