Best Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC35 Multi-Flo cordless vacuum cleaner is designed for all floor types. The vacuum cleaner features a motorized head and a long-reach detachable wand.

The Dyson digital motor powers the DC35 cordless vacuum cleaner. This motor is the most efficient ever created for cordless vacuums.

The Dyson Digital Slim incorporates Root Cyclone(TM), a powerful centrifugal force that spins dirt and dust out of the air.

It ensures no loss in suction. The Dyson digital motor powers this cordless vacuum, which can operate up to three times faster than conventional motors.

The Dyson DC35 Cordless comes with a brush bar made of conductive carbon fibre. The brush bar is made up of rows of ultrafine carbon fibre filaments that are engineered to remove dust from hard floors.

It also contains stiff bristles for carpet and rug cleaning. The floor tool’s velour bumper protects walls and furniture from scratches and bumps. An independent motor spins the brush bar 1,500 times per minute to maximize pickup.

Dyson DC35 Overview

The Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum still packs plenty of power thanks to its digital motor. The 22.2V lithium-ion battery charges evenly and three times faster than other vacuums.

Dyson’s patent-pending root cyclone technology ensures you don’t lose suction while cleaning. Other features worth mentioning are:

  • Carbon fibre brushes
  • Attachable long-reach wand
  • 180-degree articulation

It would help if you weren’t surprised when the vacuum’s bulk is in its handle. It may not seem a big deal, considering that most people vacuum for brief periods.

If you are looking for a vacuum, the Dyson DC35 offers many unique features that may be worth your consideration.

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Specifications for vacuums

Reason to buy Dyson DC35

There are many types of flooring in your home. While some vacuums can handle hardwood, others are not as adept at handling carpets. Multiple attachments make the Dyson DC35 capable of handling both.

Your pets have fur. It cannot be easy to vacuum up pet hair from the floor. The vacuum cleaner’s motor spins 1,500 times per minute, picking up everything in its path.

Many places can be difficult to reach. The attachments allow you to clean up under challenging corners and high areas. The lightweight aluminium construction of the long-reach wand makes it easy to use.

Why Dyson DC35 Should Be Avoided

The Dyson DC35 will run for approximately 20 minutes on a full charge if you have a large home. If you have a large house, you may need to charge the vacuum halfway through cleaning. A Dyson Cyclone vacuum can be used for 60 minutes on one charge.

Your wrists are strained. The handle is where most of the vacuum’s weight is located. Some people may feel tightening in their wrists as you move them around.

Get Dyson DC35

There are many types of flooring in your house. The Dyson DC35 is great for tile, wood, and carpet. With multiple attachments, the Dyson DC35 can reach every corner with ease.

You are tired of making messes. The DC35 includes a Dyson bin. It opens easily and doesn’t leave a lot.

No more cords. Vacuum cables can get in the way when cleaning. They can also be challenging to remove and reassemble. The Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum is, so it doesn’t have this problem.

Skip Dyson DC35

Dyson vacuums have a lot to offer if you’re tight on budget. These features are expensive, so the DC35 vacuum is worth the investment.

Consistent usage is what you want. The Dyson DC25 corded vacuum is as powerful as the DC35 but can be used without waiting for the battery to charge fully.

What can you expect from the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim?

The DC235 and DC44 have two main differences: the battery and attachments.

The DC44 comes with a mini turbo brush, a smaller version of the leading cleaning head. This brush is great for cleaning stairs and upholstery.

The mini turbo brush is not available on the DC35. The DC35 only comes with the main cleaning head, which is best for floor cleaning.

The run time for the primary floor tool is only 12 minutes. This number jumps to 15 minutes if the max is not turned on. The max setting will bring the time down to 6 minutes. This vacuum is best for spot cleaning.

Edge cleaning

Surprisingly, it did a great job at bare floors’ edges (based on video reviews), even though it didn’t have edge bristles. The carbon fibre brushes and the max option allowed it to soak in the dirt.

Stair cleaning

This tool is ideal for cleaning stairs as (1) it can be attached directly to the unit without the need for a wand, and (2) because it swivels in all directions, you can maintain contact with the floors while you move back and forth.

You’ll feel less strain on your wrists and hands.

Pet hair removal

It can remove pet hair from carpets and floors because it has a beater bar. However, if pet hair is enormous, it will tend to get rolled around the brush roll, so it needs to be cleaned.

Be aware of the path inside the floor attachment, as it can get blocked if many pets shed a lot.

The combination tool can be used to remove pet hair from upholstery and crevice tools on hair floors.

Accessories and attachments

It includes four attachments: the combination, crevice, extension tube, wand, and floor tool.

Charging time

Fully charging takes approximately 3-1/2 hours.

Filter cleans up

This includes the bagless container as well as the pre-filter.

Bagless dirt bins are where dirt and dust accumulate most. Push a red lever at the bottom to open the cover.

 If you have lots to clean, it may take longer.

Run time

Normal mode will take about 15 minutes for the cordless. This time will be reduced to about 12 minutes if you have the main cleaning head. If you use the maximum, it takes only 6 minutes.

However, this power is permanent and will not lose any control. It shuts off when the battery is empty.


Dyson offers a 2-year warranty.

Dyson DC35: Where can I buy it?

Amazon has new and used Dyson DC35 vacuums. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars. Your purchase includes free Amazon product support.


Combination accessory tool that turns the nozzle into a brush to dust.

Use the crevice tool to reach into difficult spots

Motorized floor tool equipped with carbon fiber brusRoot cyclone technology

22.2 V lithium-ion battery


Heavy handle

More expensive


This product is ideal for those living in small apartments, RVs, or having only a few hard floors.

This tool is great for cleaning stairs, as you can attach it directly to your vacuum, so it takes up very little space.

The carbon fibre brushes have anti-static properties that allow them to pick up dirt and dust from hard floors.

It doesn’t come with the motorized mini tool found on the DC44 so upholstery will be limited.

The two main limitations are the price and the run time. If you use the floor attachment, pressing the max button takes 12 minutes and 6 minutes.

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, this is not intended to replace uprights or canisters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Dyson DC35 lithium battery last?

A 22.2-volt lithium-ion battery powers the Dyson DC35 vacuum cleaner. It has a runtime of between 12 and 15 minutes, at least 6 minutes below the Max settings.

Why is my Dyson DC35 constantly stopping?

You may need to replace the battery if it isn’t charging or doesn’t last for more than a few minutes in the regular mode (not MAX).
A Dyson DC35, an older model from 2012, wouldn’t start for more than 20 seconds, no matter how many charges it received. A new battery pack solved the problem.

Is the Dyson DC35 cordless or corded?

Overview of Dyson DC35. The Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum still packs plenty of power thanks to its digital motor.
The 22.2V lithium-ion battery charges evenly and three times faster than other vacuums. Dyson’s patent-pending root cyclone technology ensures you don’t lose suction while cleaning

How long does Dyson DC35 take to charge?

The Dyson DC35 Cordless is highly efficient and can run continuously for more than 15 minutes. It takes 3 hours for the DC35 to charge fully. Although 15 minutes might sound like a lot, it is only 45 minutes for cleaning.

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