Best Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC25 vacuum features powerful root cyclone technology and stiff nylon bristles. It is well-equipped to remove pet hair, dirt, and other debris from the carpet.

This vacuum is ideal for pet owners who have large homes and need it to provide reliable power for long periods.

Dyson DC25 Overview

The Dyson DC25 vacuum is for pets. With the powerful motor and an upgraded brush bar, you can pick up pet hair and dirt on any surface.

The brush also features root cyclone technology, which separates ground and air. This allows it to expend cleaner air than it suckers up. The other features include:

  • For easier steering, use ball technology
  • Telescope reach wand
  • Stiff nylon bristles

The DC25 comes with a cord. Many homeowners are now opting for cordless vacuums such as the Dyson D35. The DC25 is an excellent choice if you don’t like the idea of charging your vacuum.

Vacuum specifications

Dyson DC25: Reasons to Buy

Do you have pets? No vacuum can handle pet fur and dander. Superior suction is provided by root cyclone technology on the DC25. The DC25 can pick up all debris and make your home look new again.

You have carpet. Carpets and rugs can cause a mess. The nylon bristles are stiff and can dig into the carpet to remove dirt from deep under your flooring.

Limitations are not what you want. Some cordless vacuums can last for a while, like the Dyson Cyclone, which provides 60 minutes of power from a single battery. A corded Dyson DC25 vacuum allows you to use your vacuum whenever you like.

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Dyson DC25: Avoidance

You have stairs. It can be challenging to move your DC25 around at 16 pounds. This is especially true for stairs. The Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum, which is less than 5 pounds, is a Dyson DC35.

Your home has hardwood. The DC25 is compatible with both hardwood and carpet. If your home has only hardwood, the DC25 might not be enough.

The cordless vacuums are easier to use. They are also less expensive, so they may be the best choice for tasks that require less power.

Get Dyson DC25

A dirty house is a common problem. The DC25 vacuum is equipped with root cyclone technology, separating dirt and air.

It can pick up dirt, fur, and all other debris. A powerful vacuum like this one is recommended if you have children or pets.

Allergens can cause allergies. You can be irritated by pollen and dust. The DC25 vacuum has a HEPA filter to remove any debris it picks up. This filter allows the void to expend cleaner air than it takes in.

A vacuum that lasts is what you want. The DC25 vacuum comes with a lifetime filter and is bagless. You will need to replace bags with other vacuums.

There are no extra costs with Dyson. Your vacuum comes with additional accessories like a stair tool attachment to allow you to clean deeper.

Skip Dyson DC25

You have a tight budget. The DC25 will cost you several hundred dollars. It is worth the price, but it might still be too expensive for some.

Not all power is needed. The DC25 was designed to handle pet fur. You can also use the larger bin to handle larger loads.

You may not need the bells and whistles this model offers if you live in an apartment or small house. The Dyson DC34 handheld vacuum is lighter and more beneficial than the larger model.

Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

DC25 Multi-floor is a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner. It uses the patented Root Cyclone technology to ensure no loss in suction.

The vacuum cleaner is designed to clean every type of floor. It features a motorized brushbar that can be switched off for delicate rugs and hard floors.

The DC25 Multi-floor also features patented Ball technology that allows you to maneuver around furniture and appliances.

The DC25 Multi floor rides on a ball, so you don’t have to push back and forth in corners. DC25 Multi floor is Dyson’s lightest upright at 16.12 lbs.

Dyson DC25: Where can I buy it?

You can purchase the Dyson DC25 Vacuum from many marketplaces. The Dyson DC41 vacuum is a high-quality, similar vacuum you can buy on Amazon.

It is corded and has the equal suction power to the DC25. You can also use it with your Amazon Prime account.

DC25 Multi-Floor Product Features:

Motorized brushes can be used to remove dirt and hair from pets. They spin up to 90 times per minute

1. For powerful pet hair removal, use the motorized brush bar

DC25 MultiFloor has a motorized brushbar that can remove pet hair and dirt from carpets. The brush bar’s stiff bristles spin at high speeds, up to 90 times per sec.

This is to move the carpet pile and remove dirt and hair. You can also use DC25 MultiFloor on hard floors and delicate rugs by turning the brush bar off.

For high-reach cleaning, the Telescope Reach Wand extends instantly to 16 feet.

2. Telescope Reach Wand for Cleaning Stairs and Other High-Reach Areas

The quick-release wand of the DC25 Multi-Floor can be used to clean difficult-to-reach areas like ceilings and stairs. The single-action rod extends up to 16 feet with no complicated parts to assemble. Attach tools and accessories to extend your cleaning capabilities.

3. Washable HEPA filter traps allergens and expels cleaner air.

The DC25 Multi-Floor comes with a sealed HEPA filter (High-Efficiency particle Air) to capture tiny particles as low as 0.1 microns.

This filter is about the same size as a single cigarette smoke particle. These particles include common household allergens like pollen, mold spores, and dust mites.

The filter can be washed, and you don’t have to replace it. It can be cleaned with cold water once a month.

With a push of the button, the bin is empty automatically.

4. Clear bins let you know when they need to be emptied.

A Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner’s bin is transparent, so you can see when it needs to be emptied. You also clearly see how much dirt, dust, and pet hair the Dyson vacuum cleaner has collected.

It is easy and quick to empty the bin. Just press the button to let go of the dirt.

5. Allergy sufferers approve.

All new Dyson upright and canister vacuums have been certified as asthma- and allergy-friendly by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.

6. No extra costs.

Some vacuum cleaners still require replacement bags and filters. Dyson vacuum cleaners do not need bags and can be washed, so they don’t come with extra charges.


Hygienic bin 1/3 gallon

220 air watts of constant suction power

Maximum reach is 40 2/7 feet

Dyson’s ball technology allows for smoother steering

Quick-draw telescope reach wand





Now that we have explained the possible reasons and solutions for why the Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner brush bar is not spinning, it should be easy to spot and fix the problem. Follow our advice. We appreciate you staying with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy is Dyson DC25

It can be challenging to move your DC25 around at 16 lb. This is especially true for stairs. The Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum, which is less than 5 pounds, is a Dyson DC35.

What is the Dyson DC25’s working principle?

The Dyson digital motor spins air at a speed of up to 104,000 times per minute. This means that dirt and dust are pulled out of the air and thrown into the clear dustbin. The bin can hold fine dust particles that could clog filters in other vacuums.

What warranty is there on a Dyson DC25?

Dyson guarantees the parts and labor of all machines with a 5-year guarantee. Patented technology that does not lose power when you vacuum.

Where can I find Dyson dc25’s reset button?

Locate The on-off switch for the brush bar is usually located just above the vacuum’s handle or in a slot at the head. To reset the brushbar, press the button once.
The vacuum will then be upright again, so plug it into power it on.

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