Best Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum

The Dyson Slim vacuum is versatile and lightweight. It can vacuum your floors under your couch, in your car, and even your room corners.

The motor spins up to 110,000 RPM, producing powerful suction and making it the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is great for every household and makes a great gift idea.

The Dyson has a 2-tiered system of cyclones and multiple brush heads. It is well-equipped to handle most household cleaning tasks.

You only get 20 minutes of usage per charge because it is battery-powered. For some, however, this is more than enough.

Dyson V6 Slim overview

Vacuuming shouldn’t be more trouble than it is worth. The Dyson V6 Slim vacuum is among the lightest on the market.

It’s also cordless so you can carry it around with you. You can clean your entire home with one charge, as it is compatible with all types of flooring, from hardwood to carpet. You should also consider the following essential features:

  • 100 air watts suction power
  • 15 cyclones distributed across two tiers
  • Carbon fiber filaments for fine dust removal

Before you can use your vacuum, charge it. It comes with a docking station to hold all the attachments. Ensure your vacuum is charged when not in use, so it is ready for when you need it.

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Get a Dyson V6 slim

  • Mixing floorings is possible. Carbon fiber filaments can be used to remove dust from hardwood floors. Stiff nylon bristles penetrate the carpet. You will need a vacuum that is suitable for both.
  • There are stairs. Corded vacuums make it challenging to climb and descend stairs. You can take your vacuum with you wherever you go, as there is no cord and a weight of only 4.5 pounds.
  • Floor-to-ceiling cleaning is required. The center gravity of the V6 Slim can be found near the handle. This means you can pick up the vacuum to clean up difficult-to-reach places. To keep your home spotless, you can vacuum the tops of cabinets and curtains.

Skip Dyson V6 Slim

  • There is only one type of flooring. Some customers may find the extra features and attachments unnecessary. The Dyson V7 series, for example, is designed to work with hardwood floors.
  • There are many things to clean. It is possible to vacuum for 20 minutes each day. It may not be convenient if you want to do everything at once. You can get even shorter if you choose the higher setting.

Where can I buy it?

Dyson V6 Slim: 

Amazon is your best choice for vacuuming supplies. Amazon has the lowest price on the V6 Slim. You can even compare the V6 Slim with other Dyson models to ensure you get the best vacuum.

Dyson V6 Slim Vacuum

The Dyson V6 slim vacuum cleaner has all the essential features you need in a cordless vacuum. The yellow finish makes it stand out. It weighs in at 4.5 lbs.

The handheld mode can be accessed easily. Although the motor is light, it produces strong suction. The engine can maintain continuous suction for up to 20 minutes.

This vacuum comes with an electric cleaner head with nylon bristles and stiff carbon fiber filaments. It includes a crevice and surface tool as well as a combination tool.

It comes with a docking station for charging and storage. The Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaners are available in various sizes, but the slim model is the most affordable.

Dyson V6 Slim Features

  • This item measures 29x11x6 inches
  • Weighing in at 2.05kg
  • 110,000 revolutions per minute
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dyson V6 Slim Pros:
  • It provides the same level of cleaning power as Dyson V6 vacuums.
  • It is vital in suction.
  • Make small messes easily.
  • The vacuum can also pick up pet hair, but not as well as the Dyson V6 Animal.
  • Use a rotating brush to clean the floor.
  • You can charge it while you are standing at a wall station.
  • It is lighter than other models
  • Cars, trucks, and caravans will love this!


Hygienic bin emptying capabilities

2-tier radial cyclones to increase air flow and catch more dust

Motor spins at 110,000 rpm

Digital motor V6

Battery power only expended during cleaning


Only 20 minutes of suction

Even less time on max power mode

What reviewers think

I use this in my bathroom, kitchen, hallways, and utility room. It can also be used in other rooms to reach under furniture or tight spots. It works great with the attachments.

It is an excellent mobile cleaner and works very well. It’s perfect for cleaning hard floors, but I have not tried carpet.

What reviewers don’t like

“I wish the battery would last longer!”

It has a small dirt container. It can quickly fill up with carpet piles and animal hair in minutes.

Dyson points out that the MAX setting doesn’t make the battery last as long, but it does.


Many Dyson V6 Slim models offer some flexibility and an excellent cordless vacuum. If you have hard floors, Fluffy is your best choice. Are you a pet owner?

Then you should consider getting an animal. Do you have a tight budget? If so, the Dyson V6 base model is your best option. A small dust container can be cumbersome for those with a large house.

Consider the Dyson vacuums if you have a prominent place and require a larger canister. The battery may drain if you use the MAX mode too often or if you overuse it.

The Dyson brand is a premium product. They are reticent and have good suction. The battery life is okay for one or two rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dyson V6 slim is Dyson V6?

We start with the V6 Slim, V6+, and V6+. They are identical except for the V6+, which comes with a small motorized cleaning head. The V6 Animal is Dyson’s upgraded power nozzle.

How long can a Dyson V6 slim lithium battery last?

The v6 runs 26 mins in normal mode and 6 minutes in boost mode. Dyson claims that the Motorhead can last between 24 and 6 minutes.
On high power, 6 minutes was accurate. However, I could only get it running for 16-18 minutes daily with the Motorhead attached.

What is a Dyson slim?

The Dyson Slim Ball Multi Floor is lightweight and easy to maneuver with its powerful Dyson suction. Radial Root Cyclone (TM) technology removes more dirt, dust, and allergens from your home.
The cleaner head is self-adjusting and can be used on all types of floors. * High suction.

Is Dyson Slim a good vacuum?

Best vacuum sweeper
The Dyson vacuum works well, sucking dirt from floors and carpets. It is straightforward to use.

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