Best iRobot Roomba 665 Vacuum Cleaning

Cleaning can be an exhausting and lengthy process. It gets even more complicated when you live in an enormous house and take care of every corner of it.

Moving a giant vacuum cleaner all over your home is exhausting. After the cleaning, you’re not looking forward to anything more than resting.

Fortunately, iRobot Roomba 665 can offer you top-quality solutions to help in cleaning. iRobot is a brand that offers trustworthy intelligent robots that can clean your house on autopilot.

That’s how awesome it is. It is as easy as starting the cleaning software; the machine will take care of all the corners of your home while you watch a show or read an ebook.

iRobots Roomba 665 can do things that you would not like to do. Selecting the best model of an intelligent vacuum cleaner can be difficult, but we hope our review will help you.

Roomba 650 is an excellent household vacuum.

This model is very appealing and contemporary style. Additionally, it is excellent. It is the ideal option for large homes and smaller apartments. This vacuum cleaner has a lot of unique capabilities that make this machine very efficient.

Roomba 665 Overview

The Roomba 665 is equipped with the patented three-stage cleaning system. This lets it easily clean anything from dust particles to huge pieces of debris, such as cereal.

It can be moved by clicking the “Clean” button on top or creating a schedule using the interface right within the device. Other aspects buyers may want to take into consideration are:

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • I Adapt Navigation

Virtual wall barriers in dual-mode

The Roomba 665 isn’t equipped with certain features found in modern models, like smartphone compatibility.

However, if you consider that you can create a schedule, it might not be a problem for some. The 665 might be an older model, but it can still accomplish the job.

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Find Roomba 665

You’re looking for an upright vacuum. The Roomba 665 is a low-profile model. It’s only 3.6 inches tall, can maneuver under tables and chairs, and can take every bit of debris.

You’re looking for a durable vacuum. The lithium-ion battery can provide extended battery life. This means that you won’t require another battery for a long time.

You’re looking for simple cleaning. Keeping your house clean is a challenge. You might not be able to get the time to clean at least once per week following your work hours and your obligations.

It is a good idea to schedule the Roomba 665 service to operate throughout the day to ensure that your flooring stays clean.

Skip Roomba 665

You’re looking for everything but bells. The Roomba 665 was released before iRobot made smartphones compatible.

The iRobot app lets you establish a schedule and keep track of your robot’s performance. It’s not possible to use the 665; however, you can do it with something similar to the Roomba 985.

You don’t like loud noise. A few reviewers have mentioned that the Roomba 665 could be noisy. This is not just annoying to the user but may affect the pets you own.

The good news is that you can use the 665 running while you’re away, so you won’t have to deal with it.

Specifications for vacuums

Reasons to Buy Roomba 665

There’s an animal. Any Roomba is ideal if you have furry animals within the house. The 665 model, featuring multiple surfaces of brushes and sophisticated sensors, detects fur and other particles so that you don’t have dusty flies around your home.

It has a large room. The Roomba 665 has a significant bin. It means that you don’t need to empty it every time. If your home is prone to hair or dirt on the floors, the vast bin makes sure that the vacuum cleans everything in one spot.

If you suffer from allergies, this is the right one for you. The suction on the Roomba 665 is superior to the other vacuums. It will remove dust, fur, pollen, and other contaminants, making breathing easier.

Reasons to Avoid Roomba 665

You’ve got lots of carpets. The Roomba 665 has an auto-adjusting head that can move seamlessly from one surface to another. It’s a good choice for rugs. However, some reviews have said it isn’t as effective on carpets with high piles.

You’re looking for a better design. Old versions of the Roomba 665 were able to move into a random pattern of cleaning. Modern updates have sorted this out slightly. You can also choose the most current, such as the Roomba i7. Roomba I7that is packed with everything you’d expect from a Roomba.


Battery life is two hours. It’s enough to scrub an area of considerable size without going to the charging station.

Auto charging. The robot will go back to the charging station whenever it is required. The time to charge is 3 hours.

The space is approximately 1,000 square feet. It’s pretty significant and can keep clean apartments and houses.

Carpet cleaning. The suction force of this robot will allow you to scrub your carpet.

Remote control. There is no need to go to the vacuum cleaner to manage it.

Cleaning options include spot, auto, and edge.

Virtual wall. You can build a “wall” for the robot, and it will never wander off to places you do not wish it to go.


Some can consider it to be quite large

No Wi-Fi controls

Three hours of charging time are quite a while

A single room or any intensive cleaning techniques

No voice control. You will require a specific device to control your vacuum

No display could provide you with crucial details


The Roomba 665 is built on the I Adapt Navigation tech providing the capability to discover its way through the area.

In addition, it comes with an easy-to-clean system that can handle different kinds of surfaces, such as long-pile carpets.

It is only stuck when there’s a towel on the floor or something like that. It can remove about 99% of pet hair in large quantities.

Contrary to some entry-level models that would go in one direction, then change direction and return the other way, this model can move in circular motions around the area. It has sensors specifically designed to detect spots in less than a second.

The vacuum isn’t equipped with intelligent features to address a few shortcomings. It cannot connect to mobile devices to allow remote control or voice control using the applications.

It can operate only on dry surfaces. Also, spilled fluids are allowed to spill on the flooring, or messy messes that are wet, such as pasta or rice.


There’s an entire universe of robots there to help you make your routine of cleaning your home something enjoyable and easy.

Press the button, and the robot will take care of all the tedious, boring jobs while you relax or concentrate on other essential tasks.

With Roomba, you will not only ensure that you’ll have a longer-lasting manicure,

but you’ll also be in a position to spend more time with your family, yourself, and even your loved ones. In our times, time is the second most important thing on earth!

Roomba 665 is, in this sense, the perfect option for people who are a bit smug about their time. Its sleek, modern design and convenient features are available to you.

It might not work with Wi-Fi and come with an attractive app to use and program, as do current models; however, it is functional and can handle dirt. And that is enough of a guarantee to buy one.

The 600 series was specifically designed to get rid of hair from pets. Therefore if you’re an owner who is content with your pet, then there’s no reason not to think about purchasing this tremendous robotic vacuum.

Instead of hurrying through your home with a mop and dragging the heavy hoover around trying to get rid of every hair and not succeeding in getting them all out, press CLEAN, and you’re done!

You can now relax the rest of the day sitting on your sofa in the garden, or wherever you’d like!

With the help of innovative technological advancements, Roomba can easily find its way around your house and adapt to different settings.

Equipped with adjustable wheels, this little beast can roll smoothly, making no distinction between a carpet that is thick and a smooth tile.

It can also be used on your bed and other furniture as it has sensors that keep it from descending dangerous stairs – the same is true if it locates itself on a high-level surface.

If you’re not confident or do not want it in specific spaces or premises, use these barriers to leave the concerns in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of filter do the 665 employs?

The Roomba 665, just like the rest models in the 600 series, uses its AeroVac regular filter. The filter isn’t HEPA certified; however, it can only take particles that are 10 microns.
It cannot capture mildew, mold, pet dander, mold, dust mites, and other allergen-causing microbes. The upright vacuum (which is responsible for most work) must be HEPA certified and have a filter.
But, if you’re seeking additional security, you won’t find that in Roomba 665.

Where can I buy the Roomba 665?

It was a unique edition model created only for Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Canadian Tire. Due to its age, the retailers are always in stock or do not can offer it. The best place to purchase a Roomba 665 with a warranty is Amazon.

Does Roomba 655 come with WiFi?

The Roomba 655 comes with iRobot’s exclusive 3-stage cleaning method. It also features an XLife NiCad battery which can clean up to five rooms on one charge.
Although it’s not equipped with advanced WiFi capabilities, it’s an excellent basic Roomba for those who don’t have the budget for an excessive amount of dollars.

Do I need to run my Roomba daily?

It’s entirely your choice. We suggest cleaning between four and seven times per week. If you reside in a large house with mostly carpeted areas, It is better to wash more often.
Pet owners should also clean their homes daily to eliminate excessive fur sheds.

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