Best Steam Mop Carpet Gliders

Steam mops are designed to assist in cleaning floors that are not clean, such as vinyl, tile, laminate stones, marble, and others.

They’re not made to wash carpets and rugs, but by using simple ‘carpet glider’ attachments, a steam mop could be used for surfaces, refreshing and revitalizing.

What are you getting with BISSELL Power Fresh? BISSELL Power Fresh

If you open the package, you’ll see the mop split into three parts (mop head and handle, as well as the lower body) along with a Soft microfiber cleaner pad, one scrubby microfiber cleaning pad with a user’s manual as well and a carpet glider attachment and two smell disks (the “fresh” part of the mop).

The assembly is simple. Snap the mop head onto the body. After that, you can slide the handle into the body and tighten it with one screw.

Key Features

  • Flip-down scrubber flips down the gray part on the mop’s head when you find yourself in the middle of the most stubborn and stuck-on messes. Firm Bristles will break the Dirt so you can clean it up. They are also excellent for scrubbing grout.
  • Spring breeze scent discs to use when you need a bit more freshness. These discs can be slipped into an enclosed mesh pocket within your mop pad. It’s not necessary to apply them if you’re sensitive to smells. The pads are fragrance-free.
  • SmartSet Digital Steam Control Three settings to control the level of steam you require moderate, low, or high.
  • 30-second heating time When you connect it, the mop starts heating. Then, you select an appropriate steam level once you’re all set.

Product Dimensions

Its PowerFresh mop head measures around 8 inches from front to back and 13 inches in width. This may hinder it from being able to reach behind toilets and other spaces that are narrow. The front of the pad is flat, whereas the back of the head with a pillow is bent outwards.

This may help in the curved edges that the walls and floors meet. In other cases, it could create unnecessary depth, while an elongated and straighter design might be better suited to those tight areas.

  • Length: 43 inches
  • Width 13 inches
  • Depth (body & mop head) – 9.5 inches
  • Weight – 6 pounds
  • Cord 23 feet

Water tank

The PowerFresh comes with a large 16-ounce water tank. Plus, it’s removable. It’s as simple as popping it into and out. With no handle, it may be challenging to get rid of when your hands are wet or suffering from arthritis.

Fill it up using a cap at the bottom, and then you can pop the tank back inside the body. There’s no tank-filling cup like some steam mops. However, it’s not required since the opening is large enough to fill it quickly.

There is no reason to add anything other than water into the tank. This could cause damage to the steam mop. Don’t.

If you absolutely must apply a cleaner, spray it onto the pad for cleaning or spray it onto the floor before each section of the bed while you clean.

Clean pads

The PowerFresh comes with two soft, washable microfiber pads. One is used for regular scrubs and is white. The other is gray with chevron-like stripes and is designed for heavy cleaning.

Inside the pad is a mesh pocket in gray where you can put in two spring breeze scent discs to give you a little extra fragrance while you scrub.

If you don’t need lots of perfume, you can cut them in half or even quarters. If you suffer from scent sensitivities, throw the fragrance disks in the trash and continue your day. It’s that easy.

Make sure you clean the pads with detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener—Air dry.

Carpet glider

The mophead with a cleaning pad sits on this rectangular plastic attachment. It isn’t able to snap into the correct position.

This can only be employed to assist in “refreshing” or “deodorizing” your carpets. It can also be combined with fragrance disks.

It’s not an actual carpet cleaner. It’s just a way to move the steam mop across the carpet. Don’t let the steam mop remain in one place on the rug longer than 20 minutes.

Easy scrubber that flips down

The PowerFresh features a flip-down, easy scrubber that you can use on your feet. It’s made to remove stain residues but can be used for grout. It’s not ideal on denser grout, and you may have to apply more pressure to make it efficient.

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How do I use how to operate the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop?

The use of this mop is to use. One thing about it was that it could stand in its place! No need to prop it against anything when you want to move furniture or a chair. For complete instructions on operation, you can refer to the manual for users.

  1. Setup Insert the body into the mophead. The handle is inserted into the body, then tightened with the screw until it is secure. Then, boom – it’s all set.
  2. Cleansing pad If you’re employing the smell disk, slide this into the pocket inside the place for cleaning. Then, slide the mophead into the pillow for cleaning.
  3. Fill the tank with water and then remove the tank. Remove the cap from the bottom and fill it with demineralized or distilled water. Replace the lid and put the tank in the mop.
  4. Plug it into Take the cord wrap off of the wrap, then plug it in. It’s pretty simple to understand.
  5. It should be heated up. The steam light should flash until it’s time to go, turning into an entire green light.
  6. Select your steam level. Click the button to select steam until you see the indicator glowing above the amount of moisture you’d like to use.
  7. Begin mopping. Move the mop slowly back and forth in lines and then overlap when you move across the floor. To disinfect an area, let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes across the area you want to clean. Do not let it remain in the same spot for more than 20 seconds.
  8. Refill the tank if necessary – while mopping, if your mop does not emit steam, stop the mop, get rid of the tank, and refill it. Replace the tank, and continue to mop.
  9. Please turn it off, Unplug the steam mop, and remove the cleaning pad by using the tab for quick release. The scent disk must be removed from the place. Clean any remaining water out of the tank. Cover the power cable with the wrap. Keep your mop inside a secure dry location.

Top 4 Steam Mops With Carpet Glider Attachment

Here are the top steam mops that come with a carpet glider. I’ve listed four steam mops that I’ve personally tested and tried, and all come equipped with the carpet glider that comes with the purchase.

1. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940

  • Three steam levels
  • Removable water tank
  • 6 pounds

Basic overview

A combination of the broad mop head and the three steam settings make this Bissell 1940 steam mop simple to use, from start to end.

The mop head measures 12 inches in width, providing plenty of space to handle regular household cleaning needs, even for extensive areas and houses.

If set to the maximum temperature and steam settings, I discovered that PowerFresh performed a fantastic job removing Dirt from the floor.

I take off the cleaning pad and then throw it into the washer after I’m finished. Cleaning the place is accessible as an elastic band holds it connected to the mop.

Extra scrubbing power

It is unique because the Bissell 1940 is unique in that it leaves the floor spotless and tidy and creates a pleasant scent.

With the scent discs that fit inside tiny mesh pockets within the steamer pad steaming and heating action of the mop gradually release the contents.

The downside is that these scent discs are depleted over time and need replenishment. You can utilize it without discs, but it will work flawlessly.

It’s not advised to add anything in addition to water when using a steam cleaner; therefore, the Bissell 1940 is a breeze to keep the room smelling nice.

Another benefit worth noting is the additional power of scrubbing. When in use, the scrubber brush doesn’t touch the floor.

However, it’s easy to lower it by using the pedal for the foot.

Once you’ve cleaned up any sticky residue from the floor, All you need to do is turn the pedal using your toe and go on.

The bristles that are extra long on the scrubber also excel in squeezing small cracks and grout lines which is something that not all steam mops can do.

The rectangular carpet glider functions just like a charm

With a large mop head with a rectangular shape with a rectangular mop head, the Bissell 1940 can clean the entire area at one time.

It comes with a carpet glider attachment as well. Therefore, if you’re looking to wash carpets or rugs, you can place it inside the mop head and then use its big mop head to clean carpets in no time.

I used the carpet glider for a cheap area rug to conduct this experiment. With the carpet glider snap-on installed, it is possible to see the Bissell 1940 steam mop glide effortlessly across the carpet fibers.

After two cycles with the mop, I could see that most of the staining had gone away, especially on light-colored rugs.

Use it carefully.

Some steam mops have a measuring cup to avoid spills while filling the water tank. Other models come with a removable water tank. I prefer the former.

This is why I’m a big fan of the Bissell 1940. It features a user-friendly removable water tank, allowing you to fill the tank without putting it in the sink.

This accessible water tank is the primary reason it is a better model than Bissell 1940. It has a higher rating and is more effective than model 1806, which is very well-known.

Unfortunately, it is unfortunate that the Bissell 1940 steam mop’s reservoir cap snaps easily, and you’ll not be able to use the mop until you receive a replacement. If you purchase this mop with steam, ensure that you utilize it safely.

2. Runner-up: O-Cedar Steam Mop

  • The triangular head triangular gets to the edges and corners
  • Three steam settings
  • 5 pounds

 Basic overview

It weighs 5 pounds at 5 pounds. It weighs 5 pounds. O-Cedar steam mop isn’t the lightest item on our list.

However, it’s surprisingly comfortable to move around. In addition, it comes with a 20-foot-long power cord, allowing you to move around the device quickly and easily access larger spaces without needing to switch outlets.

The unique feature of this mop is the triangular design of its head that allows me to scrub narrow corners, as well as difficult-to-reach corners and crannies.

The handle can also be reclined horizontally, and I could climb under furniture with ease. When fully upright, the steam mop can be placed on its own for easy storage.

A variable steam flow is helpful.

I believe that the adjustable steam flow is exceptionally convenient. Just rotate the knob to select between three steam settings that alter the quantity of steam released without changing the temperature.

The lowest setting is safe on virtually all floors made of hardwood and is not recommended for laminate flooring or hardwood that is not sealed correctly.

Medium settings are recommended to clean tile, linoleum, and laminate flooring, and hardwood floors filled with modern sealants.

If required, you could increase the power to its highest setting to eliminate the most stubborn spills.

Triangular carpet gliders get the job accomplished

Its O-Cedar steam mop can clean carpets and rugs exceptionally well due to the Carpet glider. It’s a plastic accessory that resembles the billiards rack. It is easily attached to the lower part of the top.

A carpet glider covers the edge of your mop pad. It raises it slightly above carpet fibers, allowing you to move it smoothly across the carpet without damaging the rug.

I tested my hand at the Steam Mop using a handful of my smaller, less expensive area rug. The carpet glider on this O-Cedar steam mop can move smoothly over the fabric.

I noticed a change when cleaning my rugs with lighter colors. After a couple of passes with the mop, most stains and Dirt went out.

The tank’s water supply could benefit from some enhancements.

The main drawback is the absence of a water level indicator, so I can’t know how much water was left. The tank can hold 0.4 Liters of water (which is plenty). I was not in a position to see the time to refill.

The only indication was when the O-Cedar steam mop stopped making steam. If you own a home with multiple floors that needs steam-cleaning, you might have to fill the reservoir at various times as I do.

3. Budget-friendly pick: PurSteam Steam Mop

  • This handheld device is beneficial and convenient
  • Ten attachments for every type of cleaning
  • 5 pounds

 Basic overview

At just 2.2 pounds, The PurSteam mop is exceptionally light and easy to use. Since the handheld design was designed to be used with ten different attachments, it’s not very heavy.

It doesn’t require an athlete to be able to use this gadget, and anybody can use it easily.

What sets this mop apart is the ten different attachments it comes with. This multi-functional steam mop can do everything from tile/grout cleaning to carpet cleaning.

This PurSteam steam mop was at the top of the list of the most effective steam cleaning products for grout and tile.

The steam mop can heat water fast, but it produces steam for 25-30 minutes or half that time if utilized at its maximum setting. It’s straightforward to put together and doesn’t require an engineer’s help to construct it.

A handheld option makes this mop multi-functional

My opinion is that the handheld feature of this steam mop is what makes the product adaptable. The detachable handheld model allows you to use it without having to carry a bulky, heavy device for cleaning.

It can be used to steam clean, steam for garments, a glass cleaner for mirrors and mirrors, and many more.

I was eager to test the handheld machine to wash my countertops and could clean it easily, with minimal water cleanup afterward. It’s simple to set up and easy to store.

The carpet glider is very effective.

Alongside the multi-functional handheld device, In addition to the handheld unit, the PurSteam mop can clean carpets and rugs too. With its carpet glider attachment, the steam mop can glide effortlessly over heavy carpets.

I haven’t yet tried the PurSteam mop for my carpet. However, many reviews rave about this product. Samantha, who reviewed this PurSteam steam mop on Amazon, has this to say:

“It glides effortlessly across carpets with its carpet glider. This made my wood floors appear so shiny! I am in love with it. My floors are no longer a chore that I dread.”

The mop pad will not remain on

My only gripe about my PurSteam mop is that the mopping pad that comes with it cannot stay in place. I wouldn’t go so to say it’s an inferior design, but generally, I wouldn’t have this issue when using other steam mops.

This isn’t a significant issue, but you must ensure the mopping pad is on before using it. If you decide to use this mop that uses steam, you will be able to locate an alternative mopping pad that is perfect for the.

4. Honorable mention Dirt Devil Versa Mop Steam Clean

  • Super cheap(cheapest in this listing)
  • Mop that swivels to clean corners or under furniture
  • 3 pounds

 Basic overview

With a weight of only 3 pounds, the Dirt Devil is yet another light steam mop with a carpet glider attachment with the purchase.

This product’s main benefit is its low price (the lowest in this listing); however, it has some flaws compared to other steam mop models.

Affordable and versatile

Because of its Dirt Diamond-shaped skull, it can get into challenging corners by simply reverse or forward swipe.

This mop’s head is smaller than the one it replaced, so you’ll need more extended time to sweep an extensive floor area. However, the low price will make up for the shortcomings.

It comes with everything you require to have a steam mop with a simple-fill water tank and a swivel mop that lets you move around corners and under furniture without putting in much effort.

Carpets glide effortlessly

Although the majority of steam mop models are capable of cleaning carpets, a majority of them come with the carpet glider attachment as an add-on that can be purchased separately.

The Dirt Devil, unlike the others, is equipped with a passion for carpets which makes cleaning carpets a stroll on the beach.

The carpet glider clips over the edge of the mop pads. It reduces friction between the fibers of the carpet and the mop pad.

This attachment in the packaging means you can use it immediately without purchasing an accessory part separately (an inconvenience for me personally).

Perfect for a smaller apartment, but not suitable for huge spaces.

I’ll affirm that this steamer can get the job completed. I am a fan of the detachable handheld steamer. It is perfect for cleaning small spaces or cleaning specific areas, for example, cleaning grout. It is very convenient.

The steamer, however, is a significant improvement over the previous model. It’s made of smaller, lighter plastic that is so soft that it feels like it could snap at any time.

The handle’s length isn’t adjustable, and the steam head is 25% less than the predecessor, meaning it will take longer to scrub a large area.

The idea is that this mop is perfect for you if you are looking for a low-cost steam cleaning solution with a carpet glider; however, you reside in a tiny area, and you don’t require an entire room at one time.


Bissell a top name in the field of home cleaning. Their steam mops are great primary products. You can easily find them across significant countries around the world.

They generally offer a 1-year warranty and the option of spare parts or accessories that you can purchase and are an established brand.

Bissell offers a wide range of solutions for household cleaning, including carpet cleaning equipment, vacuums, hard floor cleaners, and much more.

They’re primarily targeting pet owners and people who prefer the convenience of having a clean device at their disposal whenever they need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to use a Bissell steam mop for the carpet?

For a freshening of your carpets, it is recommended that you move the mop with a unison motion all over your carpet. Do not keep the steam mop on the floor while using the carpet glider.

What’s the glider’s purpose for steam mops?

The carpet glider allows steam mops to glide through carpeted areas and clean carpets and rugs using hot steam.

Do you think it worth the Bissell Power fresh steam mop is well worth it?

PowerFresh has a plethora of favorable reviews from its owners.
Its pads are simple to take off and clean and cost less than the other steam mops we’ve seen (which were not worth the cost). It is Bissell PowerFresh was the most flexible steam mop regarding corners and low angles.

Are steam cleaners safe to use on carpets?

Yes, steam cleaners can cleanse carpets. It accomplishes this by using steam that is generated by hot water that is stored in its reservoir.
You’ll require a machine with a dispersing nozzle (with a brush) and a tube to apply it to carpets. Also, it would help if you looked for one with an attachment made of microfiber to distribute steam equally.

Is steaming floors better than mopping?

In contrast to traditional steam mops, the mop head can absorb Dirt, and the steam’s heat can kill most of the dust and bacteria microbes found on floors. It’s not just an efficient method of cleaning but also a cleaner.