Best Dyson DC50 Animal Vacuum

The Dyson DC50 Animal Vacuum is a reliable machine; for some of our readers, it’s the most efficient vacuum they’ve seen.

It’s a stunning design with its modern and distinctive design of rollerball instantly seizing attention. In addition, its metallic red accents add an incredibly unique look.

What is the Dyson DC50 Animal Vacuum?

If Dyson’s big ball upright vacuum isn’t enough to handle smaller spaces or homes, that’s where Dyson’s DC50 Animal comes into play.

It is an easy way to combine Dyson’s latest features and technologies and pack them in a compact package.

It comes with a ball mechanism that lets you turn the vacuum at the moment you need it, and it can be used on various carpets thanks to the automatic adaptability of its primary floor head.


The style for this Dyson Ball Compact Animal is modern and sleek. This vacuum comes with the famous Dyson ball base and the roller brush vacuum head.

Its upright shaft extends up to the size of 43″ but can also compact down to just over 30″, which lets this upright vacuum be kept in a tiny closet or the lower section of a larger cabinet.

How it Cleans

Its roller ball and the cyclonic technology are two of the components of this vacuum. They are exclusive to Dyson, which is essential to the method by which this vacuum cleanses.

The roller ball design is the component that joins the upright portion of the vacuum to the brush head. The ball improves flexibility and allows the vacuum to turn in tight turns and enter difficult areas…

The cyclonic technology employed in this vacuum acts as a centrifuge.

It spins dirt, dust, and other debris with its double-cone design and then pushes all particles toward the exterior of the cone before being absorbed in the cup; of dust…

This permits this Dyson vacuum to operate with the filter for a tiny amount. Instead of replacing it with new components,

you only need to wash it with water every month and let it lay on the floor to air dry for up to 24 hours.

Size & Dimensions

This Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum is similar in size and weight to the Dyson Small Ball Compact in size and weight.

With a weight of just 11.9 pounds, it’s only a tad less heavy than the Small Ball vacuum, which comes in at around 12.15 pounds.

When extended to its full size, this vacuum is 43″ tall and features an extendable reach of up to 28.5 feet with the extension wand and the cord. In its collapse, The Animal Compact sits at about 30″ high…

Compared to traditional uprights, the smaller size of the Compact Animal Upright makes it simpler to move and more accessible to transport and store.

Accessories & Parts

Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum The Dyson Ball compact upright vacuum comes with the following accessories and components:

  • Flat Surface Tool (not included by all distributors)
  • Upholstery Turbine Tool

Although these devices do not provide a means of being attached to the board, the ease of use does result in more sleek lines and lighter weight.

The unit includes a lifetime filter that can be washed and doesn’t require replacement unless it’s punctured, destroyed, or damaged in some other way.

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Hardwood Floor

Each of the below materials was spread on a testing area of hardwood. Once the substance was applied, we finished the test by vacuum. This test comprised forward and reverse passes through various pieces and debris.

To gauge the dust picked up by the vacuum, we first measure the dust bin before running it through the machine.

Next, we sweep out the debris and measure the trash bin’s size, which will give us all the quantity (in pounds) of dust picked up through the machine.

Remember that certain debris pieces could be picked up but not make it to the trash bin. For instance, there could be a bit of debris buried in the hoses and brushes, which leads to the dust bin.

Low Carpet

The test for low carpet is almost similar to the test for hardwood floors, except that there is a difference in the debris scattered over soft pile carpet.

Measurements are taken the same way, and an identical amount of passes are taken through debris fields.

High Carpet

The test for high carpet is almost similar to the floor test for hardwood and the low carpet tests, with the exception that it is different in that the debris is distributed across the high pile carpet.

The measurements are recorded similarly, and the same amount of passes are taken through the debris fields.


The red button on the solid side can be used to reduce the vacuum from its maximum height to storage height.

In addition, there’s no way to secure the void at the lower position, so it isn’t possible to move it around by the handle after it’s been compressed.

The brush heads for rollers are constructed with technology that automatically adjusts to different floor levels without needing manual adjustments to the settings for the vacuum.

To remove the dust cup, release the dust cup and press the red button just to the left of the controls for setting. It will then be released from the vacuum’s body.

Go to the trash can, and then press the button once more and it will lift the lid and let the dust into the container below. The dust cup can hold up to .22 tons of dust, dirt, and other particles when it’s complete.

The process of setting up this vacuum is easy. The vacuum has the filter already installed, and the dust bin is clean and ready to go for a vacuum. Take the vacuum out of its box, plug it in, and you’re ready to go.


The roller ball located at the bottom of Dyson Ball Animal lets this vacuum turn in tight turns and slip into tight corners.

Compared to other full-size Dyson’s, The DC50 is about 2/3 the size. This makes it easier to perform those tight turns and slide under furniture and chairs.

For an upright model, the maneuverability was excellent. The one area that this model somewhat struggles with is cleaning areas that are tight or for upholstery.

The flexible suction hose can be connected to a more flexible wand, which helps you access complex or high areas. It is possible to clean specific places without ever being bent down.

In the same way, the long, rigid wand may be a hassle when you don’t have plenty of space, such as getting into the crevices of your couch.

The seating range of 18 to 48″‘ feels a bit uncomfortable because the long wand requires that you work the tool from a distance, which is somewhat odd.

Dyson DC50 Animal

The DC50 is Dyson’s most compact upright vacuum that offers full-size performance. Each angle, dimension, and component was designed to deliver the same performance as a more significant upright vacuum.

The DC50 comes with the most modern Ball Technology and two Tier Radial Cyclones to collect the smaller particles. The compact size of DC50 makes it simple to move around, even in tight areas.

The compact and lightweight upright vacuum is made for families with carpets, rugs, or pet hair. The head that self-adjusts allows you to clean floors and mats easily.

This Dyson DC50 Animal also has a tangle-free turbine tool for thorough pet hair removal. Many owners have been awed by the DC50 Animal’s efficiency, but some are unhappy that the dust container is too small.


TypeCompact upright vacuum
ModelBall Animal upright
Height (inches)43
Width (inches)10
Weight (pounds)11.6
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
CordlessNo – 25 foot cord
Corner CleaningYes – crevice tool
Edge CleaningYes – regular brush head
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty2 years

Who should buy this Dyson Ball Animal upright vacuum?

If you are looking for all the whistles and bells that come with Dyson Dyson, however, those looking for less high prices or a smaller footprint might benefit from Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright. Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright.

The Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright vacuum cleaner is very robust for its size and features the same quality and technology that Dyson is known for.

The larger homes or houses with a big family could benefit from a larger upright, which provides twice the suction. This may mean less time cleaning for you.

I recommend using the Dyson Ball Animal Compact upright when searching for the following characteristics in an upright vacuum.

Small: Compared to uprights of other available types, it is smaller than other uprights. Compact Animal is tiny, and the telescoping upright wand is an exclusive feature of this model.

It allows the entire unit to be transformed from a high upright vacuum to a 43″ tall upright vacuum to a 30″ high compact vacuum when stored.

The movable Smaller Dyson ball inside this vacuum allows for tight corners, difficult-to-reach areas, and even a tiny amount of cleaning underneath furniture and sofas without putting on an assortment of extras.

Maintenance-free: Empty the dust cup, wash the filter, and examine the roller brush for debris or hair. This Dyson Animal Compact is simple to maintain and doesn’t need regular store trips for parts replacement.


Carpet and double floor cleaning

Carpet brush roll control

gentle floor vacuuming

Easy installation and easy maintenance

small and balanced operation


Lightweight – easy to carry everywhere

User-friendly and well-constructed

different types of operator buttons to serve other functions

bagless features


Extra effort is required to pick up partially hard materials

A bit expensive compared to other products available

Dyson DC50 comes with a thermal cut-out in case of overheating

Benefits of Dyson DC50


If you’re concerned about sawdust, hair clips, and pet hair, breathe your breath and breathe a sigh of relief. Utilize Dyson DC50 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Dyson DC50 Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner in a comfortable way.

This product was tested with hardwood and carpet to determine whether it was capable of collecting sawdust, human hair, and pet hair.

It can be used to scrub carpet areas, and the owners have had a positive experience, leading to cleaner carpets.

This is a good purchase for people who use mats often. You might have put more effort into hair clips or other complex objects.

However, it’s not something that you’re not in a position to handle. The performance of this item is worth mentioning and is quite competitive.

Easy Cleaning Of Clear Bin

It is simple to clean once you’ve removed the Cyclone. It is also easy to empty the trash. All you have to do is press the red button and break the Cyclone. Once the Cyclone is a part of the design, you’ll see a small silver button.

Click the Silver button to initiate additional segregation of your unit from the bin. Be sure to empty the bin using cold water only. For example, using detergents or other cleaning products to keep in the trunk is no problem.

Avoid using dishwashers, and don’t immerse the Cyclone in water. Then, you can quickly reassemble the clear bin. When the silver button is pressed, and it engages, the Cyclone will be believed to be placed into.


Technology and beauty meet within the Dyson DC50 Animal Vacuum Cleaner constructed. This is a highly effective cleaner.

They’re also equipped with washable filters, reducing maintenance expenses. The flooring can be easily cleaned since the machine can be adjusted in height.

Furthermore, it offers greater freedom thanks to the lengthy hose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year was the year that the Dyson DC50 was made?

The DC50 was launched at the end of 2012. It is an update to the DC24.

What is the weight of the Dyson DC50 weigh?

The Dyson DC50 Multi Floor is an upright vacuum cleaner designed for all types of floors. It weighs only 5.4kg but has the capabilities of a larger decent model.

Is Dyson DC50 a tiny ball?

Despite its size, Small Ball packs a decent quantity of power cleaning within its shell, even at its height. Its Small Ball Multi Floor is an impressive leap compared to Dyson’s prior attempt at a larger compact upright model, that of the Dyson DC50 Animal Compact.
It is constructed with more Small Balls, is more potent with more reach, and is more fun to use.

How do you get rid of the head from the head of a Dyson dc50?

Reposition the machine in the position of vacuuming. Set down the device on the ground, and lay it down with its bin side up.
Take off the head of the Cleaner using pressing the release catch in the red. Slide the clip toward the ball and pull the Cleaner’s chair off.